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Google My Business Post Image Size- Optimization Guide (2020)

Google My Business can send loads of high-value traffic and customers your way if you take time to optimize all the elements. From the descriptions to the offers, operating hours to reviews, these are all important details that business owners can optimize to make their profile stand out and, more importantly, rank on top Google recommendations.  Above all, Google My business post image sizes must be set just right and properly optimized for your posts to be attractive and appear as desired.

In this post, you will not only learn how to edit and set your Google My Business images but how to select the best performing images, how to optimize them for the page, and so much more. Here is a breakdown of the tricks and bits of knowledge about Google My Business post images, and Google My Business in General in this guide:

  1. A brief introduction to Google My Business
  2. A guide to Gmb listing posts
  3. What you gain from adding rich posts to GMB pages
  4. Why you need high-quality images on Google My Business posts
  5. Selecting Google My business post images and a cover photo
  6. Editing and optimizing Google My Business post images
  7. Sizing, compressing, color correction, cropping
  8. Optimizing Your Google My Business page for success
  9. Google My Business reviews
  10. Tracking your Reputation score

A Very Brief Google My Business Introduction

Google My Business is a great business listing product you can use to boost your online visibility and local SEO. It’s free and quite easy to set up and manage.  As a business owner, you can put everything on your Google My Business page that can promote your brand and local presence, such as your physical location, offers, etc. Customers will also get a place to review your services, thus building your credibility and brand image.

Having a well-optimized Gmb listing means your business will be listed on Google search, google maps, and local business recommendations for your category. For instance, say you were a local dance club, any local searches for dance clubs will have your Google My Business page listed in the recommendations for free- it’s not a paid ad or PPC campaign. From there, people can call you, send a text or book an appointment directly on the page.

Google My Business Posts

A new post feature in Google My Business allows businesses to add rich posts to their profile for promotional or informational purposes. You can create a new post regarding an offering or business update (what’s new), an upcoming or past event (Event post), an offer, or a new product you want to promote.

Posts are like a mini-display ad that you don’t have to pay for and can improve your business account click-through rate. Gmb post are now being featured on Google search’s knowledge panel for searches relevant to your business!

In addition to the text, Google allows businesses to add high-quality to enhance their post’s aesthetic appearance and performance (images attract attention) as well as a call to action, sign up, get offer, call now, book among others.

Google My Image Post Image Size- All You Need to Know

The recommended size for Google My Business listing post images is 540 by 405 (minimum resolution), with an aspect ratio of 4:3. This the standard image size that will appear correctly on the post thumbnail and the post itself, as seen in the example post below.

The above example uses an image without text. However, you may find yourself using a lot of pictures with embedded text in your post. Product posts, offers, and events may require images that have a bit of text on the image itself. How do you ensure that the text on the pictures is legible and sharp enough for Google My Business?

It is important to size your image correctly, so it appears as you expected on the post and post thumbnail. Upload a very wide image, and Google My Business will probably crop some of the details of the image to fit it into the post frame and thumbnail. While this might be acceptable for generic post images, it might be problematic if the image contains useful text or information that you want to be seen on the thumbnail and the post itself.

See below an example of an image that has been cropped and appearing incorrectly:

The image above is a mild example of an incorrectly sized Google My Business listing post image. Here the image size is slightly off, and probably the aspect ratio is not the same as on the original image. This could explain why the text on the image appears a bit bunched up than usual.  The critical lesson is to always adhere to the image size and aspect ratio requirements when uploading images that have text in them.

If your image does not have text in it, you might ignore the whole image size altogether but do pay attention to the aspect ratio. For instance, the Google My Business post below use a 1920 by 1280 px image. As you can see, Google My Business’s image processing software did a good job fitting the large-sized image into the post thumbnail without hiding any details.

Here is the original image in large format: 1929 by 1280 px

As you can see from the original image, not much detail was lost in the Google My Business Post thumbnail.

Google My Business Post Image Size- Avoid Wide Images

Large image sizes that are bigger than the recommended sizes can be a hit and miss affair as some details might be lost in the compression. Also, it’s not advisable to use very wide or tall images as the image will look too compressed or some details cut off. Below is an example of Google My Business post image that was too wide.

The image above has lost much of the detail and original quality. This is because the original image was wide- 5969 by 1686. Here is the original image below- see the difference in quality and level of detail that was lost when used in the Google My Business Post above. Imagine if the picture had some text written across it for the post. Much of the text would be invisible or too compressed to read.

Original image

Google My Business Post Image Size- Avoid Tall Images

Unless you don’t mind having some of the details cut off, you should avoid tall images that are beyond the recommended aspect ratio for Google My Business post photos. Below is a Google My Business post where a tall portrait was used. As you will observe from the original image below it, a lot of details were hived off when it was added to the post.

And here is the original portrait- see the difference in detail on the bottom half.

Google My Business Post Image Compression Size

Image compression is also important when it comes to Google My Business post image optimization.  A maximum of a 10MB png or jpg file size (compression) is recommended for the images you upload to Google My Business posts. However, it’s even better if you can compress the images further without losing their quality for minimum resolution requirements. You can upload your png or jpg images to https://tinypng.com/ and compress them before you upload them to your post.

Google My Business Post Image Quality

Images are the centerpiece of your business post on Google My Business as they will attract attention and sell your business or idea to your audience. This is why you must select the best images that can stand out and encourage readers to interact with your post. Here are some guidelines for choosing or creating the best images for Google My Business posts:

  • Choose bright images with clearly lit characters
  • Use bright colors that pop- these will attract attention to your post
  • Select photos that are relevant to your post
  • For product images, use professionally done clear background images if possible
  • For text images, use light text on dark backgrounds (mostly white) or dark text on light backgrounds for visibility. Choose a font size that can be read on the post thumbnail.
  • Add a caption to your images if you can. However, ensure that the title does not overshadow your post image.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page for Success

Your Google My Business profile won’t be of much help to your business if you don’t optimize it for ranking and success. Adding posts is one way to optimize, but there are a couple more things you can do, such as adding business images, writing a good description, adding all the information about your business, and managing your online reputation using reviews. All this is done as part of your overall digital marketing strategy on Google My Business.

