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Tips to Improve Beauty Salon Business by Upselling and Cross-selling


Are you considering venturing in the salon business? If yes, understand that the salon industry is becoming overly competitive across the world. You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors to improve beauty salon business. In this post we shall find out:

  • The meaning and differences of Upselling and Cross-selling
  • Upselling and cross-selling best practices
  • How to market your salon business in 2020

Understanding Upselling

Upselling is a sales approach that focuses on convincing customers to buy a more advanced, costlier, or superior form of their selected item. This could also mean the idea of persuading the customer to include more items to their order to achieve a bigger sale. Many businesses today merge cross-selling and upselling approaches to enhance value of the order and augment profit.

Importance of Upselling

When executed properly, sales techniques can enhance a customer’s shopping experience. Many service providers today leverage cross-selling and upselling approaches for various reasons as seen below.

Developing Customer Relationships

Upselling enables service providers to develop deep relationships with their customers. Not only does it benefit the entrepreneur, but it also adds value to the customers.

Recommending advanced products, or other items on top of customer’s orders makes them appreciate the better deal. In the end, they will be happy that they accepted your offer and will keep coming back to your salon for more value.

Upselling to Existing Customers is Easier

Many salons today strive to attract more new customers per day. However, selling to existing customers is easier to achieve than attempting to attract new customers. The same is true when it comes to upselling.

Remember, generating leads can be costly and time-consuming. If you are looking for an ideal method on how to improve beauty salon business, target your existing customers. Your loyal customers have already interacted with you and understand the value of your services.

Upselling Enhances Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the final profit addition that a customer brings in your business over a specific period. You may want to classify your customers into three categories: the very profitable ones, the slightly profitable, and the non-profitable ones.

A high Customer Lifetime Value means that every customer brings in more income in your business at no additional cost. This can also be a clear indication that your business has surplus money to invest in acquiring new customers. As a salon owner, you can leverage upselling to convert your new customers into a profitable return, and eventually loyal customers.

Upselling Encourages Customers to Keep Coming back

As we have seen before, upselling gives your customers value for their money. This is a great approach that convinces them to keep coming back for more. Recommending relevant and more advanced products and services is a good way of making customers feel appreciated. Many times they will return to enjoy what you have to offer. Integrate your upselling approach with excellent customer service to maximize customer experience.

Upselling Tips to Tips to Improve Beauty Salon Business

Here is how to utilize upselling.

Before Customers Purchase Products

If you have an online platform for your salon, indicate your recommendations at the end of the product or along the sidebar.

When Customers are Purchasing

Leverage pop-ups to show your recommendations in the shopping carts, the checkout page, and even in discarded cart emails.

When the Purchase is Completed

Utilize follow up emails to convince customers to return for more products. Often, salons get new walk-in customers every day. In this case, you will need excellent customer service skills to convince them into choosing an advanced product or service.

Train your staff and enrich them with good persuasion skills. This comes in handy to retain them and attract more customers by word of mouth.

To achieve success in your upselling approach, you need to understand what your customers need. Use your findings to create an enjoyable shopping experience that will have them spreading the news, coming back.

Understanding Cross-selling

Cross-selling is a sales approach that many retailers and service providers use. It involves persuading customers to buy products that are associated with the items they have purchased.

Cross-selling Tips to Improve Beauty Salon Business

Here are some tips to help you succeed in your cross-selling approach.

  • Suggest an additional product that will enhance the performance of a purchased product. For instance, if your customer has chosen a facial toning cream, you can recommend a good quality facial moisturizer.
  • Wrap together related products to ease customer search. Here, you can combine hair related products and accessories that facilitate easy application. For instance, you can bundle together a wig, wig glue, and protective caps. To make this option more exciting and irresistible, offer discounted prices.
  • Cross-selling in the eCommerce industry involves determining associated products and developing suitable offers. For effective in-person cross-selling practice, entrepreneurs should invest in training their employees. Regardless of how you utilize your cross-selling technique, your goal is to increase your revenue, make more profit, and satisfy your customers.

What’s the Difference between Cross-selling and Upselling?

In both eCommerce and typical business settings, these approaches come in handy to augment the amount customers spend in the business.

Cross-selling involves suggesting customized products that are associated with preferred ones.

Upselling, on the other hand, involves persuading customers to purchase a more costly form of a preferred item or service. Here is an example.

In upselling, the customer has chosen a thirty-minute hot stone massage. Suggesting the benefits of a longer massage session or even recommending other types of massage can trigger an upsell.

In cross-selling, the customer is at the payment point ready to pay for their preferred hair wig. Displaying wig accessories such as a wig applicator, wig clips, or wig sheen spray encourages them to purchase extra items. In both approaches, customers end up getting and giving value.

How to Market Your Salon in 2020

Trends in the salon business industry are changing fast. As the saying goes, a change is as good as a rest. Changing the way you execute your salon business marketing can be all you need to attract more customers. Here is how to improve the beauty salon business through marketing.


1.      Ease Your Online Booking System

If your salon doesn’t already have an online platform by now, you will soon be lagging behind your competitors. With digital technology, you can create a user-friendly booking system.

Without a proper system, handling emails and calls from potential customers can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Invest in a good system that can allow customers to place bookings at any time of the day.

Ensure your system incorporates a cloud-based calendar which you can access from any gadget.

2.      Have Your Salon Listed in Review Websites


A big percentage of potential customers today search online for business reviews before they can choose their preferred provider. Study your target customers to understand the review sites they visit most.

