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How to Create Professional Google Business Cards (Google Docs)?

A business card says a lot about your business in terms of branding and as a physical call to action. That said, it’s very common to come across a business card that just doesn’t look right or plain ugly. Most people prefer to have a personal touch to their business card. Luckily Google docs can be used to design professional Google business cards.

If you are not comfortable with professional design tools like Illustrators and InDesign, Google Docs is just good enough for print-worthy business card designs. What’s more, you don’t even need to have any design skills as there are plenty of business card templates out there to customize and send to print.

This easy google business card shows how to:

  • Design a business card from scratch on Google Docs
  • What a professional business card should have/look like- design tips
  • Download or copy ready-made business templates and customize them on Google Docs
  • Use Microsoft word business card templates on Google docs
  • Send your designs to a printer

What A Professional Business Card Should Have/Look Like- Design Tips

While designing a business card is easy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to make a professional-looking, print-worthy business card. Here are some of them:

1.    Maintain your brand colors and Logo- Consistency

It’s important to carry your standard brand colors and logos to your business cards. Some people make the mistake of creating a new design or using colors from a template. A business card’s primary role is advertising your brand and make it more recognizable. Using different colors and a black and white logo is counter-intuitive.

2.    Keep it as simple as you can

Don’t be tempted into overdesigning your business card; after all, it’s still a credit card-sized piece of paper that can get binned. Instead, focus on two things; highlighting your brand and contact information. Avoid templates with busy patterns or designs that don’t have much significance to your brand. 

3.    Choose the right style for your business

Are you an individual consultant, life coach or wall-street type corporate entity? Your business type should be reflected on your business card. There are many designs approaches you can take to a business card that works for what you do. For instance, those in the entertainment business can go for vibrant colors and designs that are in their brand palette.

Design A Business Card from Scratch on Google Docs

You can use Google docs to design your business card from scratch by following these steps

Step 1- Launch Google docs on Chrome and create a blank document to start designing

Step 2- choosing the correct page size

A blank file on Google Docs creates a default page size normally US letter size that is 8.5×11 Inches. You’ll need to first change it to a correct size appropriate for a business card so it can print correctly.

On the top left corner, click on File and then “Page setup” near the bottom. Here, you can choose the correct page size depending on the size of the business card you need. You can either select a large portrait size and fit both sides of the business card on one page stacked or any other size and fit them as you need. You can also choose the background color from here.

The size of the page you choose depends on your printer’s specifications and size of your cards. Alternatively, you can get an addon called PageSizer and configure custom page sizes for your business card. The standard business card size in North America is 3.5 × 2 in and 3.346 × 2.165 in Europe.

Step 3 designing your business card in google docs

There are numerous tools on Google docs you can use to design your business. Start by uploading your company logo by clicking on the upload image icon on the menu bar and choosing upload from my computer. Choose a logo with a transparent background and preferably png format and resize and position it on your page.

Step4-Adding text and other elements

The next step is to add you text which may include your contact information, names and other details. Use the alignment tools or rectangle shapes to place your text precisely where you want to be on the business card.

There are many other elements you can use to design your business card on Google Docs. However, remember to keep it simple and adhere to the branding theme for your brand. For instance, you can insert different lines and shapes through the drawing interface. Click on insert on the menu then drawing and new to access the drawing interface on Google Docs.


Step 5-Saving your Business card for print

The last step when you are done with your design is to download it and send it to a printer. To do this just click on File then download and choose download as pdf. You can then decide where you want to save the finished business card and later email it to a printer. Alternatively, you can choose to share the design with your printer directly from Google Docs.

Customize Ready Templates on Google Docs

If you don’t have time or would prefer starting from a template, you can get professional templates and use them to design your website. Some of the sites where you can download business card templates include:

Many pixels- They have great free business card templates specifically made for Google docs. You can download them or copy them to you Google dive account and edit.

Businesscard.designcrowd.com/- Lots of free and premium business card design templates for Google

Envato- A casual search on Envato will yield lots of free and paid for business card templates that can be edited on Google docs.

Use Microsoft Word Business Card Templates on Google Docs

Since Google Docs doesn’t come with business card templates, you can use the numerous templates available for Microsoft Word. Just search for design template you like, download or save it and then upload it to Google drive. From there, you can click and open it with Google docs to start editing.

All in all, Google Docs can be a powerful light business tool if you take the time to understand how it works and how to get the best out of it. You’ll be surprised how much quality you can get from the tool, primarily made for word processing.

How to Verify Google My Business – Short and Easy Guide (2020)

Google My Business is perhaps, one of the best free online marketing and review platforms of our time. Research shows that local google search is the number one online income-generating and new customer acquisition factor for most businesses today. It, therefore, goes without saying that a verified and optimized Google My Business profile is a big competitive advantage for your business.

Creating your Gmb page is relatively easy, as you’ve probably seen from our Google My Business setup guides.  However, your page will remain unpublished until you verify it as required by Google. How then should business owners approach the verification process and get their Google My Business account published?

This guide shows an easy and foolproof way to go about the Gmb verification process using the verification methods allowed by Google. You will learn how to:

  • Set up Your Gmb Profile properly, So You don’t hit a snag when verifying
  • Verifying that you own an unclaimed Google My Business Listing
  • Editing wrong details before you ask for verification
  • Each Google My Business verification method
    • Verify now- instant verification
    • How to verify your GMB listing by mail
    • Verifying your Google business by email- if eligible
    • How to verify your Google My Business page by phone- if eligible
    • Verifying your location
    • Bulk verification for chain store owners

What Is Google My Business?

You might be wondering what Google My Business is and why you should even bother verifying your local business on Google. In brief, Google My Business is a free business listing service that also happens to be the biggest on the internet. Remember Yelp and Yahoo business reviews? Well, those are no longer the hottest or even relevant as compared to Google reviews on Google Businesses.

Having a free business listing on Google My Business means your business details will come up on local searches (local SEO), will be identified as a local business on Google maps and Google search and so much more. Every time a person does a search on the Google search console on a business category related to yours, they will see a snippet of your business details on Google SERPs and Google maps.

Verifying Google Business- Start from The Setup

To avoid trouble with verifying your Google My Business page, you should think ahead when you go through the verification process.  Make sure you put the correct business name, address, phone number, and business address during setup. This will make it easier for you when it comes to verification using any of the verification methods available.

However, you can also change the business address and phone number from the Google My Business dashboard before verifying should you make a mistake during setup. This will, of course, force you to skip the verification during setup, which is not ideal or recommended.

More importantly, ensure that your business address and phone number are correctly formatted as guided by Google during setup. Depending on the verification method you choose, wrongly formatted addresses and phone numbers will make it impossible to verify your business.

Verifying That You Own an Unclaimed Google My Business Listing

There are two ways you can use to get to the verification of a business on Google My Business. One of the methods involves claiming an already published business on Google by clicking on “Claim this business” on Google Maps or “Own this business?” on the correct Google profile snippet on Google search.

If your business is already published on Google either through a former employee or user-generated review data, then you will have to claim it and go about the setup process as if you were setting the page for the first time.  You will eventually get to a point where you will be asked to verify the business using any of the verification methods discussed here.

The second route you can use to get to the Google business page involves setting up a new business from scratch if it does not exist on Google search or Google My Business. You can do this by signing into your business Google account and visiting business.google.com. Follow our comprehensive guide on how to set up your local business on Google My Business page from scratch until you get to the verification page.

Verification Methods on Google My Business

Depending on the type of business you register on Google My Business, your physical location, and the business category, you will have one to four verification methods available to you. Some businesses will require verification by postcard, especially if they are a brick and mortar establishment. Others may be allowed to verify location details through email, phone call, or instantly using a 5-digit-verification code.

All these options are automatically generated by the Google My Business verification system and enabled on the page. For instance, you may only have verification by postcard enabled for your business when you try to verify. Don’t’ worry; it’s not a hitch as Google has already established what they need to verify that you are the owner of the said business, have a legitimate physical/postal address and can get a hold of the postcard with the verification code when they mail it to you.

Here are the main verification methods you can use to verify your business on Google:

Verify Now- Instant Verification

The first and perhaps, the easiest and most convenient verification method is instant verification. This verification method is only available to a particular type of business and for only those business owners who have verified their business website on Google Search console. If you sign in to Google business with the same business email you used for the website verification, you may have the instant verification method enabled automatically at the end.

What is Google Search Console, and how do you verify your business website?

Formally known as Google Webmaster tools, Google search console is a tool used to verify business websites and manage key search and ranking-related aspects on Google. While it is not a requirement to verify or register your business website on Google search console to rank, it’s recommended.  According to Google, registering your business on the Google search console helps you fix issues that might affect your search rankings, indexing, showing your backlinks, and improve your site’s responsivity on mobile devices.