Of all the things mentioned above, managing your reputation using Google My Business reviews is perhaps, the most important and most rewarding activity. GMB reviews are critical as they can make or break your reputation and the performance of your page. Therefore, you must try and manage your reviews by replying to comments, encouraging your loyal customers to post a review, and tracking your reputation score.

There are several ways you can track your online reputation score. One of the methods you can use is by measuring your reviews vs. other competitors in your city using automated tools or manually. There are tools you can use to measure your online reputation and create detailed reports based on your Google My business reviews and other online activity connected to your business. Only by tracking your online reputation score, can you know if your online presence is hurting or helping your business.

Understanding the Long Term Effects of Coronavirus on the Beauty Industry

The world today is struggling to fight a virus pandemic. It’s no doubt that there will be long term effects of Coronavirus on the beauty industry.

Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour in terms of their priorities, shopping and spending habits, and how they interact with brands.

Let’s discuss some of the areas within the beauty industry that have been influenced by the Coronavirus outbreak. We shall also discuss how the industry is likely to change post Coronavirus.

Fashion Industry


Activities in the entire fashion industry have stopped. Canceled photo shoots and runway shows have left hairstylists and makeup artists jobless.

Some of the players in the industry such as magazine editors are now working remotely. Further, magazine sales have declined as more people opt for digital content as opposed to physical print magazines.

Research shows that approximately 70% of consumers are afraid of reading physical print newspapers, magazines, or journals.

Cosmetic Enhancements

Elective surgeries and other cosmetic procedures have also been halted as a result of the virus. The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is increasing every day. These are early signs that the long term effects of Coronavirus on the beauty industry will be extreme.

Qualified physicians such as dermatologists and surgeons have been requested to work as volunteers. Their services as emergency healthcare providers are helping in regions where hospitals are already overwhelmed.

Beauty Services

A big percentage of salons are closed down as governments have termed them as non-essential businesses. Facilities such as nail and hair salons, spas, and waxing centers are closed down. This is mainly because they’re considered close-contact and high-risk areas.

Makeup Sales


Cosmetic sales have taken a decline since the onset of the Coronavirus. Some of the most popular beauty brands are already projecting up to 20% decline in total sales.

In a bid to boost sales, companies have now shifted to online transactions with many launching products on popular eCommerce platforms. Some corporate cosmetic brands have reduced employee working hours while others have sent some of their staff on unpaid leave.

How will the Industry Change Post the Coronavirus Pandemic?

According to this new report, beauty service workers and cosmetic retailers are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Without proper containment measures, recovering from the long term effects of Coronavirus on the beauty industry will be hard.

Major brands closing down, leaving workers without jobs. It’s becoming evident that the Coronavirus pandemic will leave a lasting mark on the multi-million dollar beauty industry.

The aforementioned report evaluates how Covid-19 pandemic will affect different beauty professionals.

Doree Bloch is the CEO of the data company that spearheaded the above survey. She mentioned the organization set up the report after clients started enquiring about the virus’s lasting impact on the beauty industry. In an excerpt from the report, Doree said:

“Especially in the last two weeks, every brand has been really seismically impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, and so we felt it was important. I think everyone is just adjusting and evolving hour by hour around this crisis and its implications.”

The report evaluates feedback from 872 people from the beauty industry with a special focus on the US. According to Doree, the Covid-19 pandemic is a global incidence that’s overwhelming for people’s businesses across the world.

Beauty Service Employees are Presently Facing Major Challenges

Studies show that up to one million service employees within the beauty industry have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to this various establishments are taking extreme precautions to protect their workers and clients and this involves closing down.

Doree says:

“From our vantage point, the biggest hit will come to the small business owner and the freelancer who literally cannot do their craft at this moment in time.”

At the moment, many workers in the beauty industry are adopting online classes instead of physical makeovers. Shalonda Peguero, a makeup artist in Seattle says she began offering online courses the moment beauty services were stopped in the state.

She says:

“I’m teaching a lot of people how to do their own makeup. I’m charging a small fee for it, and surprisingly got a lot of people who wanted to enroll in the class, so that’s been helping.”

However, Shalonda says she is still worried about the long term effects of Coronavirus on her business. She’s certain that people will always require makeup services when everything goes back to normal.

Shalonda is optimistic that business will soon thrive especially when rescheduling of the currently suspended weddings begins.

Consumers Reliance on Beauty Professionals is Likely to Decline


According to Doree, more people are now becoming creative and experimenting with their looks as a result of quarantines and social distancing. She has realized that people who’ve relied on beauty facilities for decades are now styling themselves from home.

“I think the reason we’re gonna see this have a long-term impact is that even once the COVID-19 crisis is over, what we expect is that people will still be very cautious about their intimate experiences with service providers,”

Doree said.

“I think you’re gonna see a lot of consumers take a step and say; is that the cleanest, most hygienic space that I can put myself in? I think that’s going to be a long-term hit.” 

Acquiring beauty skills is a good idea. However, this will mean that consumers won’t need to visit beauty establishments anymore. This will have a huge impact on businesses and professionals in the beauty industry. According to Doree,

“As people say, ‘Oh I can do a mani-pedi myself at home,’ they might start to eliminate a few services. And if you see people eliminate one service every other week, that is a major — like a 50% drop — to that business.”