For instance, if they spend most of their time on Yelp make sure your salon is enlisted there. Regardless of the review website you choose, remember to optimize your business to reach a wider audience and appear on the top page.

3.      Sponsor a Fashion Show in Your Locality

Many businesses today reach more potential customers by participating in community-based projects. For instance, you can identify and sponsor a deserving fashion show within your locality.

Provide your salon services and in the end, get an opportunity to meet and interact with more potential customers. Further, you can have the organizers of the fashion show include your business in their brochure. This will enable you to reach a wider audience that you would not have achieved on your own.

You can request access to their professional photos too which you can display on your social media platforms. You can also develop your public relations strategy by interviewing popular people in society

4.      Leverage Content to Offer Value

Produce unique and informational content for your salon’s online platform. For instance, you can give hair maintenance and styling tips.

Educate your followers on the best practices when it comes to choosing hair related products and accessories. You can also provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions on your platform.

Further, you can also create guest content for some of the leading salon blogs. If the blogs agree to publish your content, you’ll get free traffic to your site and excellent brand awareness.

5.      Leverage Facebook Ads to Market Discounted Offers


Facebook is effective when it comes to how to improve beauty salon business. You can use the platform to promote products and services with massive discounts.

The good thing about Facebook Lead Ads is that you can customize them depending on your target audience. Further, you can use them to directly obtain names and email addresses.

You can use the email addresses for email marketing in the future. This can also come in handy when you need to advertise a new product.


A robust salon marketing strategy enables you to reach a wider audience, and increases customers to your salon. As an entrepreneur you can build your online presence by adopting advanced technology and creating social media platforms for your brand. With the tips mentioned above, you are guaranteed to have a strong online presence and excellent customer reviews.

How to use Spa Digital Marketing to Boost Your Business

The main objective of any digital marketing strategy is to; attract potential customers and develop significant engagement with existing customers. Today, the spa industry is overly competitive and businesses can only ignore spa digital marketing at their peril.


Numerous Options Available

Customers have many spa options to choose from and without proper strategies, businesses could easily lose them. To enhance valuable time, money, and energy, your marketing system should complement your business goals and strategy.

You should lay down an annual plan and analyze the outcome every quarterly. When planning your monthly spa social media marketing content, consider all your social media platforms. This is time-consuming and exhausting but worth it.

If you are a spa entrepreneur, chances are; you know the impact of digital marketing when it comes to reaching a wider audience. However, using the digital arena to promote your business and attract more customers can be a daunting task, especially for startups. Let’s learn how to utilize digital marketing to promote your spa business.

Allow Customers to place their Bookings Online

To increase bookings to your spa, you need to start thinking like your potential customers. Further, you should strive to understand the procedure that customers go through before placing a booking. Only then will you be able to come up with a viable spa social media marketing strategy.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are five stages involved in the buying phase. These are; prepare, attract, engage, convert, and close. Businesses that are keen to follow the aforementioned stages with their prospective customers report positive results within a few months. Let’s discuss these stages comprehensively.

Preparing for Digital Marketing


The foundation of a powerful digital marketing strategy is a robust website and competent branding. These factors will prepare your strategy to take off while helping you achieve your preferred results.

·         Website Design

Many of your potential customers will navigate through your website to know about your spa and the services you offer. It’s through this platform that Google will learn about your business and decide how high you should rank on the search engine. This explains why you need a solid and well-designed website complete with keyword-optimized content.

The keywords should fall naturally between 5 to 10 times throughout the page to ensure Google understands what you’re focusing on. Before you can launch your spa social media marketing strategy, you want to rewrite your services and reconfigure your website accordingly.

·         Branding

The colors, logo, and fonts you choose for your spa give potential customers the first impression of your business. These come in handy to facilitate communication among your customers. Use these elements to tell potential customers about your services. Without a strong brand, you end up confusing prospective customers.

Chances are that they will either confuse you for another company, or they may not recognize your brand. To have a robust brand, you want to develop a style guide to let your employees know the ideal colors, fonts, and logo they can use in your spa social media marketing campaign.

Attract Prospective Spa Customers

Attract is the stage that marks the onset of digital marketing. It involves identifying prospective customers. Chances are, many of your customers in the spa industry will be women of varying ages. Strive to diversify your niche to accommodate the needs of different age groups. Potential customers in the digital era will first research search engines. You can increase your visibility with these digital marketing tricks.

·         Social Media

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool. According to statistics, nearly half of the population in the US has a Facebook profile. This is a clear indication that if you want to attract many potential customers, social media is a viable medium. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer remarkable targeting capabilities.

They allow businesses to reach potential customers depending on their demographics, locations, groups they follow, and their interests. Your Ads on these platforms will appear in the news feeds of your target audience. All you need is to set up a business account and start marketing your spa.

One of the best spa social media marketing strategies you can use is incorporating images in your posts. Studies suggest that potential customers will be more attracted to imagery and exciting content. Always conclude your posts with a compelling call to action.

·         Blogging


Blogging is an excellent way of acquiring potential customers who conduct their research on Google. You can use modern digital tools to establish what people are searching for whenever they research your services. The questions you identify can guide you come up with a comprehensive blog to answer their questions. Post relevant content consistently to attract more traffic to your website.