If you have verified your website on Google search console, just follow these three simple steps to verify your Google My Business listing instantly:

Step One

Sign in to your Google account with the same email address you used to verify your website on Google search console.

Step two

Visit business.google.com and follow the setup process for Google My Business if it’s a new listing. You can also search for your GMB listing on Google maps and claim it.

Step 3

Once you get to the verification stage, Google My Business will allow you to verify your business instantly without any extra steps. This is mostly available for businesses operating online with no physical location or those who don’t have customers visit their premises at all.

How to Verify Your GMB Listing by Mail- Postcard

The second, and perhaps most used verification method for local business is the postcard or verification by mail. This is where Google mails a unique verification postcard to your address containing a 5-digit verification code. You will then use this code to verify your Google business listing and have it published.

Add the contact name and click post to request for the verification postcard to be mailed to your address.

There are two ways you can verify your GMB listing by mail. Enter your mailing address at the end of the setup process and request for the postcard or skip and add the mailing address later on the Google My Business console, as shown above.  Ensure that you enter a correctly formatted physical address at this stage otherwise, you won’t be able to verify your business on Google

On the dashboard, you will see a notification at the center or above, saying that you need to verify your business. If you have received the verification postcard, click on the “enter verification code” link, and you will be sent to a page where you can verify your business. Verification postcards typically take three days to two weeks maximum to be delivered depending on the distance between you and the nearest Google offices.

On the dashboard, you will see the above notification asking you to verify your business through the postcard sent your address. Should you have, by chance, or error entered the wrong mailing address, please click on the link labelled “I don’t have a code” to request a new postcard with the correct address. Don’t worry; the folks at Google wouldn’t mind mailing a new postcard with the 5-digit verification card to the new address.

If you have received the postcard, look for a 5-digit verification code printed in bold. Enter the code in the textbox below the address, as shown above, and click on verify. If the code matches the business account, your Google My Business page will be verified and published on Google for free! Now you can go ahead and start optimizing it for rankings and reputation by creating posts, responding to reviews, requesting for reviews, and so much more.

Note: If on the Google dashboard, you have more than business, you’ll need first to choose the correct location you want to verify.

Verify with a Postcard on Mobile

In addition to the desktop dashboard, Google My Business also comes with a dedicated Google Business app. You can still use the app to verify your business following these steps:

Step 1- Launch the Google My Business app

Step 2- Tap on the Send postcard button on the app home screen or in the menu.

Step 3– If you have registered more than one business, you need to choose the one you want to verify.

Step 4– Wait for the postcard to arrive and use the app to verify your business by going to the business and entering the 5-digit verification code.

Verifying multiple businesses individually can be cumbersome. You should instead use Google’ bulk verification method discussed later.

Verifying Your Google Business by Email- If Eligible

You can verify your business on email if it’s an online business, and you don’t have a physical address or physical service area. However, it depends if Google sees it’s enough to verify your business through email. If you can see the email verification method on the last page of the setup, follow this procedure to verify your Google business quickly:

Step 1– Choose to verify by email if you are on the last page of the setup process or visit the Google My Business dashboard and click verify.

Step 2– Wait for an email to be sent to your mailbox- The one you used to register your business on Google My Business.

Step 3– If you receive the verification email, just click on the verification link to verify your business. If your mailbox does not support live links, look for a verification code in the email you received and enter it on the dashboard to verify your business.

Verifying Your Google Business by Email on Mobile

You can also verify your business through email using Google My Business mobile app with the following 4-step process:

  1. Launch the Google My Business app and tap on “send email” on the app home screen.
  2. Google will use the email address you used to register your business to send a verification email.
  3. Find the verification email and use the 5-digit code to verify your business by tapping on “enter code” and submitting on the app.

Verifying Your Business by Phone

For some business types, Google My Business may allow you to verify by phone call. If this option is available to you at the verification page, follow this procedure to verify your small business.

Open the dashboard and click on verify now (be sure to select the right business to verify if you have multiple businesses linked to your dashboard).

Choose Verify by phone, and a verification code will be sent to your phone via SMS. Use that code to verify your small business.

Verifying Your Business by Phone on The App

It’s easier and faster to verify your business if you have the Google My Business app. Just launch the app on your phone, tap on the “call me now” button, and you will receive an SMS or automated call to verify your business.

Bulk Verification for Chain Store Owners

This last verification method is only available to account holders with more than ten stores registered on Google My Business. You’ll need to request for bulk verification by filling out a bulk verification request form on the dashboard and sending it to Google for review. You can access the form by going to “get verified” then chain on the dashboard. From there, you will fill out details such as business name, account manager emails, and submit.

You will then need to upload a spreadsheet with information about your businesses as per the guidelines set out by Google.

Verifying and managing multiple accounts can be time-consuming if you have other marketing projects to worry about. If you find that you are struggling with Google My Business optimization, verification, and reviews, you may want to consider using our GMB automation software. The software helps business owners to remove the manual work and stress out of Google My Business management and optimization for success in GMB marketing.

Claim My Business on Google My Business

You may only know Google for its dominance in search and online advertising business. However, Google has, in recent years, become one of the best, if not the best, business listing and discovery platform on the internet. This is thanks to its hugely popular Google My Business platform used by millions of businesses for online presence and an even larger number of customers around the world.

Why Should I Claim My Business on Google?

One would ask, is Google My Business worth it? Why should I claim my business listing on Google at all?

There is every reason to claim your Google My Business listing given the impact the platform has on business visibility, online presence and your online reputation, more so if you are a small business.  Here are some of the most exciting things happening in Google My Business that you could be missing out on:

  • According to recent Google search insights, over 56% of on the go searches have local intent. This means that search traffic is shifting towards local businesses. What’s more, each of these local searches leads potential customers to GMB listings on Google Maps or displayed as a rich snippet on the SERPs.
  • Google My Business is the number business review platform followed by Facebook on social media. The two have excelled so much in recent years that they have topple Yelp and other established review websites. What this means for small businesses is that they should be looking at GMB for valuable feedback, visibility, reputation management and free customer acquisition- Google My Business is free.
  • Over 50% of users on mobile will visit or contact a business they found through local search. This is according to Google search insights published on Search Engine Watch. With a majority of searches coming from mobile platforms( over 88% of searches), you could be missing out on a big chunk of your future customers if you don’t have a business listing on Google My Business.

Interestingly, some of the search keywords growing in popularity include specific GMB business information items like “operating hours”, “business name near me”, business location, storefront, service area, among other terms that could lead potential customers to your profile.

Claiming Your Business on Google

There are a number of approaches you can take if you want to claim your Google My Business listing as outline by Google. This guide shows you know how to:

  • See if your business is already registered on Google My Business
  • Claim your business if already exists on GMB
  • Claim your business listing if it has been registered by someone else
  • How to claim your GMB listing directly from Google
  • How to claim your listing from a third party
  • Automating your Google My Business pages for optimal results and higher rankings

Check If Your Business Is on Google My Business

To find out if your business is already listed on Google My Business, you need to use Google and do a simple search to see what comes up. Use the following search terms on Google: Go to https://www.google.com

  • Business name- use only the name of your business and nothing else
  • Business category plus business address- For example, “beauty salon, Wichita falls
  • Business name plus your business address
  • Business phone number plus business name

If you use Google(https://www.google.com), the first three search terms will return the best results and show a Google snippet on the right side of your search results if you are on a desktop or laptop browser. If you search on a mobile device, you will most likely get some Google Maps listing of the Business if already exists.

Search by business name plus address

Business category plus address- For example, “beauty salon, Wichita falls

How to Claim Your Business If It Already Exists on Google

You may find a Google listing for your Business even though you didn’t create it yourself or have ownership rights over its content. This can happen if a former employee created that business listing, it was generated by Google through customer-generated content or someone else registered the Business without your knowledge.

Luckily, Google is quite welcoming to a business owner who wants to take ownership of their Google My Business page even when they didn’t create it themselves. This provided you can provide information that proves you own the Business. Here is how to go about claiming your Business with a Google business account:

Step 1- see if it’s officially claimed someone else

First, you need to sign in to your Google profile before you try to claim a business on Google. This will also save you time later when Google asks you to fill in a form to verify your ownership request.

Assuming that you have followed the previous steps to find your business listing on the Google search console, open the correct business by clicking on the business name. You don’t have to do this if your business is displayed as a snippet on the right.

Now you need to check if the GMB page is officially claimed by someone else. Scroll down the business listing and look for a link labelled “Own this Business?” and click on it as shown below.

If your business has been claimed by another person, you will see the following page from which you can request ownership or choose claim this business.