Retailers in the Beauty Industry will also Suffer from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Retailers have adopted different strategies to deal with the long term effects of Coronavirus on the beauty industry.

For instance, some have closed their stores down to protect consumers and employees from contracting the virus. Due to this, some of the retailers are now giving sales and free shipping on various products.

Doree says;

“Retailers are going to be less hit because there’s a way for them to shift quickly into an online-first model. That’s something that the services sector simply can’t take advantage of.”

Beauty retailers won’t be the same post the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the report mentioned at the beginning of this article, consumers are now prioritizing affordable skincare products.

There seems to be a major shift from makeup products as more consumers opt to focus on caring for their skin.

Doree says;

“We simply are not seeing people in the data saying ‘Oh I’m gravitating towards La Mer,’ for example. That’s just not happening at this moment in time. We have seen this trend — a skin-care moment — that is taking place in the immediate crisis. But I think in general, people are really gravitating towards budget-friendly self-care.”

Retailers should Shift their Businesses to the Digital Space to Remain Afloat

At the moment the future of the beauty industry remains uncertain. We can’t predict how consumers will shop for skincare and makeup products when the pandemic ends.

It’s also not clear whether service employees will experience any lasting effects from the virus. However, Doree trusts there are actions independent workers and retailers can take to remain afloat.

She says;

 “We’re hearing from consumers that about two-thirds of them are not interested in new product launches right now. It just doesn’t feel like the right moment to say, ‘Hey, we have this new palette! Although there are a third of consumers who are receptive to that, the majority right now just feels like its off-tone for the crisis that we’re in,”

Rather than new products, Doree mentioned that consumers are now anxious to acquire practical information. For instance, people are interested in learning how to apply different types of makeup products.

Consumers are also looking for how to clean makeup brushes after use. Answers to these questions can be given by independent artists and beauty brands.

Doree says;

“We’ll start to see an expansion of online events, live streams, and chats. People connecting around a topic they love is going to be very important as well, so practitioners can really lean into that.” 

Hygiene Practices that Players in the Beauty Industry Must Implement


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thorough cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is important. These include chairs, computer keyboards, telephones, toilet flush handles, and door handles.

Apart from cleaning with soap and water, it’s important to disinfect all surfaces with a certified household disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol. Players in the beauty industry should invest in disposable or single-use equipment such as nail files.

These can help reduce the danger of cross-contamination. It’s also important to invest in sterilizing equipment and be wary of maintaining strict hygiene practices.

The WHO (World Health Organization) in collaboration with the CDC and the National Health Service (NHS) recommends the following measures.

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible
  • If water isn’t available, use certified hand sanitizers that contain at least 70% alcohol
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your arm, sleeve, or tissue when you sneeze or cough. Avoid sneezing or coughing in your hands.
  • Dispose of used tissue immediately after use and wash your hands thoroughly
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes


The Coronavirus continues to affect businesses in various ways. However, experts believe that entrepreneurs can leverage digital options available to remain afloat.

It’s no doubt that some of the changes happening currently will remain long after the pandemic is over.

How the Spa Industry Is Dealing With Coronavirus

The current global outbreak of the Coronavirus is threatening the gains many spa businesses have accumulated over the years. Spas are now having to close down. Owners are now grappling with measures of dealing with coronavirus in their business.

WHO (World Health Organization) declared the Coronavirus disease a global pandemic on 11th March 2020. This was an indication that the disease had spread beyond global expectations.

WHO has recommended self-quarantine and social distancing as some of the methods of curbing the rapid spread of the virus.

These measures may not be practical in the spa industry which explains why some of them have opted to close down.

Apart from interacting with clients directly, spa therapists get into close contact with walk-in potential customers.


What can spas owners do to guarantee their clients and employees’ safety and health while cushioning their businesses from losses?

First, you need to look out for and stick to the local and national guidelines as released within your region.

Covid-19 isn’t fatal for people who don’t fall within the high-risk category.

Assuming your region hasn’t yet been severely affected by the virus and you’re certain your spa can remain open.

There are various precautions you should take to ensure the business continues operating normally.

According to Denise Fuller, cofounder of the NASN (National Aesthetic Spa Network,) and a certified esthetician, you shouldn’t be afraid.

She says, “Fear and stress decrease your immune system. Just be wise and take precautions.”

Denise advises team leaders and managers to create a checklist and ensure spa employees disinfect the listed items regularly throughout the day.

Personal protective equipment such as single gloves is crucial for the execution of these tasks.

Further, they should use a certified disinfectant each time. Your list should include:

  • Items found at the front desk such as pens, phones, computer keyboards, and the credit card machine. Desks and chairs within this area should also be disinfected thoroughly.
  • Common shelves, racks, and surfaces
  • Door handles and doorknobs. Clean both the outer and inner sides to ensure that clients touch clean surfaces when entering and exiting the premise.
  • Bathrooms with special attention to the toilet flush handle
  • Massage and esthetic rooms
  • Spa equipment such as magnifying lamps, steamers, hot cabinets, the interior part of drying lamps and nail dryers, laundry machines, the refrigerator, garbage bins, and storage baskets
  • Hair, nail, and wax stations
  • Bottles containing shampoo, skincare products, hairspray, essential oils, body exfoliants, massage creams, and nail polish.


Shampoo bowls should also be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly around the neck after every client.

  • The lunchroom and employee lockers
  • All seating areas

Some spa owners think they can stick to their regular cleaning practices which isn’t the case.

Every spa facility should heighten their hygiene practices to combat the spread of coronavirus.

According to experts, spa owners should be aggressive with post-care cleaning practices for their clients.

It’s important to thoroughly clean and disinfect all equipment and furniture after use. These thorough measures make extensive cleaning easier.

