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The Best Apps for Music Teachers that can help Achieve Music Academy Success

The Best Apps for Music Teachers that can help Achieve Music Academy Success

Olivia Gribben

With technology evolving fast, apps are becoming a must-have for teachers who want to achieve music academy success. There is a wide range of Android and iOS apps that music teachers can use. Read on to understand some of the music teaching apps you can use.

iPad Apps to Ease Piano Teaching

An iPad is a crucial device when it comes to music education. It can improve your teaching and make lessons more interactive and engaging for music students. For example, you can rely on an iPad’s ability to provide supporting tracks to help students with:

  • Groove and rhythm
  • Rhythm testing software
  • Excellent aural

There are numerous tablets that music teachers can use, but the iPad surpasses them due to the following reasons.

  • The iPad comes with a vast range of great apps.
  • The apps are highly reliable.
  • You can access both iPhone and iPad apps from the App store.
  • The resolution and screen sizes are ideal for music educators.
  • An iPad offers more connectivity options allowing you to connect to other gadgets with ease.
  • Learning and using the iPad is easy and fun.
  • You can access numerous apps on the iPad free of charge. Further, these apps are ready to use.

You can use iPad apps for various functions, as we shall see below.

Music Scanning, PDF Reading, and Score

·       forScore

One of the best music apps that facilitates PDF reading, music scanning, and score calculation has to be forScore. It allows you to view and store sheet music files in PDF version. Loading of these files occurs through iTunes or Dropbox.

With forScore, you can re-order pages, illustrate and save changes, and print wirelessly. Turning pages through this app is also easy. To add scores using forScore, all you need to do is photograph them using the inbuilt camera.

·       SuperScore

SuperScore is a MusicXML score viewer that features inbuilt backing tracks that listen as music teachers play at their tempo. This app leverages a liquid display, meaning that during the resizing of pages, the music re-distributes to achieve an advanced resolution reading experience. When you connect SuperScore to a digital MIDI-enabled piano, it is capable of playing the piano while you watch. You can also use this app to play with other participants remotely.

Rhythm, Meter, and Pulse

·       TMASG (The Most Addicting Sheep Game)

TMASG is a great app despite the funny name. Music teachers can use this app on students who want to keep up a steady pulse. TMASG is a video game that needs accuracy as you tap along to a beat. This app is addictive and fun, and both teachers and students can access it on iPhone.

·       Rhythm Lab

Rhythm Lab is an ideal rhythm beating and music practice app. It comes with inbuilt rhythm patterns in diverse meters allowing students to tap on the screen and receive feedback immediately. Some of the famous classical composers are already inbuilt in Rhythm Lab.


·       Tempo

Tempo, is a great app when it comes to beat keeping or metronome. If you are looking for an efficient free app, then this is one of the best, and you can even customize it depending on your preferences. It can play nearly all irregular meters or a small group of standard meters.

Tempo allows you to save beat and metronome patterns, to facilitate access. With the Tempo app, you can listen to the difference between semiquavers and swung triplets at a single click. Again this app is ideal for defining features of rhythm music theory, and you can use it both on Android and iPhone.

Note, Chord Recognition, and Interval

·       Flashnote Derby

If you teach younger students, then the Flashnote Derby app is ideal. It is a note-naming app that users operate as a horse race. It comes with images and sounds. If you are looking for a similar app for teen and adult students, then PianoNotesPro would be ideal.

·       Note Rush

Note Rush can listen as you play notes on your piano. It allows users to choose their preferred themes and is available at different complexity levels. Note Rush is a great app that is updated regularly.

·       MusicFlashClass

MusicFlashClass is a note-learning app that you can customize easily. Music teachers can even allow older students to download this app on their phones to facilitate note recognition practice. However, MusicFlashClass cannot listen as the students play the notes on their phones.

Music Teacher Management Apps

An ideal music teacher management app should help you remain organized. Here are some of the best apps that teachers can use on a daily basis.

·       Tonara

With the Tonara app, you can keep your students engaged between music lessons. This app allows teachers to send assignments to students, monitor their progress, and give individual real-time feedback. Tonara comes with chat features that keep you connected with your students, and you can use this chance to encourage them.

·       My Music Staff

With My Music Staff, you can control your music studio efficiently. This app also allows you to schedule classes, develop lesson plans, store contact data of your students, and update your website. You can also use it to draft invoices within a centralized location.

·      Practice Presto

Practice Presto allows you to take payments, monitor attendance, and develop custom assignments. You can also browse through the available templates to get inspiration that other music teachers offer. With Practice Presto, your students can win practice awards. Include custom stickers to your music student’s uploads, and they will feel encouraged to maintain good work.

·      Music Teacher’s Helper

The Music Teacher’s Helper helps you manage the logistics and functionalities of your music studio. You can use it to manage cancellations, scheduling, event reminders, layouts, and lesson notes in a centralized place. This app is affordable, convenient, and you can use it on Apple and Android devices.

·      Studio Director

Studio Director allows users to do a wide range of things like payments, registration, and class scheduling. This app eliminates guesswork from your music studio, and you can use it to enhance your marketing efforts.

Best Apps for Music Practice

Students should continue with their music training sessions at home on a daily basis. You can facilitate this process with a powerful music practice app. Here are some of the best apps you can consider.

·      Anytune

Anytune is an ideal tuner app that allows your music students to slow down music without altering the pitch. This action enables them to select each note to learn by ear. You can use this app to play forth with tracks by beginning slowly and developing tempo gradually.

·       Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer is one of the best ear training apps for musicians. It comes as a video game, and your students can use it to learn how to tap, read, recognize, and write rhythms.

·      Piano Maestro

You can recommend Piano Maestro to your students who want some motivation. This app is a fun method of getting your students to play the piano, and they can play both single notes and complete pieces. With this app, students can master rhythm, sight-reading, playing with two hands, and music techniques. Piano Maestro brings sheet music to life and ensures that practice is more interactive.

Best Music Teaching Apps

If you are a music teacher, all you need to enhance your lessons and stand out in the industry is to use a simple app. We are living in an evolving world, and music teachers hardly carry bags full of teaching materials anymore. An app gives you access to nearly everything you need during a music lesson. Here are some of the best music teaching apps you may want to consider.

·      The Metronome by Soundbrenner

Do you want to challenge your students with different sophisticated rhythms or prefer a direct 4 out of 4 beats? The Metronome by Soundbrenner is your go-to app. You can use it to save system rhythms and illustrate your click sounds.

·       Cleartune

Cleartune is a great app that maintains the sound of your musical instruments. This app is easy to use, and it features a large display and custom presets, making it ideal for beginners.

·      Symphony Pro

Are you composing your own music either for recitals or a different event? Symphony Pro should be your go-to app. It allows you to create music for any size of a band. The latest version of this app comes with in-app purchase handwriting identification for Apple Pencil.

·      GarageBand

GarageBand transforms your iPad and iPhone to make them an up to date recording studio and a collection of musical instruments. If you are a private music teacher, you can record your learners and let them get creative. Do so by including percussion or any other musical instruments of your choice.

Wavereview will Help You Become a Great Music Teacher

Becoming a music teacher can be a difficult task, and ensuring that students master the art of music an even harder one. However, Wavereview understands these struggles and is capable of helping you to become a successful music teacher. We have numerous tips that you can check out from our blog.

 Choose a Great App to Inspire Your Students to Enrol in Music Lessons

You do not have to use traditional and boring methods to teach music. Do you want your students to start naming tenor, bass, and even treble clef within a short time? Pick one of the apps we have discussed here, and help them succeed. Some of these apps are available both on paid and free versions.

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