Step 2- request access to the GMB business profile

If you are the business owner but see that the business profile has been claimed by someone else, you need to request access or choose claim this business by clicking on the button at the end of the page above. This will allow you to fill a form requesting ownership of the page from the current business account owner through Google. Fill out the form and submit it.

Make sure you choose the correct level of access to have full access to the business dashboard. If you are the owner, you should choose the second option labelled ownership on the first question and the first option for the second question.

What happens after submitting an ownership request?

When you submit a request to own an already claimed page, Google will get in touch with the current account owner. They will have to approve or deny your request within a set period (mostly 3 to 7 business days) otherwise you will be given access to the page after the verification process is completed.

Should they grant permission, you will be contacted through your Gmail address and given a link to access and verify that you are the owner of the Business. Google might require that you provide a physical location or address to which they will mail a verification token to complete the claim and verification process. When this is all done, you can go ahead and start optimizing your page, running digital marketing campaigns and improving your local SEO as an area business.

If the current owner rejects your request, you have two options: launch and appeal to Google and prove that you are the legitimate owner or request edits from the current owner. However, it’s advisable to claim full access to your Google My Business page as it can make or break your business online.

Claiming an Unclaimed Google My Business Page

If your Google My Business page is user-generated for google reviews or not registered at all, the process is relatively easier and quicker to complete. By clicking on the “Own this Business?” link, you will be redirected to a page where you will provide additional information and shown how to verify your account using a verification code.

If the business is not registered at all, then go ahead and claim it by visiting business.google.com and registering your Business on Google My Business!

From there, you will get access to a free Google My Business dashboard to manage all aspects of your listing such as reviews, descriptions, opening and closing hours, products, posts, offers and so much more.

Claiming Multiple Businesses on Google My Business

If you are trying to claim multiple Businesses or storefronts,  (say you operate a franchise or chain of businesses), Google does have a bulk claim feature for this. You’ll need to create a spreadsheet with location information according to Google guidelines and request access for any storefronts that may have been claimed by someone else in the verification process.

Automating Your Google My Business Pages

Managing your Google My Business pages for optimal results and higher rankings can be challenging. If you struggle with claiming your business profiles on Google, managing negative google reviews and ranking on local searches, then you should consider our automation software. The software can help you solve all these problems and many others to make sure you are getting maximum results in online sales or call from your GMB page.

How to Respond to Google Reviews: Positive and Negative (Guide)

Building an awesome Google My Business page is an important step towards boosting your local SEO and online visibility. However, an important but often mismanaged part of Google My business has to do with Google reviews.  Responding to both negative and positive reviews can be the difference between raking in thousands in online conversions to falling flat on your face as a result of negative reviews.

How can a business owner with a Google My business Profile use the reviews to their advantage? What happens when a negative review is posted on your page? To help you make the most out of your Google My Business Page, this guide is specifically created to help you respond to Google Reviews the right way.

Some of the topics covered in this guide include but are not limited to:

  • What are Google Reviews?
  • How do Google Reviews Work?
  • What are the Benefits of Google Reviews?
  • Do reviews affect search engine rankings?
  • Responding to Google Reviews
    • Should I respond to Google Reviews?
    • How do you reply to online reviews?
    • Why and how to respond to bad reviews
    • When and how to remove a bad Google Review
    • Why You should respond to positive reviews
    • How to respond to a good business review
  • Automating Google reviews with reputation management software

What are Google Reviews?

Every time a potential customer searches for a local business or anything related to your line of business, say “local dance club”, they will most likely land on your Google My Business page. It’s great that they can see your business on Google, but it also means that they can see what your previous or current customers are saying about you and their relevant customer experience.

Google My Business has taken over from review sites like Yelp and become the gold standard when it comes to business reviews.

  • Google is the leading online business review site followed by Facebook
  • Google currently leads in search by a country mile
  • Google Maps is the leading navigation app used in mobile phones and infotainment systems across the world.
  • Google services are used on android devices that cumulatively take over 74% of global mobile devices.

Assuming that you have already set up your GMB on business.google.com, you are probably going to start receiving some reviews very soon, given the number of people who use Google search to find local businesses. Below is an example of a reasonably popular local business with tons of both negative and positive reviews on Google.

As you can see from the above screenshot, unhappy  customers and happy customers do take time to leave detailed reviews (including photos) on a business they have dealt with in the recent past.

How Do Google Reviews Work?

In recent years, Google has capitalized on its search and mobile market share to gain a foothold on the commercial end. Google My Business is just one of those core products that makes Google a viable commercial entity. They do spend plenty of resources to get local businesses to register on Google My businesses and to encourage customers to review those businesses. Those who have watched the 2013 movie Internship know how this is done in real life.

On the customer end, Google is very keen on using its locations services to encourage customers who’ve visited your business to live a review and rating. You’ve probably received notifications on your Google maps in the past, asking you to review a business you visited recently. This is how those reviews end up on your Google My Business page!

Responding to Google Reviews

While you cannot control who posts or what they post as a Google review on your business page, responding to each review- both bad and good reviews- is a proven way to manage your online reputation. Failure to respond to your negative feedback or at least automate with reputation software leaves your business exposed with no room to mitigate when your reputation takes a hit.

How do you go about responding to current, present, and future customer reviews on Google reviews? Are there guidelines or best practices on responding to Google reviews?

Here are some of the ways you can manage your online reputation on Google My Business through active response or automation!

Should I Respond to Google Reviews?

Recent studies into the performance of business pages on Google show that responding to unhappy customer reviews improves a business’s ratings. For instance, a very detailed analysis by Harvard Business Review found an apparent correlation between ratings and businesses actively responding to Google reviews. Even Google has a comprehensive guide on how businesses can use Google My Business app to respond to reviews and identify fake reviews.

So, yes, you should find a way of responding to each business review according to the following guidelines to boost your ratings, create a connection with your customers, and manage your online reputation. To make it even easier, you should come up with custom response templates for each review.

How Do You Reply to Online Reviews?

For Google My Business reviews, reviewing and responding to online reviews is relatively easy. You can either do it through the Google My Business app or the Google my business dashboard on a desktop browser. If you are signed in to Google with your business account, you can also reply to reviews directly in Google maps. Any response you give will appear below the original review labeled as coming from your business and visible to future customers.

The Process- How to Respond to Google Reviews on The Dashboard

  1. Sign in to Google my Business on business.google.com
  2. Google has recently updated the interface to make it cleaner and easier to manage, so you can just click on the reviews tab on the left pane. This will allow you to access reviews on your business page and start replying to each individually. Also, keep an eye on faker reviews and report them to Google for removal.
  3. If you happen to use the Google My Business app, you can set it to send a notification whenever a review is left, and you can go ahead and respond to it immediately. Alternatively, just fire up the app and tap the menu icon (three horizontal bars on the left- or the accordion) and choose “respond now” or reviews depending on the version of the app you are using.
  4. Use a custom response template to respond to negative reviews.

How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Responding or managing bad reviews enables you to build trust with future customers, get valuable negative customer feedback, or positive customer feedback and hopefully salvage a potentially bad situation for your business reputation.

To this end, these are the best practices when responding to bad reviews publicly.

  • Start with a respective greeting addressing the customer with their first name- Example “Hello Kevin.”
  • Apologize for the mistake or issue that led to that bad experience
  • Feel free to ask some questions if the issue they have described in the review is not clear.
  • You can offer to help them get it resolved or promise to make the necessary changes if it’s an issue with your business.
  • Thank them for their feedback and explain how it helps improve your business. Remember to sign with your name and position at the end!
  • Additionally, you can also ask the customer to give an updated review on the same if the issue they had was resolved.

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t do when responding to bad reviews

  • Avoid engaging a reviewer privately
  • Don’t be confrontational as it will be counterproductive and make it worse. You’d rather not respond to the review or report it to Google than confronting the customer through a public response.
  • Don’t respond with an account other than the Google account belonging to the business.

Positive Google Reviews

Why You Should Respond to Positive Reviews

It might seem counterproductive or unnecessary to respond to a positive review response on your Google My Business Profile. However, it is recommended that businesses take time to acknowledge good reviewers for numerous reasons. Responding to positive reviewers makes them feel valued and therefore increasing the chances of them becoming loyal customers. It also shows new or future customers that you really care about every customer and can, therefore, be trusted.

Here are some recommendations for responding to positive feedback on Google reviews

  • Start with a cheerful salutation/ greeting addressing them with their first name- example, “Hi Mike!”
  • Thank them for enjoying your services but do not mention the positive review response
  • Encourage them to come back again or share useful information that would be of help to them, such as:
    • Current or upcoming offers
    • Discounts
    • Store locations near them
    • Special offers reserved for loyal customers to improve their customer experience.
    • Sign off with your name and position in the company.