According to professionals in the salon and spa industry, these facilities should waive cancellation fees.

They should also consider removing penalties charged on customers for missing appointments.

Doing so will encourage any customers who are unwell to stay at home.

By so doing they’ll be protecting themselves, your employees, and other customers from getting sick.

As an entrepreneur, this can make you feel as though the business is making losses financially.

However, the risk, in this case, overrides the gains if you, your employees or other clients contract Covid-19.

Steve Sleeper who’s the Professional Beauty Association executive director says:

“Our top concerns are the health and wellness of the individuals in the industry, their clients, and customers, as well as the potential economic impact on the salons and licensed beauty professionals,” says Sleeper. “Aside from maintaining health as the most integral priority, we want to help ensure that the salon world is minimally impacted economically.”

Communication is Crucial


It’s important to let your clients and employees understand the measures your facility is adopting to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

In today’s digital world where nearly all customers use smartphones, sending emails is a good way of reaching them fast.

For instance, you can draft an email for your clients with the subject; Measures “Name of your spa” is taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Within the body of the email, you can highlight what your spa is doing to guarantee safety at the spa.

These can include: washing hands with soap and water or the use of sanitizers and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of tools.

Include this info on your website and social media platforms. Different spas are doing things differently.

Take an example of this brand based in California.

They opted to send an email blast to their client with the heading “Actions We Are Taking around Coronavirus Outbreak.”

Here, the brand owners communicated how they had decided to temporarily stop in-store operations and opted for in-office policies instead.

In this case, the brand had allowed its employees to work remotely. It’s important to understand that communication is critical during any crisis.

Business Undertakings

Some spas are optimistic that Coronavirus won’t affect their businesses.

Still, the rapid spread of Covid-19 resulted in a global scarcity of sanitation products for customers.

To counter the shortage and ensure there are enough wellness products for everyone, different manufacturers are producing them in bulk.

They’re also making them available for wholesalers and consumers in back bar, individual, and exclusive label quantities.

These products include antibacterial hand washing soap, aromatherapy sprays, and hand sanitizers.

A director in one of these manufacturing companies says:

“From the moment the potential impact of this virus was understood, our team knew this needed to be a priority.”

Nikki Ostrower, founder of Nao Wellness situated in New York City is giving clients 45-minutes of remote immune system boosting sessions.

Her focus is to discuss the client’s immune systems and address the growing concerns about Coronavirus.

Nikki is also taking her clients through Remote Reiki options. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation and stress relieving technique.

It also promotes healing. During the immune system advancement sessions, clients are taught how to improve their immune systems.

Further, Nikki helps them identify stress-reducing tools before giving them a healthy food shopping list.

She also tells them where to buy these foods. If you feel healthy and fit to travel, you may want to visit this resort in Mendocino California.

It aims at giving travelers a chance to forget the Coronavirus threat.

This way, they can concentrate on strategies to help combat its spread using the immune system advancement holiday package.

The package that goes for $775 per couple comes with a Boost your immune system tailored to meet individual needs.

Couples also get a three-night stay at the resort, customized creativity, and art class, and cooking class.

They also have the option of attending a nutrition and healthy living class. These classes are critical for developing a practical health-boosting mindset that can help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Hygiene is Critical

The health and wellness of professionals in the spa industry and their clients is important.

According to WHO and the center for disease control is by boosting hygiene standards within the facility always.

Spas shouldn’t wait for a crisis to heighten their hygiene practices.

Hygiene is one of the reasons why spas are regulated and players in the industry are licensed and inspected regularly.

There’s also a regulatory body in all countries to guarantee the safety and health of all the people within the spa surroundings.

Here are various things spas can do to help combat the spread of Coronavirus.

Hand Washing


According to the CDC, you should wash your hands with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

This helps combat the spread of germs.

Spa therapists are required to wash their hands before and after serving each client, after using the restroom, and after eating.

There should be a hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol within the premises.

Stay Home

Therapists can maintain a strong immune system by having enough sleep, taking a lot of vitamin C, and drinking sufficient water.

However, should your employees get sick the WHO and CDC recommends remaining at home.

If your client is sick and can’t attend their appointment you can remove their cancellation fees.

This way, you encourage them to stay at home until they feel better. Always advise sick individuals to seek medical attention.

Avoid Shaking Hands

Discourage hugging and shaking hands with your clients or employees.

By now your customers must be aware of this policy and shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Further, try to keep your hands away from your face.


Place signage at the front office and other parts of your spa reminding your clients and employees to observe high standards of hygiene.


The spa industry has had to fight different virus outbreaks before.

For instance, clients stayed away from spas during the outbreak of Avian Flu and SARS.

Fortunately, the industry always finds strategies to sail through the challenges to get out of it stronger.

It’s no doubt that the spa industry will overcome the Coronavirus pandemic soon.

Tips to Protect Your Salon from Coronavirus

Interacting with customers is an important part of the salon business. It’s impossible to offer beauty services and massages without touching them physically. Amid the rapid spread of CoronaVirus, it’s no doubt that you’re worried about how to protect your salon from coronavirus.

You may want to know that spas, salons, massage parlours, and wellness clinics across the globe are struggling with this issue. This means that you’re not alone.

Some traders have already closed shop while others have scaled-down their employees.


How can you protect yourself, your workers, and business from CoronaVirus? Here are some tips.

1.      Request Your Clients to make Pre-bookings or Re-bookings

If after assessing the CoronaVirus situation in your region you decide to close down, communicate the same with your loyal customers.

Also, encourage them to postpone their appointment to a later date or when the situation has stabilized.

Assuming you don’t plan to close down your business but some of your customers on the booking list is sick.