·         Google Ads

To reach potential customers researching on Google, you should be on Google. Google Ads come in handy to rank your medical spa on the first page of prospective customer’s search. The ads will appear in the ad category of the results page; when prospective customers utilize your key phrases or keywords.

Successful Google ads are those that incorporate compelling titles and intriguing content to attract clicks. An SEO website is critical for Google Ads. Ensure that your ad contains similar keywords as the website or page you’re pointing to potential customers to. This convinces Google that you’re offering appropriate content as opposed to spam.

Engaging Digital Marketing Strategies

Once you’ve attracted potential spa customers, you need to convince them to stick around. This is where you should offer high quality and engaging content to maintain traffic flow. Address questions as they arise, build credibility and establish a relationship with your followers. Here are some spa social media marketing tools that can help you do so.

·         Social Media Quizzes

Social media quizzes are not only fun and interesting, but they are great when it comes to increasing clicks. Create a social media quiz that’s relevant to the services you offer at your spa. Include fun and exciting questions while at it but remember to stick to your niche. Don’t forget to incorporate a call to action at the end of your clip to encourage your followers to; either call or visit your website for more information.

·         Video Marketing

Video remains one of the most engaging tools on social media. Good videos simplify content which means that customers don’t have to struggle to know who you are and the services you offer. Create short albeit compelling clips demonstrating your services.

You can use the clips to answer many frequently asked questions whenever they arise. Share the clips across your social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Always ask your followers to share your clips on their platforms. This is how you attract more potential customers.

Using Lead Generation to Convert Potential Customers

Once you’ve attracted and engaged your potential customers, chances are they are prepared to place a booking. Don’t hesitate to ask them whether they are interested in your services. Frame your request compellingly that your potential customers will find irresistible.

Ask them to provide their email addresses, their preferred appointment time, and their preferred services. You can easily obtain this information with the following lead generation marketing tools.

·         Ebooks

If you’ve been blogging consistently in the attract stage, you should have the comprehensive data you need to develop an eBook. Compile all the blogs about questions you’ve answered and use the information to create one eBook. You can use the eBook as an incentive in exchange for potential customer’s contact details. Give your eBook an engaging and irresistible title that potential customers will want to read.

·         Landing Pages

A landing page is defined as any page within your website where potential customers are directed after clicking one of your advertisements. Many people develop isolated website landing pages for conversion.

Often, these pages offer value in exchange for the requested data. Potential customers who agree to surrender their information could be rewarded with; free consultation, an eBook, or their favorite service at the spa.

Successful landing pages are those that feature a compelling headline, relevant and precise content and service-related images. The main objective of each landing page should be to encourage potential customers to surrender their contact details.

Other Lead Generation Methods

There are numerous methods you can use to obtain your potential customer’s contact information. For instance, incorporate a spontaneous contact for your website under the Contact Us section. You could incorporate a chatbot on your site as well.

However, ensure that one of your staff at the spa is designated for managing the chatbot. Consider offering a free subscription to email updates when there’s a new post on your blog or a newsletter.

Close New Spa Customers

Close is the final stage in the buying cycle. This is where potential customers make up their minds to place a booking at the spa. Ensure this stage is as seamless as possible. Here is a tool that can ease this process.

·         Free Consultations

Future clients don’t require formal commitment when it comes to free consultations. The best of this is that they allow customers to visit your establishment. Still, this stage can be more binding for the potential customer and beneficial for the business.

Clients are more likely to consider sampling your services at this stage. Incorporate a free consultation on your landing page and rest of your website to convince more potential customers into visiting your physical location.


Spa owners can leverage the power of spa social media marketing to reach a wider audience. This strategy can also come in handy to attract more potential customers, engage them, and finally convert them into existing customers. Digital marketing strategies will help spas enhance visibility, productivity, and profitability.

Turn New Guests into Repeat Clients for Spa Business

Repeat clients for spa business are critical for the success of any spa businesses. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to note that retaining customers is less costly than attracting new customers. With repeat customers, you don’t have to spend money on advertising your spa business. Here are statistics to illustrate this better.

  • Getting a new customer cost between six, to seven times more than retaining an existing customer.
  • New customers will spend an average of $24.50 on eCommerce while repeat customers will spend up to $52.50 on average.
  • You are 5% to 20% more likely to sell to a new prospect. The likelihood of selling to an existing customer, on the other hand, is between 60% and 70%.
  • Reducing customer defection by 5% can boost profits by between 5% and 95%
  • A 2% customer retention increase is equivalent to a 10% reduction in costs

It’s worth noting that customers may not always return to your spa regularly. This is especially true if the spa is located in a resort or hotel where customers stop by while on vacation. Still, the facility strives to acquire repeat clients and your spa is critical in actualizing this.

While such facilities won’t get regular customers, chances are they will come back the next time they’re staying at the facility. Let’s discuss some of the strategies you can adopt to turn new guests into repeat customers in your spa business.


Offer an Impressive Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical factor that can make or break your spa business. Whatever you do, ensure your customer experience is impressive. In today’s overly competitive business realm, there are numerous spas that customers can choose from. You have to be unique to stand out from your competitors and attract more customers.

With a unique and satisfactory experience, your customers will be delighted to come back. Your spa should strive to offer exceptional services from the time customers walk through the door to the time they leave. There are various ways of maximizing customer experience as seen below.

·         Offer a Personalized Experience

Recent studies established that up to 71% of customers expressed their discouragement from receiving impersonal services. 44% of customers, on the other hand, were certain that getting personalized services would convince them to become repeat customers.