The secret to responding to positive reviews is being genuinely happy about a satisfied customer and not being grateful that they left a positive review. Therefore, don’t make it sound like you are giving them a thumbs up for a positive review.

Automating Google Reviews

Managing every review on Google can become a headache quickly if you receive many reviews or too busy with other marketing projects. If you find yourself losing track of your google reviews and failing to respond to negative google reviews and positive reviews, you may want to consider our reputation management software. Using our automated review management software will enable you to get more five-star reviews, manage or reduce negative google reviews, and stay on top of your online reputation.

3 Salon and Spa Promotion Ideas to Help Your Business Stand Out

How do you set your business apart from your competitors? You can do this by adopting a different approach of doing things. For instance, you can accompany each pedicure treatment with free essential oil foot massages.

Surpassing your customer’s expectations and delivering services exclusively leaves your customers satisfied and happy.

Further, your existing customers are highly likely to spread the word to their friends and family members.

In the end, your business will have a constant flow of loyal customers who believe in your brand.

What are some of the salon and spa promotion ideas you can adopt to set your business apart?

Let’s discuss them below.

1.     Visual Branding


While branding is critical, you need to ensure that the strategy you choose is a true reflection of what your salon offers.

You want to avoid a situation where your salon’s visual brand is contrary to the services you offer.

Take some time and assess your personality and evaluate your salon’s culture. Assume your salon was a human being. What would their temperament be?

What would their profession be? Would they be tense, artistic, calm, or friendly? Perhaps they would be extroverted and overly outgoing.

Remember, every business and the teams behind it have individual personalities which should be displayed in the salon’s visual branding.

·         Who Is Your Target Audience?

Before you can come up with robust salon and spa promotion ideas, it’s important to identify your target audience.

Rather than classify them depending on their age only, you want to be more extensive.

For instance, where possible you can begin by figuring out and understanding your ideal client’s personality.

What type of business or services would they like, dislike, or be attracted to?

Laying down your business personality and identifying your target audience helps you create an authentic, ideal, and real visual brand.

Remember, the image style, color palette, and logo you choose for your salon should be a clear reflection of your salon’s personality.

For instance, if the personality of your business is bubbly, exciting, modern, and fun choose bright colors.

These will bring out the personality exclusively. If your business is feminine yet elegant, opt for cream and dusty rose color scheme.

·         Image Style


Today, you can easily market your work on social media. However, you need to have a concrete strategy designed to increase your customer base.

For instance, when you choose to post images on Instagram, make sure they are themed towards a specific style.

Further, they should be designed to create a specific mood and feeling. Do this by using particular filters and colors in your images.

For instance, you can choose a bright filter to display an affectionate and lively personality.

Assuming you are looking to achieve a minimal albeit modern personality you can utilize a soft color filter.

Remember, all your business activities online should be consistent and branded.

Further, they should not only be significant, but they should be designed to attract the right clientele.

2.     Your website

Not many salon business owners prioritize a website. Did you, however, know that a website is a crucial part of your salon business?

Potential customers today peruse the business website in search of critical information before making a decision.

Your website should be well branded and exemplified with your business colors, theme, image style, and font.

This enables potential clients to get acquainted with your brand in a manner that they can recognize it from afar.

An appropriate website for your salon website comes with various benefits as seen below.

·         It gives you a Platform to Tell Your Story

You will need a platform that allows you to post images to display your work.

However, you will also want to share your salon’s story and demonstrate your culture.

You will want a way to convince potential customers to choose you over your competitors.

Customers enjoy business stories and are interested in learning more about your staff and yourself. With a proper website, you can deliver all these.

·         A Website Increases Your Chances of being Seen on Google

Many entrepreneurs today are yet to understand the importance of search engine optimization.

Did you know that having a website increases your chances of getting noticed on Google?

With a website, you can optimize it using keywords depending on what potential clients are searching for.

Having a salon business website makes it easier for other websites to link to yours.

What’s more, you can post your website link on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google my business.

This way, you increase the power of your SEO (search engine optimization) and boost your salon’s chances of being found on Google.

·         With a Website, Your Business becomes more legitimate

In today’s evolving digital world, a website is a must-have platform.

Without one, potential customers will question the legitimacy of your business.

It can also be a red flag especially currently where unscrupulous people are ready to scam unsuspecting people.

You need to be wary of businesses that have no websites.

·         Potential Customers can Get Practical Details Regarding Your Services from Your Website

We are living in a fast-paced era where people are busy chasing careers and education. People hardly have time to call in for bookings.

This is where having an appropriate website becomes ideal.

Ensure that your website is easy to navigate to allow users to place their bookings online.

3.     Social Media


Unlike in the past when social media was frowned upon regarding business, today it’s a major driving force.

Many businesses are leveraging social media to increase their reach, attract more potential customers, and demonstrate how their brand works.

Many beauty professionals and salons are already familiar with social media.

Still, many salon entrepreneurs are unable to decipher what they should do to get actual clients and succeed on social media.

Instagram and Facebook are some of the best platforms for salons, for different reasons.

For instance, Instagram is ideal for developing a robust brand and leveraging photography to display your salon’s personality.

The filters and colors you use can make a huge difference.

What’s more, Instagram is a good platform for exhibiting a portfolio of your business. Facebook, on the other hand, is ideal for video-based content.

If you are looking to enhance your engagement on Facebook, you may want to post more live videos.

·         Facebook Marketing

How can you leverage Facebook to boost growth?

A Facebook platform for your business gives your brand some sense of legitimacy.

As customers find details regarding your business, they will also head to your Facebook page for reviews.

As we mentioned above, Facebook is ideal for videos.

These give your viewers a sense of personality and culture and help them identify with your salon better.

The advantage of leveraging live videos is that you receive feedback instantly. Here are some Facebook live video ideas.

  • Give your viewers a tour of your salon at least once a week
  • Give product reviews
  • Engage some staff members in an interview
  • Produce informational videos to educate your clients
  • Give beauty tips, and
  • Make the experience lively and fun by posting some behind the scenes clips

Your audience will enjoy watching these videos, and potential customers will be convinced to scroll down your timeline.

Here, they will be delighted to see how welcoming, warm, and friendly your team is.

·         Instagram Marketing

How can you make the most out of Instagram to market your brand? First, understand that the platform is an operation in visual branding.

Your photos should also have a constant filter, color palette, and photography style.

These factors are critical when it comes to exemplifying your salon’s personality. Be creative when posting images.

You want to have a varied pattern such as:

  • Your salon design
  • Images of your clients
  • Images of your salon surroundings
  • Photos of your clients, and
  • Products that you use

Even with this variation, it’s important to ensure that your images are of high-quality. You can have them professionally taken to enhance their effectiveness.

Your photos should complement each other to create a consistent and branded appearance.

Remember, the more attractive your feed is the more followers and potential clients you will attract.

Instagram allows you to display images to your target audience within your locality by using hashtags.

Hashtags are critical tools that you can use to increase your reach. More people will discover your Instagram posts when you utilize hashtags.

Still, you need to tailor your hashtags to ensure you reach the right audience.

Maximize the use of hashtags especially those that are targeted for your locality. Remember, you can utilize approximately 30 hashtags per post.

For the best results, take time to research trending hashtags in your locality. These don’t have to be related to your salon operations.

Search local influencers, your target audience, and bloggers to see the hashtags they are using.

Create a list of hashtags that are relevant to your city and use them in your posts to increase your reach and boost engagement.


Giving your clients an exclusive experience whenever they visit your salon helps your business stand out among your competitors.

It also makes them feel valued and special. Treat your customers royally and you will win their trust.

Not only will they become return clients, but they will also refer you to their family members and friends.

Christmas Holiday Salon Marketing Ideas


Christmas is fast approaching. If you are a salon owner, it’s time to rethink your Christmas holiday salon marketing ideas. To scale your business and stay ahead of your competitors, your salon marketing goals for the Christmas holidays should be designed to:

  • Attract more customers
  • Increase sales during the Christmas holiday season
  • Increasing customer bookings for the slow months in the new year
  • Rewarding loyal customers and increasing retention
  • Increasing the average amount each customer spends during the holiday season
  • Boosting the reputation of your brand locally

Here are some easy to implement ideas to help you accomplish the aforementioned goals.

1.     Rethink Your Salon Marketing Process

You may not need a salon marketing refresher course to restructure your marketing process. However, you should take time to rethink the entire system. Have a projection for the Christmas holiday season. For instance, you could outline the number of clients you expect to serve within the 12 Days of Christmas period.

Research your competitors to establish what they are doing. Use your findings to devise a robust strategy that will convince clients to walk in your salon rather than head to your competitor.