What should you do? The best way to handle this situation is by requesting them to rebook their appointments.

You can communicate to them in various ways such as:

  • Placing a sign at the front door of your business, and addressing your appointment guidelines, and expectations on Covid-19.

You can also place a hand sanitizer at the door. Have a notice asking your customers to use it before getting into the salon.

If sanitizer is unavailable have a handwashing kit at the front door and ensure every customer washes their hands thoroughly.

Revise your reminder and confirmation short messages.

To ensure everyone in the salon is protected, revise your short messages to fit the current situation.

This will go a long way in keeping your customers informed.

What’s more, proper communication will help customers know the steps they should take in case they get sick. Your short message can be as follows.

Hello (Your customer’s first name)

This is a polite reminder that you have an appointment on (Date) at (Time) with (Staff ‘s full name.)

We look forward to seeing you. However, in case you fall sick, remember to self-quarantine and contact your medical professional immediately.

Should you fall sick before your appointment, you can always reschedule your booking to a later date.

Do so by calling our office numbers during working hours. We wish you good health and hope to see you soon.

You could also send short messages to your customers who have their appointments within thirty days.

Request them to postpone if they feel sick.

Keep your message short and remember to include a link to your social media pages or website for detailed information.

Your message can be as seen below.

Hey, this is (Your business name) with a crucial update.

Following the rapid spread of CoronaVirus, we kindly request anyone who feels unwell to postpone your appointment.

You can do a rebooking once you feel better. Remember to use hand sanitizer when you arrive at the salon. Thank you for your continued support.

·         Things to Remember

Always include your business name in your short messages.

This way, recipients won’t struggle to find out who sent the message.

Send this message depending on how the situation unfolds in your region.

You can customize the message according to your customer’s needs.

Communicate the rebooking policy by sending clients emails and on your social media channels.

You can also include various health questions on your online booking platform.

One way of reminding customers of your appointment guidelines is by asking them some questions when they book over the phone or online.

Some of your questions can include:

  • Do you have any flu or cold symptoms?
  • Are you or someone you live with presently on self-isolation?
  • Have you in the last 14 days been to any of the countries most affected by the CoronaVirus?

2.      Take Advantage of Retail


If your salon deals with retail products make sure your online store remains open.

If you have enough products your customers will continue placing orders.

For instance, do your customers love your specially formulated essential oils, shampoo, and massage oils?

If they do, they’ll want those particular products even if they can’t visit the salon.

3.      Make use of what you have

At some point, you may have to close down the salon. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should stop working.

This is a great time to learn and gain knowledge about new ideas. If you have a business app start thinking about how it can help your business grows.

Remember, the CoronaVirus won’t last. Spend your free time developing a post virus relaunch strategy.

4.      Minimize Availability and the Services you Offer

Even if you don’t close your business you’ll still have to reevaluate where and how you’ll be touching your customers.

As governments enhance the fight against CoronaVirus, some regions have set restrictions on the services you can offer.

You’ll need to confirm whether there are any limitations within your area.

Even when there are none, you’ll still need to minimize services that involve contact to be on the safe side.

You also need to reduce congestion within your facility. Depending on the size of your salon, you can serve one or two customers at a time.

Make sure there’s an allowance in between appointments to make time for thorough cleaning of the premises.

According to guidelines released by the World Health Organization, cleanliness is one of the methods of preventing the spread of CoronaVirus.

Apart from your regular cleaning practices, think about ways to boost the cleanliness in the salon.

Your customers will want to know what steps you’re taking to guarantee them safety. For instance, sterilize your tools of trade and disinfect your surroundings.

Maintain high standards of hygiene to keep both the workers and customers safe.

5.      Re-evaluate Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees are enforced during normal business operations to encourage customers to make it for their appointments.

During this time when the world is battling CoronaVirus, try to be lenient with your customers. Allow them to cancel their appointments without a penalty if they feel sick.

6.      Encourage Your Staff to Stay Home

Let your employees know that you don’t expect them to come to work if they feel sick. Your aim should be to keep everyone safe.

By allowing sick staff to stay away from work you’ll be setting a good example to your customers.

7.      Automate where Possible

Consider automating updates to your customers through email to improve the way you and your customers communicate.

For instance, if you plan to reduce your working hours you can communicate the same with customers who’ll be affected by email.

You can also incorporate artificial intelligence to enable customers to cancel or postpone their appointments through text.

8.      Don’t Lose Touch with Your Customers


Maintain communication with your customers by posting on your social media platforms. Today, you can use videos to offer consultation services to your customers.

You could also develop a newsletter and provide tips just as you’d do in person.

Maintain connection and communicate with your peers in the industry too. Remember, you’re not alone in this crisis.

Many business entrepreneurs are sharing practical strategies and giving advice which can help you cope with the hard times.

Identify a community with whom you can walk with, and where you can feel encouraged to keep going.

9.      Add Details to Your Online Booking System

Another way of passing your message is to add booking details on your online booking process.

Providing details about your booking policy will help safeguard your workers and clients.

10.  Revise Your Staff’s Travel Guidelines

During this time it’s only wise to restrict travel and ensure your staff only travel when necessary.

If your staff must travel, ask them to provide details of their tour. Which region are they visiting?

Are they visiting a different country? If they do, ask them to self-quarantine for fourteen days once they come back.

11. Hygiene in the Salon


There are various things you can do to prevent the spread of germs in the salon.

The world health organization has been at the forefront to ensure people are updated on what they need to do.

Here are quick must do things to guarantee cleanliness within the facility.

Ensure there’s sanitizer at your salon’s door. Let your visitors and clients use it before entering the salon.

Maintain at least a 1-meter distance between you and anyone who is sneezing or coughing. Ensure your staffs always wear masks when serving customers

Wash your hands with soap and running water regularly. Where possible, ensure the soap you use is alcohol-based to help kill viruses that may be stuck on your hands.