Customers will always feel valued from knowing that spa owners and their staffs care for their specific needs. When customers feel valued, they also value your spa. Not only will they become repeat customers, but they will also refer their friends and family. Customizing services to meet customer needs plays a huge role in retaining them.

·         Know Your Customers

Take time to learn your new guest as much as possible. In today’s digital era, your spa can adopt management software customized according to the services you offer. Today, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a visitor intake platform. This helps you gather as much information about your new customers as you can.

What’s more, you should strive to engage the guest to gain more information. Take notes and try to memorize your customer’s details. This way, when they come back you’ll have all the information at your fingertips.

Assuming you have various branches of your spa, ensure that you can share information through your software in all branches. This will ensure that guests don’t have to go through the entire process should they visit a different branch.

·         Make Follow up


Email marketing is still one of the most successful customer retention strategies. Make follow up regularly after serving a guest to find out how they feel about the services. You want to keep your mail as short and precise as possible. Give them some tips related to the service they received at the spa.

For instance, if the guest received a facial, remind them to stay out of the sun. Guests who received a massage should know the importance of taking sufficient amounts of water. Avoid selling a different service to your guests immediately they leave the spa. Give them some time to relax before you can do a follow-up.

·         Ask For Feedback


The best time to ask for feedback is immediately after serving the guest. In many cases, guests may not inform you if they have a poor experience at your spa. However, they will not come back. As a spa entrepreneur, you strive to ensure that your existing customers, as well as your guests, get a satisfactory experience.

The best way to know whether or not a guest enjoyed a service is to ask them about it. You can do so by forwarding them a customer satisfaction inquiry immediately after treatment. Ensure your spa management software features this capability. You may want to incorporate an incentive within the survey that can bring the guest back to the spa. This could be an opportunity to win a prize, a gift, or even a redeemable discount code.

·         Reward Customer Feedback

Giving incentives for feedback is an excellent strategy that can work effectively. This will help you understand where you need to improve. Further, it’s a great way of letting your guests know that you value them. Gifts and loyalty points are ideal incentives. Remember, communication is key for this strategy to succeed.

Let your customers know about your programs, and how they can benefit from them. Listen to your customers keenly to understand their needs. This will come in handy to help you establish the best applications and incentives that work best for your customers. Here are various ways of rewarding customer feedback.

·         Loyalty programs


This is a program whereby guests receive a reward for returning to the spa. Do you have a loyalty program for your spa? If you don’t you may want to create one immediately. Give free services such as facials, massages, and other treatments. You could also choose gifts that can encourage your guests to bring a friend along.

You could eve personalized loyalty programs. For instance, you can have a point-oriented program where customers with a certain amount of points can earn a personalized gift. Incorporate creativity to achieve more success with this strategy. Research within your competitors and establish what they offer. Think about how you can come up with a better program that helps you stand out among your competitors.

Remember, loyalty programs are an excellent method of getting repeat customers. However, you need to execute it right to get the best results. When done wrong, loyalty programs can cost you money and time and end up giving your brand a bad reputation. Before opting for loyalty programs you want to research extensively to find out what works and what doesn’t.

·         Promotions

Gift cards and spa coupons are another great way of encouraging guests to come back to your spa. These can work better than discounts because discounting often reduces the demand for luxury services. Promotions, however, ad more value to customer experience. Offering a series of treatments, for instance, can encourage guests to come back often.

Choose special moments to reward customers with customized services. For instance, you can do something special for your loyal customers during mother’s day or international women’s day. You could devise a mother-daughter promotion to let your customers know that you value and appreciate them.

·         Memberships

There are various membership program types you can consider introducing in your spa. These include; a service-based system, a discount system, and an unlimited system. To benefit from these programs, customers will need to pay a monthly fee.

Classify your subscription services to include monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. Provide appropriate rewards for each category. Memberships are an excellent way of getting repeat customers. Further, they can be a source of a steady income.


Tackle customer complaints immediately. Assuming customers express their frustrations at your spa during a survey, what can you do to make them feel valued? Go the extra mile to offer free services, gifts, and discounts. Take time to discuss their situation with them. Further, assure them that you’re doing everything to prevent a repeat of the same.

Make Booking Easy to get Repeat clients for spa business

In today’s fast-paced world, you need an active online platform for your business where customers can access fast services. For instance, your customers should be able to place bookings easily and seamlessly. Your online platform should allow your potential customers to; sign in to their accounts and reschedule or re-book an appointment without canceling it. This is an excellent way of enhancing the customer’s booking experience. Further, this helps you add on to your existing customer data. This data is essential and helps you customize your services to meet customer needs.


There is stiff competition in the spa and beauty industry today. If you own a spa, you want to scale and stay ahead of your competitors. The best way to do so is by offering both your guests and existing customers memorable services. With these tips, you will easily convert your guests into repeat customers while retaining your existing ones. The more customers keep coming to your spa, the more productive and profitable it shall be.

How to Effectively do Spa Social Media Marketing

Spa social media marketing is an excellent way to interact with your existing and potential customers. You can use different platforms to; spread awareness about your spa services, and developing brand loyalty by defining why your spa is unique.


The social media industry is evolving fast and businesses must embrace different platforms such as; Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with their target audience. Here are some tips to help you promote your spa on Social Media.