·         Modern-day customers are Smart

Remember, customers today research first before choosing their preferred salon. Learn to think like your customers and find out what they are searching for. Use your findings to curate an irresistible package that will keep them coming back and referring their friends and family.

2.     12 Days of Christmas


One of the popular Christmas songs to date has to be the 12 Days of Christmas. Integrate the song with your marketing strategy in a creative manner. This can be an easy way of giving your customers a comprehensive list of all the services you offer.

Run a 12 Days of Christmas promotion with different offers for different services every day. Exercise caution with this concept, however. Remember, many people go on a Christmas break during this period.

You want to avoid a situation where you have many bookings and a limited workforce to handle the customers. This will not only result in poor customer experience, but you may end up damaging your reputation.

3.     Integrate Your Salon Decoration with Salon Offers for the Christmas Holiday

Christmas is synonymous with alluring decorations. Convert these into promotional offers. This is the ideal time to place an “early Christmas booking discount” offer.

Other promotional ideas include; book two manicure sessions and get the next one free, bring a friend and get 20% off your bill, or spend a specific amount of money and get a gift. Be creative with your offers and customize them depending on your customers’ needs.

4.     Encourage Your Customers to Sign up to Receive Your Newsletter

Email remains an effective medium of communication between businesses and customers. Encourage your customers to sign up and register to receive your newsletter from time to time.

Some customers avoid registering for fear of receiving spam messages. Convince them that you’ll only send them mail whenever necessary. Use this medium to send your customers interesting offers customized according to their needs.

This strategy is likely to earn you more bookings from your existing customers. What’s more, they will spread the word to their friends and family. In the end, you could end up tripling your bookings within the 12 days of Christmas period.

5.     Mail Your Customers


How often do you mail your customers? Email marketing is still an effective tool amid the rise of more user-friendly salon marketing methods. Try emailing your customers regularly; once every week can be a good starting point.

Apart from selling and giving special offers, you can give them salon related tips such as; “how to grow your hair long” or “how to prevent nail breakage” Where do you start if you don’t have a customer database yet? There are various methods you can use to develop your salon database.

6.     Offer to Wrap Christmas Gifts Free of Charge

Christmas brings with it excitement among many people. What with the opportunity to travel, meet family and friends, and even travel and engage in new activities. One thing, however, can dampen this excitement; gift wrapping.

Many people shun wrapping of Christmas gifts and this is where you should come in. Offer to wrap client gifts free of charge when they purchase products from you. This is an easy and low-cost service that maximizes customer experience. When your customers are happy, they will refer you to their friends and family with ease.

7.     Track and Quantify

Tracking and quantifying your marketing concept is critical. This is the only way you can determine which among your promotions is the most effective.

To quantify, you can include a specialized promotional code in your marketing medium. This could be text or flyer marketing. This will help you establish your best performing strategies and the non-performing ones which you; either need to modify or trash altogether. This helps you save money, time, and increases your profits.

8.     Throw a Christmas Party at the Salon


Are you struggling to find the perfect way to reward your customers this Christmas? Throw an evening Christmas party at the salon and invite all your loyal customers. You can ask them to come with a friend.

This is an ideal way of appreciating your customers, strengthening your bond, and increasing referrals. The event doesn’t have to be expensive. You can organize some drinks and snacks and convert the salon into a party environment.

9.     Set up a Christmas Tree in the Salon

Christmas is never complete without a Christmas tree. Customize your Christmas tree at the salon complete with lucky labels. Allow your customers to pick a label and get a chance to win a prize.

The prizes don’t have to be exorbitant and you can ensure that at least every customer wins something. Prizes can include; free hair-do, 20% discount off the next appointment, and free products for every specific amount of money spent in one sitting. These will encourage many customers to visit during the first months of the year which are often low season.

10.        Run Promotions in Your Salon


Have you got your salon marketing brochures and flyers ready for the 12 Days of Christmas season? While we are living in the digital world, flyers and brochures are still widely used as salon marketing strategies.

These could be effective; however, you need a robust and modern promotional strategy to attract more customers in the salon. Studies suggest that images and videos are effective marketing strategies as opposed to theory.

Leverage social media platforms to incorporate photos, short demonstration clips of your work, and promotional offers. This way, you will reach a wider audience. Further, it’s a more convincing strategy as opposed to theory.

11.        Offer Christmas Gift Packs

Identify some of your popular products and place them in a nicely packaged box to form a gift pack. You could also bundle different products together and sell them off at subsidized prices.

12.        Encourage Customers to Book Appointments in January and February

The months of January and February can be dry not only in the salon industry but in other industries as well. Leverage on the Christmas peak season to encourage customers to place bookings in January and February. Offering discounts at the start of the year may not be viable. However, you could offer discounts and some free services in March.

13.        Send Your Customers a Christmas Card


Emailing a simple Christmas card to your customers can go a long way. Include a thank-you note appreciating them for using your services. Take a Christmas themed photograph of your staff and use it to create a customized card for your clients. Prepare personalized emails for each of your customers. This way, your customers will be happy that you identify them and understand their individual needs.

14.        Extend Your Opening Hour during the Christmas Season

The period between the 12 days of Christmas tends to be quite busy with some customers walking in at odd hours. Tap into this opportunity to attend to new random customers. This will help you maximize your profits as well as increase your productivity. Your staff will also earn more from working extra hours.

15.        Prepare for a Busy New Year’s Eve

New Year preparations go hand in hand with the Christmas holiday celebrations. You can remind your customers that you’ll remain open waiting to serve them on new year’s eve until late.

Remember, many people take the new year celebrations seriously and will want to look their best then. This means many customers will flock in your salon and you should be well prepared with sufficient competent staff.

16.            Text Your Customers

While many customers may not ready your emails, text messages hardly go unread. Incorporate texting in your salon marketing concept. Text marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies you can use to; follow up with your customers, remind them of their appointments, and give them offers.

17.            Free Head Massages


Christmas is all about giving back to society. How do you plan on doing so at the salon? In today’s overly busy world, numerous things stress people. You can help your customers relax and de-stress by offering free head massages in between the 12 days of Christmas. Alert all your customers in your database about this free offer.


As you prepare for the Christmas holiday, businesses should strive to; attract more customers, retain existing clientele, and capture low season sales in advance. These tips will help you increase productivity and profitability in your salon.

Using Your Reviews to Increase Your Marketing Exposure

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Customer reviews form an integral part of the business. Many businesses are leveraging on reviews to enhance their marketing exposure. Let’s find out why you should leverage reviews for your business success. We will also find out how you can incorporate them into your business strategy.

Why should you use Customer Reviews?

The more the digital space and the internet evolve, the more accessible they become. This has allowed potential customers to read reviews before making any purchasing decisions. Today, customers hardly buy products before perusing through the internet for past customer reviews. Here are some statistics to demonstrate the importance of customer reviews.

  • Approximately 85% of customers won’t make any purchases unless they read through online reviews.
  • Approximately 63% will be comfortable dealing with websites that incorporate ratings and reviews.
  • Approximately 10% of customers will share existing online reviews regarding a business they’re interested in.
  • Approximately 40% of customers will regularly share their own opinion regarding businesses on social media platforms.

Customer Reviews Enhance Your Conversion Rates

Customer reviews come in handy when it comes to improving SEO rankings and developing trust between your customers. Did you know that including reviews on your landing pages can boost your conversion rates? You can also add existing customer testimonials in different pages on your website. This will encourage visitors on your website to try your products or services.

Incorporating Customer Reviews in Your Business Marketing Strategy

These tips will help you increase your website’s conversion rate for your business.

Adopt Software

Today, there are many tools that you can use to increase the conversion rate on your website. Software will help you organize your marketing strategy. However, you should approach the idea with a concrete concept if it is to be effective. You may need to hire a professional to handle the process for you.

Add Reviews on Your Business Platforms

The online space is diverse and you can have more than one business platform. You can have a business website, a blog, or even different social media platforms. Ensure your customer reviews appear on each platform. Genuine customer reviews such as seen below help your customers develop trust in your business.

“Earning positive customer reviews is one of the most important pieces of an online marketing campaign for every business, but it’s very time-consuming. Wave Review simplifies the process and is a huge time saver. I highly recommend Wave Review, particularly for businesses that sell products on Amazon!”

Mark L

Owner, SEO Gold – Digital Marketing Company

“When I first learned about WaveReview and how it could help us in the very difficult and time-consuming task of receiving testimonials and reviews, I estimated the value to be $1,000 per month, IF it worked. Not only did it work, but it also smashed our expectations and we’ve tripled our reviews in one month’s time with organic, real reviews! We’re thrilled.”