Don’t touch your mouth, nose, and eyes. This helps prevent viruses from penetrating your body through these places.

Ensure that you and your team adhere to proper respiratory hygiene. That is: covering your nose and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow whenever you sneeze or cough. If you use a tissue, dispose of it immediately.

Should your staff experience a dry cough, fever, or difficulty in breathing, encourage them to stay at home and seek medical advice

Stay updated on the latest news about the spread of CoronaVirus.

Adhere to advice given by local and national public health authority, and healthcare providers.

This will help you understand how to protect yourself and customers from CoronaVirus.


The Covid-19 symptoms we’ve mentioned here vary from one patient to the other.

In severe cases, an infection can result in kidney failure, pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and death.

Your safety and that of your workers and customers should be your top priority during this time of crisis.

Whatever you do, keep your clients close by communicating through various digital platforms.

Top New Spa Treatment 2020 Trends to Watch


What comes to mind when you think about spas? To many people, they are all about facial treatments and massages. However, there are new spa treatment 2020 treatments you can enjoy in spas. In this post, let’s discuss:

  • Different treatments that spas offer
  • Spa trends to watch out for

New Spa Treatment 2020 Trends Offered at the Spa

Here are different treatments you can look forward to the next time you walk in a spa.

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are some of the most popular treatments in spas. Here, aestheticians at the spa use different products on your facial skin for exfoliating, moisturizing, steaming, massaging, and peeling off dead and dry facial skin cells from the surface of your skin.

Facial massage helps open unclogged pores and enhances blood circulation. This hydrates the skin and facilitates the development of a new layer of fresh skin. Some facial treatments are designed to help solve specific problems such as reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Others such as the application of collagen to the skin slow down aging.

Body Treatments

Some of the body treatments you can enjoy in spas include body wraps, aqua therapy, body polishes, and Vichy showers.

·         Aquatherapy

This treatment involves soaking in an aqua jet tub filled with moisturizers, aromatherapy oils, and exfoliating agents. This treatment helps in skin exfoliation, blood circulation, and skin hydration.

·         Body Polishes

Body polishes involve scrubbing of the body to eliminate dead skin cells. Moisturizers in the form of cream are then used to hydrate and smoothen the skin. The most commonly used exfoliating agent in body scrubs is sea salt.

A salt scrub is also used in body wrap treatment to exfoliate the skin. The body is then swaddled in mud or seaweed to remove impurities and enhance overall skin texture. When the wrap is finally removed, you proceed for a shower rinse and apply moisturizer.

·         Vichy Showers

Vichy showers for the final process of a body wrap or body polish process. Still, you can walk in your favorite spa just to enjoy Vichy showers. The process involves between five and seven shower heads which pour water directly on you as you lie down on a padded table. They come in handy to stimulate blood circulation and increase skin hydration.


Massages are among the popular treatments you can enjoy at the spa. There are numerous massage types for you to choose from. In this process, aestheticians use a sheet or towel to cover parts of the body that are not being massaged. They then use massage oil to massage the body in smooth strokes. Often some of the oils used in body massages possess aromatherapy properties that aid relaxation.

Nail Treatments


Nail treatments are also a common service in many spas and nail salons within your local area. The difference between nail salons and spas is that: nail salons offer minimal prices for fewer services. Spas, however, can be costly but the services are more comprehensive.

Apart from the ordinary manicure and pedicures, nail technicians strive to: exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and apply paraffin treatments which leave the skin smooth and soft.

Hair Removal

Waxing is the most popular hair removal process you will find in spas. Here, the aesthetician applies hot wax on your skin. They then press a layer of cloth onto the wax and pull it off to remove the hairs picked up by the wax. Waxing can be done in all parts of the body such as the chest, eyebrows, legs, bikini area, and the back. Other hair removal forms include:

·         Sugaring

Sugaring is also a popular hair removal process. Aestheticians use a sticky sugar cream paste instead of wax.

·         Threading

This technique is common in parts of the Middle East and India and is fast spreading to other parts of the world. Here, the aesthetician holds one end of a thread in their left hand and the other between their teeth. They then proceed to loop the middle of the thread through the middle and index fingers on their right hand. They finally use the loop to entangle the hair and pull it off. Threading can only be used for facial hair removal.

Spa Trends to watch out for in 2020


The spa industry has evolved over the years. This trend is expected to continue in 2020 and beyond. Here are some of the new spa treatment 2010 trends you need to watch out for.

·         Sophisticated Eyebrow Enhancement

Today, micro blading is one of the most popular eyebrow enhancement treatments. The beginning of a new trend triggers both appreciation and criticism in equal measure as has been the case with micro blading.

As a result, many experts in the industry and clients are seeking more sophisticated eyebrow enhancement techniques. Currently, ombre brow is one of the trending techniques. In this process, needles are engraved to create a moderate and soft darkening on the brow.

Many customers today are opting for less permanent eyebrow enhancement techniques such as brow extensions and brow tinting. As a spa owner, you want to research extensively before incorporating these new spa treatment 2010 brow trends.

·         Volcanic Beauty

At the mention of volcanoes, many people think about destruction. Did you, however, know that they come in handy to provide rich mineral content that is used in skincare? Volcanic minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium chloride, and sulfur have been used since ancient times for their benefits.

Today, many people are in search of pain relief and detoxification agents are using these minerals. The United States alone has up to 169 active volcanoes. These increase the supply of clay, ash, sand, and pumice for use in the industry for healthier and more beautiful skin.

Various beauty product manufacturers are leveraging the benefits of volcanic minerals to improve their formulations. For instance, anti-aging creams containing volcanic ash are already in the market today. These come in handy to remove impurities from the skin.

