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After speaking with over 300 hotel owners, spa and salon owners, hairdressers, gyms, the list goes on, it became obvious that reviews were a BIG problem. After significant market research, including that of other solutions which supposedly solved this particular problem, development of WaveReview began in order to truly fill this market need.

The programming was funded by customers that wanted the solution so badly they were willing to pay for its development, sight unseen. Now that's evidence of severe pain.


There were requirements, however.

The solution needed to be simple, yet solve the core frustration of mitigating the people that had negative experiences from leaving reviews, while boosting or enhancing the larger majority of positive experiences. It also had to work effectively, and not just at capturing reviews, but making sure that reviews got posted in places that actually brought in new sales – like Google Places, Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, corporate websites, places where people are looking to find businesses and read reviews.

Our average open rates for emails are in the 55+% range. Our survey completion rates are 35%, while the industry standards remain in the high single digits. Our conversion rates to get people to click through and post their comments on review sites range from 10% on the low side, to 35% on the high side.

If you aren’t managing your reviews, you are likely getting in the 0.1 to 1% range.

In 2020, Geordie bought out his partners, and took on a major reconstruction of the website, and the application.


Now, where does the wave in WaveReview come from? When the company began Geordie lived a stone’s throw from the ocean. When the waves picked up on the Pacific coast, customers, friends and business contacts would frequently ask during phone conversations

— “What on earth is that sound in the background?”
— “Ummm – those are waves…”

would be the response. Thus, the name WaveReview