Create Fascinating Content

The content that you post on social media should be captivating enough to trigger curiosity among your target audience. Your content should not only be interesting, but it should also be engaging enough to convince your customers to seek your services. Ensure that the content you post on your social media platforms is informative and addresses their needs accordingly. Post photos, information, and facts that complement your brand image, and those that your target audience will find relevant.

For instance, if your spa features a modern, fun, and chic feel, ensures your posts reflect the same. If your brand represents a classical feel, consider accompanying your posts with ideal photos to display the same. Remember, social medial is robust. Creating ideal content that focuses on your exclusive selling proposition, brand and personality help you develop a lasting brand.

Maintain an active profile on social media to connect with new potential customers and initiate them to your brand. Consider social media as a tool to inform your potential audience about your spa and the services you offer. Integrate compelling content with demonstration videos of your services and incorporate testimonials from satisfied customers. You may want to run interviews with leading personalities in the industry to enhance your personal brand and your business.

Create a Blog

Blogging is a strategy that many businesses are using today. Create a blog and post content on the blog regularly. This will not only develop your online authority, but it will also enhance your organic reach search results. An active blog will also give your visitors something to interact with when they visit your website.

Come up with interesting topics about your business and services that your potential customers will like. Consider guest posting as a strategy to promote your business and services on popular mediums. This can expose your business to numerous potential customers.

Consider Facebook as a Robust Communication Tool

Facebook gives you an ideal way of posting photos and sharing videos of your unique spa services. You could use the platform to run giveaways and contests to spread brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms with numerous members. This makes it the ideal platform to connect with potential customers. Here are some spa social media marketing tips you can incorporate on your Facebook spa platform.

·         Create Relevant Posts


Create posts that encourage your potential customers to air their opinion. Some of the questions you can ask include: what are your favorite spa services? Would you prefer a body treatment or a massage? These questions are designed to trigger conversations that many people on your Facebook page would want to discuss.

·         Consider Your Facebook Page a Mini Website

Many customers today are interested in getting comprehensive information about your business and services with minimal struggle. Make it easier for them by including all the relevant information on the platform. Make use of the various Facebook Tabs to illustrate the location of your spa. Include extensive videos, photos, and reviews.

·         Post Lots of Photos

Visual communication is a critical and powerful tool that you can use to propel your business to the next level. Your spa should leverage Facebook as a visual medium to demonstrate your services. Post photos of well-manicured nails, clients undergoing a pedicure process, or even happy clients after a massage. Great photos of your spa services can play a major role in helping you attract more referrals.

·         Offer Free Gifts and Exclusive Deals

People enjoy receiving gifts regardless of their financial value. Whether you give out a $75 spa gift card, or discounts during the holiday season, customers will appreciate the gesture. This could also encourage them to comment and share your page and help your business reach more audiences.

Encourage your potential customers to like your page by giving them a discount when they like and share your page. Offer special discounts for your fans on Facebook only. This will encourage more potential customers to like and share your page, and follow closely for exclusive deals.



Instagram is a popular platform that has managed to attract more than 200 million users in the last 4 years. The platform is one of the new entrants in the social media industry. A visual representation of your spa can demonstrate a wide variety of your services. You can create this with attractive and fun photos that complement your brand. Here is how you can use spa social media marketing on Instagram.

·         Leverage Geography

Use hashtags to indicate your location. This way, potential customers will have an easy time identifying your spa and services. For instance, if your spa is located in Yorkville district Toronto, include the hashtags #Yorkville and #Toronto in your captions. This way, people who need spa related services will identify your spa business with ease.

·         Follow the Trend

Take advantage of the trending hashtags to attract more users on your Instagram spa profile. This will also encourage them to find out more about your spa and services. For instance, use holiday-related hashtags such as #merrychristmas to gain more views and showcase holiday-themed spa services.

·         Leverage the Power of Before and After Pictures

There are numerous ways of demonstrating customer testimonials and reviews. When it comes to social media, photos are more powerful than text posts. Leverage Instagram to showcase what your potential customers can expect in your spa. Use of before and after pictures is an ideal way of demonstrating transformation. Further, it can go a long way in attracting new customers.

·         Post Promotions on Your Instagram Page

Include promotional photos on your Instagram page. This way, your customers will know the products they can expect at your spa in advance. A great example of this would be offering 40% off all holiday-related manicure and pedicure treatments.

This will; let your customer know that the promotion exists, or remind them that the promotion is still running. Customize the promotion for Instagram users. Do so by letting them know that they need to present the photo at the spa to redeem the discounts.

·         Create Interesting Posts

A big percentage of Instagram users are young and trendy and love interesting content. You can utilize the services of one of your young staff to come up with fun and exciting captions for your spa photos. Create some fun photos alongside your service posts to reach and engage with a wide range of clientele. Come up with specific photos and quotes that best define your brand. This will enable your existing and potential customers to identify with your services better.

Organize Exclusive Contests on Your Instagram Page

One good feature of Instagram is that you can take advantage of user-generated content to hold contests. You can ask your followers to; post photos of their latest manicure or pedicure treatment using a specific hashtag. This way, they could stand a chance to enter into a draw to win the next free manicure in your spa.

Such contests keep your followers and potential customers engaged. They also encourage them to participate by simply posting a photo under a particular hashtag. A contest is a great way of attracting more followers to your Instagram page.