John C

Co-Founder, Salt Revolution

“WaveReview is an excellent email tool that helps my business tremendously by automating and keeping track of emails sent to my customers. It’s only been a month since I joined, and there has already been improvement made to the functionality of an already well made service. I’m completely satisfied and happy that I’m using WaveReview as my go-to email service for my business.

The support is also top notch. I’ve received help for any questions or issues that were time sensitive and I couldn’t ask for more.

A very happy customer here who will continue and eventually upgrade my service plan! WaveReview rocks!”


E-commerce Entrepreneur

Ensure the Reviews are Authentic

The market has become overly competitive, and customer reviews are critical for business success. In a bid to increase reviews, some businesses could be tempted to buy reviews. It’s worth noting that there are numerous ways through which businesses can get authentic reviews.

Some businesses still rely on the traditional strategy which involves asking customers to leave reviews. Of course, this will work in one way or another but there are more advanced strategies you can try. For instance, you can send reminder emails to your customers asking them to review your business.

Remember, user experience plays a big role in encouraging customers to leave their reviews. Ensure your business website is user-friendly and can be accessed using all gadgets. Make sure the review process is fast too and you are guaranteed to see increased customer reviews.

The more Customer Reviews you have, the more Revenue you will get

Your business will need reviews to increase sales. However, the number of reviews you get depends on the magnitude of the sales your business makes. Making massive sales without feedback won’t do your business any good.

Positive customer feedback is the backbone of increased sales and more customer reviews. You need to focus on getting more reviews if you strive to get a better ranking on search engines.

How can you Generate Reviews for Your Business?

As we have mentioned above, some businesses opt to pay people to get favorable reviews. Experts, however, opine that you shouldn’t buy reviews especially when you are just starting your business. The following tips can help your business get authentic reviews.

Develop a Great Product


Many customers today have limited time to go shopping physically. This explains why they’ll opt for online shopping. To increase sales and encourage customers to trust your products and services, strive to develop great products. Customers will place orders depending on how products appear on your platform.

Ensure the products are as real as they appear on the photos. Many times, customers have reported receiving fake products that are nowhere near what was displayed in the first instance. Such negative feedback can lead to loss of revenues and discourage potential customers from purchasing your products. Always display authentic products.

Ask Customers to Review Your Business

Asking your customers for feedback is an old-fashioned strategy. However, it is effective. It’s worth noting that asking your customers to review your business can be an arduous task. However, to increase your marketing exposure, you need to try different strategies. Contact your customers and find out how they are doing.

Establish whether or not they are happy with your products and services. This is a great way of building a relationship with your customers. Further, it can stimulate them to leave a detailed service review as seen in this review.

“WaveReview is a critical part of our business for a few reasons. It has saved us time by completely automating the process of requesting reviews from customers. The WaveReview dashboard also allows me to easily and proactively follow up with customers who had a neutral or negative experience and address their concerns before they go on to post a review on social review sites. Ultimately, WaveReview allows us to foster a stronger relationship with our clients which leads to greater customer loyalty, more word of mouth referrals and more positive reviews on social review sites like Google+ and Yelp, which are the biggest drivers of new customers for us. I have tried several other review/reputation companies and had really bad experiences with them all. I was nervous to try yet another one – but very glad I did! WaveReview is the best!”

Mary M. 

Owner, Healting Touch Spa

Address all Customer Queries and Concerns


Having online business platforms allows you to respond to both existing and potential customers directly. Whether you receive positive or negative reviews, responding shows customers that you are reading what they have to say. For every positive feedback, thank them for taking the time to leave their feedback.

You also want to encourage your customers to continue partnering with your brand. Whenever you encounter negative reviews, approach them from a positive perspective. You can use negative reviews as a stepping stone towards improving your brand. Respond to all the negative reviews and promise to address the issues at hand.

Do not only make promises but also act towards ensuring that the customers are satisfied. This way, you assure the complainant of your dedication to satisfying their needs. Further, you demonstrate to potential customers that the business is about them giving them the best experience.

Leverage Feedback to Improve Your Business

Customer reviews act as a wake-up call for your business. A big percentage of positive reviews is an indication that your customers are happy with your services. What happens when you constantly get negative reviews about some issues? You go back to the drawing board and look for ways to improve and find concrete solutions.

Customer reviews are as critical for you as the entrepreneur as they are for the customers. It’s worth mentioning that getting customer reviews is just but the beginning. You should focus on maximizing reviews by using them to improve the business and improving customer experience.

Convert Your Customers into Ambassadors


In business, you will notice that some customers are particularly excited about certain products and are always leaving reviews. If you think your business can benefit from their special interest, you can consider making them ambassadors. Contact them and ask them to share more about their experience.

If they are fit and willing, you could give them the role of an ambassador for your products and services. Let them continue championing for your brand online. This will encourage their followers to: identify your brand, purchase your products, and leave their reviews. This is a great and easy way of increasing your market exposure affordably.


Customer reviews have become significant when it comes to boosting product performance and increasing sales. As an entrepreneur, you need to build a relationship with your customers. This will not only encourage them to purchase your products, but they will also learn to trust you. Eventually, your customers will be willing to review your business and encourage others to do so.


Top Marketing Tips for Your Music School

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The music school industry is becoming overly competitive every day. If you are an aspiring musician, songwriter, practicing musician, music teacher, or even a music school entrepreneur, you need to adopt robust marketing practices if your music school is to succeed. Standing out ahead of your competitors is a critical component to success and you can only achieve it with a well thought out strategy.

One factor that can help you define your marketing strategy is your target audience. Understand their needs and craft out the ideal marketing strategy that can help you reach as many of them as possible. Here are some top marketing tips for your music school you can adopt to improve the performance of your music school.

Leverage on Social Media


Social media is a critical marketing tool whether your music school is a startup or is already established. Gone are the days when spending time on social media was viewed as a waste of time. Today, many companies are leveraging social media to reach a wider audience, connect with and establish what their target audience wants, increase awareness about their brand, promote their businesses, and increase sales.

Research indicates that the average American will spend approximately 24 hours online per week. Now imagine how many more people from various parts of the world you can reach by having an active social media platform. Let’s find out why you should market your music school via social media.

·  Develop Awareness

For your music school to grow, people need to know about it. Of course, you can’t expect to gain customers if they don’t know what you specialize in. Having social media platforms for your music school enhances its visibility. You can reach potential customers free of charge. Remember, creating a business profile for your business school is free and you can create profiles across all the leading social media platforms.

If you’re thinking that this is too much work, then you need to ponder on the benefits your business stands to gain. Have a defined list of expectations that you expect to gain from your business social media platform. This will go a long way in helping you develop the ideal social media marketing strategy.

Do you want to increase the number of music students in your school? Do you want to reach talented aspiring musicians who have no idea where they can take lessons? Do you want to figure out how to advertise private lessons with a proper plan; you will develop a robust marketing strategy that best fits your music school.

·  Communicate Authority

In the current fast-evolving digital world, customers are becoming tech-savvy and more specific about their needs and their businesses of choice. They’ll not direct their loyalty to businesses before conducting sufficient research on various websites and social media platforms. Imagine the number of customers you stand to lose by having zero presence online.

Customers will hardly believe in your potential if they can’t find any information about your business across the internet. Have a designated staff tasked with creating irresistible social media platforms for your music schools. This is not enough though.

The business platforms will need to be active, frequently updated with the latest information, and your staff should be highly responsive: answering questions as fast as possible, engaging with the audience, and demonstrating what your music school does and what potential customers stand to gain from enrolling for classes.

A robust social media business platform shouldn’t just be a source of information, but it should also be a tool that demonstrates how knowledgeable, trustworthy, and approachable your business is. Convene meetings with your entire staff and discuss how best you can display your expertise.

Whether you choose to write informative notes, record podcasts or even hold live events on your social media platforms, your positive actions will be an indication of how confident you are about the business.

Hold Media Tours

Despite the continued rise of social media, mainstream media is here to stay. As much as the millennials would like to deny this fact, many people still appreciate radio as a trustworthy source of information.

In a bid to remain relevant, many radio stations have upped their game and are now having unique presentations that you’ll not hear anywhere else. If there’s a great radio station within your locality, book an appointment with them and take that opportunity to let the listeners know about your existence.

You can even hold demos in-studio and be on the lookout for customer feedback. Better still, you can have your existing students record a song and release it live in the studio. You may never know how much impact such actions can have on your music school until you try. Local radio stations can play a big role in promoting your music school and helping you reach a wider audience.

Document what you do

Apart from documenting the activities of your music school, try to include some personal activities especially once you have already build a robust social media following. Did you know that many of your fans are always yearning to know simple things about your life that you wouldn’t imagine? Perhaps some of your fans are somewhere wondering what your morning routine is like, what you eat for supper, and what you watch on television.