·         Heat and Mud

Mud therapy, hammam beds, and saunas are all relaxation techniques that have been in existence for many years. Today, they are becoming popular by the day as more people realize their benefits.

Spa entrepreneurs are leveraging these techniques to create a customized experience for their customers. Using these together with essential oils, locally produced herbs and high-quality cosmetics maximize their benefits and customer experience.

·         Precious Stones and Metals used in the Beauty Industry

Precious stones and metals possess healing properties that enhance beauty and health. Many spa entrepreneurs are incorporating these in their procedures to improve service delivery while maximizing customer experience.

Silver ion baths, for instance, enhance skin one and body well-being. Further, they help relieve fatigue, relax the mind and body, and restores energy. Other precious stones used in the spa industry include:


Amber, on the other hand, is a hardened tree resin. It’s not only beautiful, but it also releases amber acid when exposed to the right temperature. This stimulates the nervous system which helps relieve stress.


Gold contains antibacterial properties that help brighten the skin. It can also come in handy to treat a vast range of skin infections and diseases. Various spas are today using a combination of essential oils and gold powder for body massages.

·         Electromagnetic Fat Reduction

Electromagnetic fat reduction, also known as Emsculpt is one of the most popular new spa treatment 2010 spa trends. This is a non-invasive body outlining process that involves the use of electromagnetic energy.

The process is designed to generate up to 20,000 contractions within 30 minutes. This damages fat cells and stimulates the development of muscles to achieve a well-toned body. One good thing about this process is that there are minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Many customers who have already gone through this process say that results can be seen in one treatment. However, experts recommend up to a series of four treatments for the best results.

·         Forest Bathing


Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese technique that stimulates the power of nature to enhance healing and therapy. The popularity of this process that involves taking long walks in the forest is expected to continue in the coming years. This is because many people today are taking their health seriously.

Experts opine that forest bathing helps relieve depression, reduces cortisol levels, and cuts down stress.

·         Yoga Skin

The skincare and makeup industry has evolved over the years and keeping up with the trends can be an arduous task. Yoga skin is one of the new spa treatment 2010 trends that gives your skin a fresh, lush, and glowing finish with a natural look.

Achieving the Yoga skin finish is easy and all you need is to use readily available products in your home. These are facial oil, foundation, glow drops and liquid illuminator.


We are living in a fast-paced world and making predictions can be difficult. Trends in the spa industry, for instance, are evolving fast and new products are getting innovated. Monitoring the latest trends in the industry helps you enjoy the best services to keep your body radiant and healthy.

How to Improve Your Music Schools Online Reviews 

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As the world of business becomes overly competitive for different types of businesses, having a robust online reputation and presence can play a big role in propelling your business ahead of your competitors and attracting new customers. It’s no doubt that today, a big percentage of customers count on online reviews resources to compare different products and services before transacting business.

Studies suggest that many potential customers read online reviews before choosing a product or service. Indeed, online reviews are essential when it comes to promoting businesses. In this post, we shall discuss how to increase your music schools Online reviews.

Understanding Online Reviews

Technology has evolved over the years and more businesses are embracing digital platforms and allowing their existing customers to leave their honest personal feedback about products and services. These come in handy to help potential customers make informed decisions.

Customers are more inclined to online reviews because they can access them with ease from various gadgets such as their mobile phones. What’s more, many customers are certain that online reviews are genuine and a true representation of a specific service or product. Online reviews are among the most trusted source of information at the moment.

What do Customers Consider when Searching for Online Reviews?

Customers pay attention to; the number of reviews, the content of the reviews, and the overall rating. If for instance, your music school has a high percentage of positive reviews and a high rating, potential students will be more confident that they’ll get exemplary services.

More reviews on your music school online platforms give your establishment more validity. If you have minimal or no reviews at all, you can be sure potential students will have a difficult time trusting your services.

How Will Online Reviews be Beneficial to Your Music School?

There are numerous reasons why you should increase online reviews for your music school as seen below.

 Online Reviews will Enhance Your Visibility

Whether you are just starting or you are already established, potential students will research various search engines and social media platforms before choosing your school. While search engines have different policies when it comes to indexing content, one thing that remains certain is that they give special preference to the original content.

Customer reviews can play a huge role in pushing your content on search machines and getting recognition by algorithms. Online reviews can give you consistent positive content which search engines consider critical when analyzing the results to display. Getting a high ranking is beneficial to your music school as it exposes you and enhances your authority in the industry.

Online Reviews make You Appear Trustworthy

Having consistent positive feedback can help your business build trust among potential students and teachers wishing to join your school. Studies suggest that online reviews can be all different establishments need to carve an online reputation and identity. Potential students and music teachers will be reluctant to trust an establishment that has less than a four-star rating. If your music school has a higher rating, you’re likely to see an increase in student enrolment and teacher applications.

Online Reviews will Ignite a Conversation About Your Music School

Both positive and negative reviews about your establishment tend to spread fast and this can be the fastest way of letting the masses know that your business exists. When your existing students and teachers have good things to say about your establishments, they will be more than willing to talk about it on their platforms and share the same with their friends and family.

Such recognition is important for your music school’s online presence. It’s worth noting that search engines such as Google gathers data from different websites when developing rankings. This stands to show just how critical positive feedback can encourage more online reviews.

Increasing Music Schools Online Reviews

To date, some establishments still believe in getting reviews naturally without having to request their customers to do so. However, the marketplace is evolving and it’s becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to consider other tactics to increase their online reviews. Here are some tactics you can adopt to improve music school reviews.