·         Give Incentives to Encourage Word of Mouth

Encourage your customers to upload photos of the services they enjoyed in your spa. This could be a manicure, pedicure, or results from a facial treatment. Give incentives while at it. For instance; Have you receives a manicure, pedicure, or facial treatment from our spa that you can’t get enough of?

Upload it on your Instagram page through the hashtag #**** and get 20% off on your next visit. Remember, word of mouth and trust are essential factors when it comes to the spa business. Having your followers share pictures on their Instagram pages is a critical way of enhancing your brand awareness.



Twitter provides users with a paid ad structure. However, it’s worth noting that Twitter is not as visual as the aforementioned platforms. You may first want to become more conversant with the platform before adopting it for your spa.

One good thing about Twitter is that it’s quite interactive and many small spa businesses utilize it to communicate directly with their existing and potential customers. While you may want to utilize Twitter, it’s important to first have an active Instagram and Facebook platform where you can redirect content to widen your reach.


Adopting these spa social media marketing tips will help you attract more new customers. Engage with your customers to develop a trustworthy relationship. This way, your spa will become more productive and profitable.

How to take on the impossible w/ Travis Steffen

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Travis comes from a competitive background as a professional MMA fighter and poker player. We dive back into those stories and it really brings clarity to his business strategies and perspectives on life. (taking on the impossible)

He has a fantastic track record of starting and selling businesses (already selling 5 businesses). Reason being is his true passion for building businesses and leaving an impact on the world. A true impact on how things are built. Travis has a unique look at embracing his goals / character and leaving a legacy.

You can see the discipline and choices Travis has in his life that are propelling him toward his goals.

Travis’s call to action is for a new company he is launching is a education and learning platform – http://mentormojo.com/

About Travis:

One part total meat head, one part total tech nerd. Travis has exited 5 companies in the last 4 years, and is currently scaling a few others.

His current main project is called UP, where users get points for sharing their favorite content online. The more their friends interact with what they share, the more points they get – and they can cash in those points for cool stuff in our store. And it’s free!

He has an obsession with productivity, progress, lean methodologies and efficiency systems.

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Using affiliate marketing to craft a lifestyle w/ John Cawrse

John Cawrse is the co-owner of Salt Revolution, an online company selling high quality salt that started with about 95% of their sales using affiliate marketing. The reason that number is so high is because John Cawrse knows his business; affiliate marketing, building relationships, and how to bring in the best types of partner traffic. The traffic comes at a revenue share, but it’s essentially free traffic.  This is a great way to start an online business at a time when that entity is likely cash starved for expenses like media buying, and advertising.

We dive into John’s story of how he got started with affiliate marketing. Working for Yanik Silvers and making his way up the organization until he felt comfortable enough to launch his own ventures. John lays out an easy blue print anyone can use. He was a school teacher, stay at home father, found a mentor, learned the ropes until he knew enough to successfully launch his own business. He tells us how he did it, and it’s a way that could really be repeated by anyone that wanted to take the same route.

John talks about the basics of the software needed (later in the interview we run through different systems and even a quick rant on click bank) and the ongoing communication that’s needed for effective affiliate deals.

If you’ve ever wondered how to interact with potential affiliates or large joint ventures, John goes through what he does and on the flip side what affiliates are looking for. Really the core of what you need to focus on. Fantastic products and great relationships.

John also discusses what he sees as some of the biggest opportunities for the affiliate market right now.

Here’s the process that I see that John uses – find mentor, chase mentor, get job, learn what you need, get intros and make connections, then start your own business. In my opinion it’s pretty damn good blue print to follow…

Direct Response Mail Marketing w/ Carl Mattiola

Carl’s doing what he loves.

He’s passionate about helping physical therapist better manage and market their businesses. He’s on the forefront of management with his software, clinic metrics, helping physical therapists to know their business vitals and crush their goals. He’s also running direct response marketing campaigns that can church out 20% increases in a month. Proven by the research and results they’ve been doing.

Carl dives into the tactics and specific numbers they’re achieving to see calculated growth.

What Carl Recommends to do starting today

  • Get your patient list together
  • Got to free newsletter course
  • Get your newsletter written and sent out
  • Split test and start to experiment with different letters.

4 key metrics For Physical Therapists

  1. Cost per patient
  2. Revenue per patient / broken down by payer / insurance type
  3. Total new patients broken down by campaign and referral source
  4. Lifetime Value of Patient

Carl worked at quite a few software startups in the San Francisco area. Most recently he worked at Tesla designing the way that they sold cars online… which he recently quit to work with physical therapists full time. He’s discovered his passion and making sure his life is completely in line with that.

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Smart marketing for Amazon products with leading podcaster Ezra Firestone

Ezra is a fantastic online marketer and really a master in a variety of topics. From Amazon to podcasting he has great stories and examples to share.

We talk about some of the projects he’s working on and the specific strategies and tactics that are working for him.

Some of what is covered:

  • Great strategies for selling on Amazon.
  • How to run advertising to Amazon the smart way
  • Getting reviews for podcasts.
  • Expectations for podcasts.
  • How he treats different types of direct response marketing.

People buy stuff to get away from pain or get pleasure

If you’re interested in podcasting, physical products, traffic, advertising Ezra really covers it all and brings it all together in an understandable way.

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How To Get Testimonials

How to get testimonials is a process that required paying attention to quite a lot of details. In a very short definition, a testimonial can be described as a recorded or a written statement in favor of your level of expertise, reputation and credibility. When making a purchasing decision, people are mostly influenced by the opinion of other buyers as they are. This is why a testimonial can be extremely powerful: because it speaks about the purchasing experience of others. Think of your own shopping habits and what convinces you the most: a good commercial or the opinion of someone who already purchased and use that product/service?

