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Everything you need to know about Amazon Publishing w/ Hollis Carter

Everything you need to know about Amazon Publishing w/ Hollis Carter

Olivia Gribben


During his last semester of college, Hollis and his good friend Marc, both out of action from broken ankle incidents, decided to start an online business while laid up. This opened their minds to new possibilities, seeing the flexibility and freedom of running your own business online.

Life progressed virtually overnight from sleeping on air mattresses in a friend’s living room, to making 6 and then 7 figures in the online business world practically overnight.

He left that business several years later and wanted to find something new.

Because Hollis was passionate about books and reading he was naturally interested in publishing. Specifically Amazon publishing.
He’s spent the last three years figuring out how to hire writers and market those books to as many people as possible.

Here’s a quick run down of recommendations Hollis gives.

  • Find the voice of the person.
  • Quality content (but more than anything they want to be entertained)
  • Focus on a real person instead of just clicks and percentages. People want to relate with a REAL story / brand.
  • People need to be taken on a journey.
  • Not just a book but an experience.
  • Have a longterm plan.

The Tactics
PULSE - 24 hour free period to boost sales. Send a press release to some websites that promote free books. “give us your honest review”. The more reviews and sales you get in a short time the higher you get in the rankings.


Links Mentioned:

The Perfect Publishing System
Hollis at Mind Valley video.


Take Aways:

Hollis got me so inspired, that as soon as I finished my conversation with him, I started putting in works to write a book. Before speaking with Hollis, I had in mind getting a ghost writer, and just putting anything up on Amazon. He made me rethink the entire publishing process, especially with regards to putting out the best work possible.

Could you use Amazon for a lead magnet strategy to bring people to your website?

How can you take some of the things that Hollis speaks about and turn them into a new traffic source from one of the best sales and buying channels on the planet? Amazon!

How can you get people to leave you real organic reviews on your product?

Leave us a comment if you have some thoughts on this. We'll answer them, I promise.

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