While you don’t have to publicize everything you do, telling your fans something about your personal life helps them connect with you better. They get to understand that you’re still human and you do things that normal human beings do or things they can relate with.

This is one great way of not only personifying your brand but also making you more approachable. Give your tips and views about music and let them know how you achieved the success and you’re sure to record a high number of new music student applications in your school.

Launch a Blog


Blogging is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for music school which you can use to express authority in your field. Use the blog to discuss everything your target audience would want to know about your music school. There are various factors you should consider before launching your blog. Determine your target audience and research to establish what they want to hear regarding music.

Find out their interests, expectations, and goals and generate content that best meets their needs. If you can get your target audience and potential students to believe in your work, they will be interested in enrolling for music lessons. Further, they will be willing to recommend your services to their friends and relatives. With time, more music students will be thronging your music school. You can achieve success through blogging by:

  • Having a well-themed design for your blog
  • Expressing authority through your posts
  • Ensuring your blog is well branded complete with your visible logo
  • Incorporating your theme colors in the blog to help your audience identify with it better
  • Produce Music Videos and make them Irresistible

If you’re a music teacher, chances are that either you or your students can sing. Choose to produce a song together with your students and put your best foot forward while at it. Research suggests that almost one-third of people on the internet will watch videos on YouTube. Another bigger percentage will watch numerous videos on Facebook daily. The studies also showed that internet users spend approximately one hour on the aforementioned platforms just to watch video content.

Remember, people identify more with visual content that they would with listening to podcasts or even reading. Creating great and irresistible videos is one great strategy of capturing the attention and interest of internet users and introducing them to your brand. In this age where people watch and share content on social media with their family members and friends, don’t be surprised if your video goes viral.

Should you choose to adopt this strategy, mobilize your students to give it their all and this will go a long way in not only promoting your brand but increasing the number of music students in your school. The good thing about this strategy is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to produce a good video. You can even do it with your teaching instruments at the school.

Create a Thrilling Logo


A great music school logo can be all you need to create a dominating mark in the industry. A good logo will help your brand carve its own identity and reputation which will be vital for the growth of your music school. The more your target audience sees your music school logo, the more they start understanding the services you offer. With time, you will be in a position to carve your niche in the market.  


Regardless of the music school marketing strategy you choose, it’s worth noting that you will need to improve it from time to time. Remember, the world is changing and incorporating advanced and modern marketing strategies is becoming essential for business success. Leverage on the available resources such as the internet to research and adopt the latest marketing concepts in your strategy. This will help you reach more people with your brand, an essential factor which can help you stay ahead of your competitors.


101 on Music Schools and Tips on How to Increase Music School Students

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section” transparent_background=”off” allow_player_pause=”off” inner_shadow=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”off” custom_width_px=”1080px” custom_width_percent=”80%” make_equal=”off” use_custom_gutter=”off” fullwidth=”off” specialty=”off” disabled=”off”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”off” custom_width_px=”1080px” custom_width_percent=”80%” use_custom_gutter=”off” gutter_width=”3″ allow_player_pause=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on” make_equal=”off” parallax_1=”off” parallax_method_1=”on” parallax_2=”off” parallax_method_2=”on” parallax_3=”off” parallax_method_3=”on” parallax_4=”off” parallax_method_4=”on” disabled=”off”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_style=”solid” disabled=”off” border_color=”#ffffff”]


Do you run a music school? Perhaps you’re a professional music instructor tasked with teaching students as well as attracting new ones in the institution. What strategies do you use to increase music school students? Today, many people are realizing the benefits of music education in schools.

Still, getting more students to enroll in music lessons can be an arduous task. In this post, we shall discuss the different ways of attracting more music students in your institution. First, however, here are the benefits of music in schools.

Benefits of Music Lessons

In the quest to enhance scores, governments in many countries have eliminated art-related subjects from the curriculum. This, however, doesn’t take away the fact that the arts are critical when it comes to creating all-rounded students. Here are some of the benefits that both adults and children stand to gain from learning music.

Improved Language Skills


Studies suggest that music lessons play an important role when it comes to the development of the left part of the brain responsible for language processing. Further, music lessons can stimulate brain circuits in various ways. When students learn how to play a musical instrument they train their brains how to interpret human language, a concept which comes in handy to help them learn and understand a second language with ease.

Improved Cognitive Skills

Music education is a critical component which music instructors can use to enhance spatial intelligence, or the ability to envision related elements. Spatial intelligence is a critical component that helps students solve computer, engineering, art, and math problems. Further, music lessons can influence how the brain functions. Studies indicate that students who engage in music lessons enhance their neural activity as opposed to students who don’t take music lessons. Remember, playing music involves the use of various parts of the brain. This explains why music students have enhanced fine motor skills and can differentiate sound better.

Promotes Psychological and Societal Effects

The benefits of learning music are diverse with studies indicating that students who took art lessons showed more cooperation with their peers and teachers as opposed to those who didn’t. Further, they expressed themselves better and were more confident. Various other studies indicate that students who would otherwise have dropped out of school opted to stay on due to their engagement with the arts. One of the most encouraging benefits of music lessons are students who are involved with the school orchestra or band are not predisposed to tobacco and alcohol addiction or even the use of drugs.

Bettering Test Scores

According to research, students who take music lessons in school post better results than those who don’t. Further studies have shown that elementary school students who are enrolled in a robust music school program get better scores in both English and math as opposed to schools that have no music program at all.

How can you Increase Music School Students?

There are various strategies you can adopt to increase students in your music school as seen below.

Spread the Word

One way of ensuring that your music institution reaches a wider audience is by spreading the word. Marketing has been a powerful concept for brands, businesses, products. and even institutions to spread their wings and reach many potential customers. For your institution to get recognized, you need to tell people who you are and what you specialize in. people won’t know you if you don’t market your institution.

Adopting a marketing strategy will go a long way in helping you carve a reputation for your institution. A powerful marketing strategy that you can adopt for your music school is by publishing a monthly or even weekly school newspaper. If your school or the institution you work for has a monthly publication, leverage on the same to let the readers know about the music program offered in the school.

This will not only make people aware of the program, but it will give people who are interested in learning music a reason to call in or visit the institution for inquiries and clarifications about the same. One of the best concepts of marketing your music program is through:

Outlining the Benefits of Music Lessons

Both students and adults can gain a lot from learning music as we’ve seen above. Collaborate with a popular online publication and outline the benefits of music lessons. Spice up your article by collaborating with music artists and have them leave their sentiments about the importance of music and how students can use it to transform their lives.

Students will be convinced that music lessons can help them gain confidence, improve their grades, develop dynamic skills, and contribute to their overall success and they’ll convince their parents to enroll them for music lessons in your institution. Marketing your music program also comes in handy for teachers who are interested in launching their music schools in the future.

Develop interest


If you’ve been a music teacher for some time, you understand the long term benefits that come with using a musical instrument to express yourself. Many teachers will leverage on their ability to play instruments to teach young music enthusiasts while encouraging them to become skilled musical instrument players.

If you play any musical instrument well, you can leverage that ability to trigger interest in your music class. It’s worth mentioning that one way of encouraging students in your school to take music lessons or even attracting more students from external sources is by word of mouth. In this case, if your class students are happy about your teaching style, if they enjoy their classes and are always having fun, they’ll discuss it with their peers. This will trigger interest in their peers and before you know it requests to join your music classes will start trickling in.

By ensuring that your music lessons are entertaining and engaging, you make your class shine especially during school activities. There are numerous ideas available online for teachers who want to improve the way they conduct their music lessons. Take time to conduct research and master different strategies to make your classes as interesting as possible.

Get more involved with Community Related Activities

Check out your local community and identify various activities you’d be interested to participate in. Collaborate with the organizers and make plans to demonstrate what the music program in your institution involves. Some of these activities include parades, fairs, trade shows, and even public gatherings. Prepare for the event and have your students prepared to give their best show.

You can distribute free themed items such as caps and pens complete with the name of the music institution and contact details. Be open to interaction with potential students and give out as much information about the program as possible. You will be surprised at the number of interested people who had no idea that such a program existed within their locality. Other strategies revolving around this concept include organizing free concerts in the school during the school break.

You can also hold open-air concerts outside the school. With the latter, you will likely reach a wider audience. You may also choose to visit different membership societies within your region or collaborate with groups and senior clubs and hold demonstrations to showcase what your program entails.

Where possible, discuss your idea with local businesses for possible sponsorship opportunities. Of course, you may be reluctant to try this method. However, you never know how much support you may get. Trying goes a long way as opposed to doing nothing.