Testimonials need to come from your best customers.

Your best customers are the one who have a story to tell. You must have shifted something in their lives since they have acquired your product or turned to your services. Testimonials contribute to a lot of things: like raising brand awareness and building business credibility.

As you are building the sales message of your webpage, brochure, flyers, blog or wherever this message will be posted, it is important to know that you need to disarm the customers pre-conceptions about that purchase. Testimonials are a mean to help you achieve just that: disarm concerns.  When you start gathering testimonials from your previous customers, keep the following questions in mind:

  1. What has changed since they started using your product?
  2. How would you describe the product in one simple word/phrase?
  3. Would you buy it again and why (if applicable)?
  4. What specific results did you get from using this product (if they could provide numbers, that would be even more convincing to the reader)?
  5. Would you recommend this product to your friends?

When putting all this information together, there is one important step that most people skip as they are looking to build credibility. If you post a testimonial without mentioning the client’s name and posting a picture or them, the quote loses credibility. Being able to attach a name and a face to the testimonial is exact proof that you didn’t come up with those words by yourself.

A controversial aspect with these testimonials has always been whether to correct them or not. If a person makes a typo or some other mistake when writing/verbally giving you the testimonial, should you change it to its correct form? Some experts advise you to leave it just the way it is because it is a proof of authenticity. Everyone knows that people can make mistakes from time to time and a small error is proof that there is a real person behind those words.

Another very interesting and attractive testimonial is the video.

Assuming you use these testimonials on your website and not your printed materials, video proofs are interactive and even more convincing. Why? Because the viewers gets to hear the tone of voice of the person sharing the experience. Because they get to see the mimic and gestures and will find it easier to see that the person making the statement is authentic and not someone you’ve bought to stay some nice words.

Do you have any more thoughts on how to get testimonials? Don’t be shy – leave us a comment and  let us hear your point of view!

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Ineffective Internet Marketing Strategies

21322253671_local-business-marketing.jpgYou’ve likely read dozens of articles on why you should use certain Internet marketing strategies. The good news is many of them seem to have potential so you begin the art of Internet marketing.

However, this article is intended to point out those Internet marketing strategies that just don’t work. I know what you’re thinking – you’re wondering if you might be on the wrong track and perhaps you’ve been wasting your time. Hopefully this article will help clear things up for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Here is a strategy that just doesn’t work (if you don’t use it). Far too often online, business owners work hard to develop an SEO strategy that encompasses Meta title information as well as keyword rich content only to abandon the idea at some point. SEO WILL NOT WORK if you don’t keep at it.

Calendar of Events – This strategy is also problematic – especially if you list events that were outdated more than a year ago.

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SMS Marketing the New Age Marketing Strategy

In these days there is a mobile in every pocket. And with the number of mobile users is growing each day. Therefore along with that has grown the practice of mobile marketing. SMS Marketing Strategy – The Best Communication Tactic

In the modern age people doesn’t have much time to wait for a long time to listen or to read the various offers and special offers from different business organizations. They don’t have even much time to talk if it doesn’t seem to them to be much important. Therefore for the various business companies it has become a very difficult task to communicate with their probable customers. The Marketing Strategies With Bulk SMS and Bluetooth Hotspot

The mobile marketing is the most favored marketing strategy and with the help of bulk SMS facility and Bluetooth hotspot it has gained new heights. With the advent of latest technologies there came various new methods of marketing strategies. FTTH: Reggefiber’s open access strategy Market Research Report

The cooperation of municipalities will remain important to Reggefiber, both in facilitating deployment and helping to finance it, particularly in less dense areas.Usually a calendar of events page starts out with great intentions, but gets lost in the shuffle at some point. If no one updates the calendar and you’re not hearing from customers it’s quite possible your customers are going elsewhere because the site feels very old somehow. If you are unable to keep up with changing time sensitive information it might be in your best interest to remove it from your site altogether.

Site Design – As a business owner you have the right to fine-tune your website as often as you need to. Right? Well your site design tells your customer a lot about you. If the site looks like it’s been thrown together it tells the customer to move along. So, Site Design is a strategy that doesn’t work if you don’t ultimately care about putting your best face forward.

Glitz & Glam – Many site designers are being deluged with requests for upscale Flash design that may include graphic and animation combinations with a twist of audio thrown in for fun.
You might want to ask yourself if the primary target for your site care about content – or a few bells and whistles. If the add-ons don’t contribute to the effectiveness of your website in reaching customers it may also be a strategy that is just not useful.

Some Internet marketing strategies don’t work because you haven’t given them enough time to make an impact. Other Internet marketing strategies may not work with the target audience you are attempting to reach. Finally, there are marketing strategies that don’t work because they require consistent upkeep. Learn to tell the difference and your marketing strategies will improve.

Marketing Strategies

01322254427_marketing-strategy-win-new-clients.jpgMarketing strategy is seen as helpful mean of companies or organizations to concentrate on finishing resource usage in order to enhance sales as well as over rivals. Therefore, each company uses different marketing strategies to achieve objectives such as keeping present customers, drawing the attention of potential customers and strengthening their name in the market.
If you want to set up a marketing plan, considering the marketing strategy is the first of what you need to do. The marketing plan includes many steps with different strategies at the different level. You will meet the needs and gain the marketing goal.Forecasting results is very essential because when a particular strategy is chosen at a particular level, its outcome becomes the goal of that particular level. A sensible marketing strategy will make easy to achieve both marketing goal and sequent action of campaign.
The marketing decision should be analyzed at different point of time with the assist of strategic models particularly 3C’s model.

