WaveReview for Amazon

WaveReview is the key to increasing your Business reviews, sales, and overall profit margin

Drive Product Reviews

Our cloud-based platform will gently push your customers to leave product reviews on their purchases. Email content and delivery can even be configured on a per-SKU basis, leading to a truly customized message. It’s no secret that more and better reviews lead to increased sales.

Boost Seller Feedback

Automatically solicit feedback from your customers and turn positive experiences into great seller ratings, further distinguishing yourself from your competition. Review negative feedback through your dashboard and respond directly and personally.

Delivery Schedules

Customize the timing of your timing and emails, based on product to interact with your customers at just the right time. Reach out immediately, in days or even weeks after purchase the decision is yours

“Not only does WaveReview work, it has smashed our expectations and we’ve tripled our reviews in one month’s time with organic, real reviews! We’re thrilled.”

John Cawrse

Co-Founder, SaltRevolution

Bulk Emails

Send updates, special deals and more to all your customers or to buyers of specific products using our easily configurable bulk email tool.   Use the wizard to create a new email from scratch or to copy and edit an existing template.

100% Amazon Compliant

Put your mind at ease knowing that we comply fully with all guidelines in Amazon’s messaging policy and terms of service.

International Markets

We support Amazon.com, .ca, .cn, .de, .es, .fr, .it, .in, .ja, .mx and .uk

Track Product Reviews

Monitor ASINs that are important to you using our Amazon Product Reviews Tracker. Monitor your success and access your product reviews without actually going through the tedious process of visiting each of your product listings on Amazon. Utilize the detailed information provided on each item to interact more effectively with customers, help manages inventory and even gauge the buying patterns of products sold by your competitors

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