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How to Build Goals like an Olympic Athlete w/ Todd Herman

How to Build Goals like an Olympic Athlete w/ Todd Herman

Olivia Gribben

Todd Herman is a high level sports coach. His enthusiasm and belief that athletics is the greatest training ground for developing leaders on and off the field – is why so many people flock to work with him. His approaches to developing the mental toughness and personal development skills necessary to reach ‘BIG’ goals are why he’s become the go-to guy for Olympic and Professional athletes.

We chat about sales (he has a great track record in corporate sales, earning some national and international award), why Todd sees at as being incredibly important even though he spends most of his time in coaching.

The main topic we talk about is - How Todd gets people to move forward with their Passion Project.

We talk about setting effective goals and the true paradigm around how your mind views goals.
Are your goals actually causing you to be depressed? Instead of motivated…

Outcome Goals - reaching the mountain top
Performance Goals - Reaching smaller goals to reach the outcome
Process Goals - smaller weekly goals

It shouldn’t be goals setting “to” but goal setting “though”
It’s not about “making it the NBA” it’s about having the 12 year career and being seen as a leader.

Passion is the spirit you bring to where ever you are, and what you’re doing. Bring spirit and passion to whatever you do.

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