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Effective Marketing Strategies – ZeroFriction

One of the key effective marketing strategies, are “Follow-ups”, Consistency is the factor in helping others get what they want and in turn you get what you need further up the road. I have found that when you continually follow-up with individuals you get great results. What Are the Various Internet Marketing Strategies?

Today, Internet is recognised as the biggest platform that is used to promote distinct services and numerous quality products. It benefits both the parties namely seller and the buyer by getting them a genuine and fulfilling deal. Social Media Marketing Strategies – Focus on Content

Social media marketing using technologies like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace is the ‘hot’ trend everyone is talking (or should I say Tweeting?) about. Just like any marketing trend, a few organizations are doing a great job using these technologies, and many others are struggling to get it right. The reason they’re failing is simple: valuable content is the marketing “cake,” and social applications are just the icing on it. Mobile Marketing Strategies

You need mobile marketing now if you are a marketer and an advertiser. New mobile marketing strategies that work. Why cell phone marketing in the first place? How many mobile phone users there are in the world right now? Don’t know!Ansoff is used when the firm wants to calculate its strategic position while the 3C’s model decides factors including the corporation, the customer and the competitors, which create the success of marketing plan.
The association of corporation, the customer and competitor can affect the success of a company. The corporation helps increase the strength of the company; the customer builds up the foundation of strategy; the competitor is also a necessary role. The competitor-based strategies are based on the functioning of business competitors like design and engineering, sales and servicing, and purchasing.
Mix strategy is the combination of some especial strategies.
To know if plan is sticking to the strategies or not, you can use the 4P’s model which means product, price, place and promotion. Products are goods produced by the company on a huge scale for the purpose of selling them and earning profit. Price is the money the customer paid for a product, which depends on various factors such as competition, market share, customer perception and product identity. Place where the product is sold can be physical store or store on the Internet that knows as distribution channel. Promotion is what associate with advertising, public relation and point of sale to make customer understand product.
Basing on some criteria, marketing strategies is divided into different types. For example, market dominance strategies consist of Challenger, Leader and Follower, which are useful to dominate the market. Other example is that porter generic strategies include Cost leadership, Market segmentation and Product differentiation, which enhance strategic strength or competing abilities and strategic scope or market penetration. Close followers, late follower and Pioneers are types of innovation strategies that arrange the rate of product development and model innovation aiming at incorporate latest technologies. Intensification, Diversification, Vertical integration and Horizontal integration are types of growth strategies which facilitate the growth of the organization. Marketing warfare strategies are conjunction of marketing strategies and military strategies.Only after researching market, the firm chooses a marketing strategy or combination of various strategies. An experienced marketer is the person who always is ready to face what suddenly happen or change in the middle of strategy and is able to perform another market research so as to choose the proper strategy in a short period of time.

About Website Marketing Strategies

11322253671_markeing-strategies-ma-nh-me-ct-ri.jpgIf you have a website or your company has a website then you need some website marketing strategies in order to generate traffic, sales, and brand exposure. Depending on what your specific goals are for the website will help to determine what your marketing strategy is. For example, say that you are already getting considerable amounts of traffic to your website and you want to increase sales. In this case, you might redesign the landing page and do some split testing to see which layout leads to more conversions and sales.
Or, say you are not so much trying to make sales with your website, but instead want to build a stronger relationship with the dedicated customers who were willing to check out your website. You could create a form in which they enter their email address in order to receive a newsletter of some sort. Of course then you have to put out a monthly or quarterly newsletter that is packed with value and actually benefits the customer in some way.
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Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is seen as helpful mean of companies or organizations to concentrate on finishing resource usage in order to enhance sales as well as over rivals. Therefore, each company uses different marketing strategies to achieve objectives such as keeping present customers, drawing the attention of potential customers and strengthening their name in the market. Website Marketing Strategy

Put simply, your website marketing strategy is a set of decisions that you make about how you are going to market your website and achieve your longer term business objectives. If you are to have any chance of success, the purpose of your website and related business objectives must be crystal clear. The only measures of success or key performance indicators (KPI) that meaningfully apply to your website marketing strategy are those relating to how well it is helping you to achieve those objectives. This article offers advice relating to the decisions you have to make and the knowledge you have to acquire to develop and oversee the successful implementation of your website marketing strategy. About Your Website Marketing Strategy

Any company or person that owns a website might try to improve their website or promote it in order to reach certain marketing goals. Do to this they will need an overall strategy on how to meet these goals. Mobile Marketing Strategies

You need mobile marketing now if you are a marketer and an advertiser. New mobile marketing strategies that work. Why cell phone marketing in the first place? How many mobile phone users there are in the world right now? Don’t know!If you just send them promotional messages then they are not likely to tell their friends about the newsletter and the idea will not spread very well.
Another website marketing strategy is to optimize your website for search engines so that you receive a long term boost in traffic. This is a good strategy because the traffic is pretty much “free” and it also tends to be a very high quality source of traffic too. If you are in business for the long haul then you should build up a substantial website and attempt to build a solid base of search engine traffic in this manner.