Initiate Email Promotion


Email promotion is an ideal way of stimulating customers to review your music school services. Many successful companies have adopted this strategy. Leveraging email to have people review your services is not only cost-effective, but it’s also easy to automatize. Whatever you do, you need to customize each email accordingly. Today’s potential customer is less interested in non-personalized emails that are not tailored to meet their needs.

Request Satisfied Students to Review Your Music School

If you are sure that your existing and former students are happy with your services, you can ask them to leave their feedback on your various platforms. often, when you ask your clients for reviews you are likely to get positive feedback. You can go a step higher and adopt a management tool that gauges your client’s loyalty towards your establishment. You can tailor the tool to encourage clients to review the music school.

 Initiate a Re-targeting Promotion

Ads are fast becoming critical strategies for promoting your business. Consider sponsoring an ad on various platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram requesting reviews. Customize the ad to target people on your email list only. This process involves transferring client email addresses on these platforms to ensure that the ads reach your target audience only.

As ads become a popular way of reaching a large audience, many people are used to the idea of seeing ads from organizations they are not familiar with. A customized message from businesses they have interacted with before will encourage them to leave their reviews. However, using paid strategies to improve music school reviews can be more costly compared to other promotion tactics. Still, re-targeting can be cheaper as opposed to other online marketing strategies.

Post on Your Social Media Platforms


Social media is an ideal place where you can ask your followers to review your establishment. If you have already developed a connection with your clients, they will be more than willing to leave their feedback.

Reward the People who are ready to Review Your Establishment

Encourage people to review your establishment by rewarding them depending on their preferences. Do they prefer cupcakes than vouchers or vice versa? You may want to conduct a poll to find out what they prefer. Rewarding your clients will go a long way to help you improve music school reviews. You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to rewarding your customers. Further, you can opt to partner with non-charitable organizations to make donations every time someone leaves a review regarding the music school.

Request Your Website Visitors to Leave their Reviews

Customize your website to accommodate every service the music school offers. What’s more, you will need great content that not only attracts visitors but convinces them to leave their feedback.

Display In-App Messages

If your music school has an application, try displaying messages on your platform requesting your visitors to review your services. Choose the right moment to show the review requests. For instance, if a new student places an application, you can request them to give their feedback regarding their experience.

Collect Feedback During Events

One of the things that make music school exciting is the numerous events organized each year. Leverage on these events to get feedback from the attendant on what they feel about your services. Encourage them to leave their reviews on your online platforms from their gadgets. Ensure that your website is user-friendly regardless of the gadgets they use to access it and you can be sure to get sufficient feedback to improve music school reviews.

 Leverage on Your Customer Support Forums

Every successful establishment should have a responsive customer support forum. Take advantage of your support forum to request your clients to review your services. Remember, the support forum is where customers gather to get assistance from other customers. You may want to offer rewards to your clients who review the music school.

Make Use of Third-Party Online Review Platforms

Organizations often use a survey to collect reviews instead of asking people to review their services on third-party platforms. You can adopt the same strategy by having your clients leave their feedback about your services on third-party platforms. This way, you can improve music school reviews and still understand how much your clients are appreciating your services.

If you are confident about the quality of your services, this tactic comes in handy. Some review platforms are push clients to review your services by rewarding your customers who are willing to review your services. Other platforms go a step further to forward review acquisition emails on your behalf, a strategy that comes in handy for small businesses with restricted budgets.


Online reviews come with various advantages for small, medium-sized, and already established businesses. In today’s competitive world, businesses should change their approach when it comes to acquiring online reviews to get more of their existing and potential customers to review their products and services. In this case, form a bond with both your existing and old students, as well as teachers. This way, you will get numerous genuine feedback which will go a long way in increasing online reviews for the music school.


How to create a social business with a purpose w/ Rob Hendrickson

Rob Hendrickson is full of amazing stories and profound realizations – all about how to live a more fulfilling life with your family, work and everything else.

Rob was a rodeo cowboy, turned ad agency owner, turned veterinary supplement company owner. (make sure to check out the documentary in the links below) He wore the hat, boots and jeans and then the black suit and range rover – but now truly feels like he’s found his purpose and passion.

We talk about being true to yourself and really how he’s building a social business that truly is PURPOSE driven. We dive into all different aspects of building a business based around this “social” aspect. The pros the cons and why you shouldn’t do it as a “marketing tactic”

Make sure to listen until the end for Rob’s call to action.

A bit more about Rob:
He grew up on a ranch in western South Dakota where his father was a veterinarian in which his work was always treated as a lifestyle. He grew up as a rodeo cowboy but he was always a bit of an outcast even though he dressed the part, boots, hat and jeans but with a journal full of notes and sketches of inventions always tucked under his arm.

Re-locating to Fort Worth, Texas he injured his knee and didn’t think he could get a ‘job’ that didn’t require some sort of physical labor. He ended up getting a graphic design job and fell in love with it working with an AD agency.

He was a partner in an agency and continued to dive headfirst throughout the 90s until selling his company and switching to an internet business. That business started to focus on things like google adwords (seo) and he started to realize it was going away from his passions.

From there he went into consulting but was consistently looking for a way in which he could apply his skills to something more tangible… Two of his clients were a couple of veterinarians who had just launched a supplement for animals. Which turned into Full Bucket.


Links / Resources



How to move from freelancing to your own passion project w/ Brian Casel

Brian Casel was a freelancer who didn’t want to keep working for clients. He wanted to create products and build businesses that allowed him to pursue what he was passionate about.

That led him to found two productized website business – Restaurant Engine and Hotel Propeller

Since Brian works in the hospitality industry we dive in and chat about best practices for websites and what Brian sees working the best.

His passion of helping people succeed has led him to his podcast and blog to help people successfully create products. Working to make sure he loves what he’s working on.

Links / Resources