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Sales of Aztec Sea Salt Products on Amazon
increase by 400% using WaveReview’s

Turn positive feedback into reviews on Amazon

Ryan Moran owns an Amazon business that
generates $200,000 per month.

Ryan Moran is one of the best guys around on Amazon.

He has a unique formula for getting reviews and crushing the competition.

Ryan was an entrepreneur from the womb. Drawing pictures and going door to door to sell them. He started doing SEO and affiliate marketing while in college. Paying for college and graduating with $100,000 in the bank.

He became one of the guys that had internet marketing products. Didn’t enjoy so he shut it down and started “real businesses”.

Ryan defines that as something of unique value to the marketplace and a channel. Amazon has been the primary channel he’s focused on.

What are the differences between ranking #1 vs #5000?!?

Treating amazon truly like a channel and managing reviews like they mean everything. Solve everything before it goes to Amazon. Refund it or ship them bottles for free. Give them an incredible customer experience. Completely peer driven and from reviews.

What’s the number ONE thing he says to get his products ranked number 1?

Yes, you guessed it. Reviews.

The Challenge

To substantially increase the number of RealGoodSalt customers posting reviews on Amazon which, in turn, would generate more sales.

The Solution

RealGoodSalt utilized WaveReview to automatically solicit customer feedback and to turn all positive responses into reviews on Amazon.


Before using WaveReview:

On December 5, 2013

RealGoodSalt had a total of 43 reviews, which they had generated over a 9 month listing period on Amazon.

(Additionally, the owners noted that many of their reviews were due to their ongoing solicitation of their close friends.)

After using WaveReview:

Six weeks later…

(on January 19, 2014) their number of reviews was 106 (with zero interaction or work from the owners), nearly a 150% increase in only 6 weeks!

Four and five star customer reviews were coming in at a rate of 1 to 3 per day

How did this increase in reviews translate to
sales through Amazon?

Before using WaveReview, sales for this product on Amazon averaged only $678 per month. However, once the product started receiving consistent reviews sales shot through the roof.

Below is a snapshot from December 5, 2013 through January 20, 2014.  As you can see, gross sales during this six week period were $5,323, which translates into a monthly average of $3,549.

Return On Investment

As previously noted, by the end of the test period this investment generated $5,323 in gross sales, which equates to $3,549 per month.

When comparing to their previous monthly average of $678, their net gain realized in sales from using WaveReview was $2,871, or an increase of over 400%!

Yes, we’re a certified Amazon Technology Partner!