Design and Distribute Business Cards

Design themed business cards complete with the name of the music institution and contact details. Include your physical address for people who would like to visit the institution. Ensure your business cards are simple, easy to understand, and visible enough. Distribute the business cards everywhere you visit within your localities such as shopping malls, libraries, and sports centers. Avoid appearing pushy while at it but always have your business cards at hand just in case someone asks what the program is all about.

Organize a Stage Demonstration Event


Identify a frequently visited hall within your locality and organize a demo event. Invite both the locals and people from other areas to come to watch you and your students showcase what you do and have to offer to interested persons. During the event, discuss your music program and prowess when it comes to playing instruments.

Identify your skilled students and have them demonstrate to the crowds what they have been able to achieve from the music lessons. You could even ask some of the attendants to come on stage and attempt to play the instruments. It’s worth noting that this could be slightly costly. However, you stand to make valuable and long term gains with this strategy.

You can also discuss your program with school heads within the locality and establish whether they can allow you and your students time to hold free presentations in their institutions.

Get Endorsement from Local Celebrities

The idea of getting a local celebrity to recommend your music program can be all you need to triple your music students. Remember, local celebrities have a wide following especially on their social media platforms and they can leverage in their connections and popularity to promote your music program.


Whether you own a music school or are a music teacher and are interested in increasing students in your institution, these ideas will come in handy to give you long term benefits.


How to Incentivize Your Spa Clients to Leave Reviews


What is the impact of online reviews for your spa business and can they help you succeed? Studies suggest that online customer reviews are fast becoming an integral part of every business. With the increasing popularity and use of the internet as a source of information, many people are using various platforms to research before making purchasing decisions.


Seeing that the spa industry is becoming overly competitive, you need to adopt different strategies for your spa business to get recognized and stay ahead of your competitors. When your customers are satisfied with their spa experience, they will proceed to share the news with their friends and family. Eventually, more customers will stop by your spa to sample and get a similar experience. As the trend continues, your business will eventually attract more potential clients.

What Research Says About Reviews

The above mentioned studies indicate that 97% of customers sought for local businesses online in the year 2017. While word of mouth recommendations are effective, 85% of consumers today trust online reviews similarly.

Approximately 73% of customers are likely to trust local businesses from reading business online reviews, and at leasst 49% of customers will only choose businesses if it has a 4.9 rating, while a total of 50% of customers are certain that negative reviews discourage them from associating with the business.

These findings demonstrate the importance of reviews when it comes to enhancing the reputation of your spa business. The hunger for favorable reviews can push some entrepreneurs into writing reviews for their spa businesses. This however, is a bad idea, search engines are on the lookout and such actions can lead to penalization.

Getting Customers to leave Reviews for Your Spa Business

Here are tips to help you get more of your customers to leave reviews on your spa business platforms.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

While this may seem like asking for too much, it can be the only action that gets your customers talking and triggers them to leave their feedback. Communicate with your customers and discuss their experience. Request them to leave their honest feedback for spa on your online platforms. Imagine asking each of your day to day customers to review your business.

How many reviews would those be? How much difference would they make on your business? Chances are you would get more reviews by asking as opposed to assuming that your customers will leave their reviews. Discuss the advantages of reviews for your business with your staff and encourage them to ask for reviews as well.

It’s worth noting that few customers will want to leave feedback on their experience unless they’ve had a bad experience. Requesting customers for reviews is therefore a great way of letting them know that you have various platforms where they can discuss their experience.

Don’t be Discouraged by Negative Reviews


As much as you may try, pleasing everybody is impossible. Some of your customers will be unhappy with your services but this shouldn’t hold you down. Take criticism in stride, evaluate the issues raised, and work towards finding a solution to the same. One of the best methods of handling negative reviews is through responding immediately.

Remember to exercise friendliness while responding and assure the customer that you are doing everything within your capacity to ensure that they enjoy the spa experience during their next visit. You can even give complementary services where necessary. This way, you demonstrate to potential clients that you not only care, but you are ready to admit your imperfections to maximize their experience.

Appreciate Your Customers

How often do you appreciate your customers? Did you know that a simple appreciation email or text message can encourage your customers to recommend you to their friends and family? Develop a habit of sending your customers appreciation emails or text messages. While at it, find out their honest feedback about your services. During this process, you will be able to request them to leave their feedback on your online platforms. Remember, happy customers are always happy to leave positive good review for spa.

Be good at what you do

One proven method of getting your customers talking positively about your spa business is by giving them exceptional services. Customer service is a critical part of business. The way you and your staff treat your customers goes a long in determining the kind of feedback they will give you in return.

Further, great customer service is essential if you want to beat competition and attract more customers. Remember, customers will not hesitate to move to the next spa outlet where they can get excellent services. Train your staff on good customer service practices. This way, your customers will be happy to leave great reviews for your spa business.

Leverage on Reviews to Create a Personalized User Experience

As reviews become an essential part of businesses, entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to fulfill their customers’ needs depending on their preferences. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to have a designated staff tasked with reading customer feedback, responding accordingly, and reporting matters that require your actions. It’s in this process that you can identify each of your customer’s preferences and create a personalized experience to fulfill their needs.

For instance, you can display the latest spa treatment service upgrades you have to your frequent customers. This will encourage them to choose the best package for their needs and they will eventually leave their reviews after the experience. Work towards understanding each of your customer’s needs and you are bound to see an increase in the number of reviews.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Every business has loyal existing customers who keep on coming back. Many of them bring back referrals who eventually become loyal customers. Learn to identify and reward exceptional customers. You could decide to reward customers for reviewing your business. However, this can be a tricky exercise and you need to execute it with fairness.

Avoid a scenario where your customers get the notion that you’re being bias and you can do so by organizing monthly or weekly draws for all customers who review your business. Winners can enjoy a spa treatment for two at your establishment. You can even discuss with the winners to establish their preferences and work towards fulfilling them. This will encourage your customers to leave as many reviews as possible and even encourage their peers to do the same.

Leverage Your Social Media Following


Social media is a robust marketing tool and every business should have various social media platforms. Leverage your social media platforms to market your business and demonstrate what customers should expect at your spa. One good thing about many social media platforms today is; you can easily launch live videos and demonstrate what your business does.

Your followers will then leave their comments and sometimes ask for clarifications. Use their feedback to increase reviews on your official business page. You can either request your followers to share their feedback on your page, or you can share their feedback with their permission.

Make Your Reviews Visible

Showcase both your positive and negative reviews. Of course you can’t expect to get positive reviews always. Showcasing negative reviews encourages your customers to review your business knowing that their comments will not only be published, but that you will do your best to respond to their concerns.

Ease the Process

Have you ever wondered why a visitor’s book is the first and last thing you see everytime you enter some offices? Well, this is to make it visible enough for visitors to leave their comments. You can replicate this strategy and customize it to fit your spa. You could have a tablet or even computer at the front desk area where customers enter and exit through. Have your customer feedback page ready for them. This way, they only need to spend less than five minutes to leave their opinion regarding their experience.

Leverage Surveys to Get Customer Feedback

Not all customers are confident enough to leave reviews. This could be because they don’t trust their typing skills or they simply have no time to frame reviews. You can eliminate this fear by creating surveys that your customers can fill in with ease. This will be a great way of figuring out what your customers feel about your services. Remember, many customers will avoid long surveys. Make them short and interesting such that your customers will find them irresistible.


The importance of reviews can’t be over emphasized. Every business owner should strive to get as many of their customers as possible to review their businesses. Remember, potential customers enjoy a good story.

Where possible, encourage your existing customers to tell a story about their experience. It could be an honest opinion about their experience at the spa. Such interesting reviews will not only attract customers, but they will convince other customers to voice out their experience.

As we’ve seen above, working in collaboration with your staff is the first step towards increasing reviews for your spa business. Ensure staff understand the importance of reviews to the business and teach them how best to convince customers to review the business. This will help you scale and beat competition.


How to Improve Your Music Schools Online Reviews 

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section” transparent_background=”off” allow_player_pause=”off” inner_shadow=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”off” custom_width_px=”1080px” custom_width_percent=”80%” make_equal=”off” use_custom_gutter=”off” fullwidth=”off” specialty=”off” disabled=”off”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”off” custom_width_px=”1080px” custom_width_percent=”80%” use_custom_gutter=”off” gutter_width=”3″ allow_player_pause=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on” make_equal=”off” parallax_1=”off” parallax_method_1=”on” parallax_2=”off” parallax_method_2=”on” parallax_3=”off” parallax_method_3=”on” parallax_4=”off” parallax_method_4=”on” disabled=”off”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_style=”solid” disabled=”off” border_color=”#ffffff”]


As the world of business becomes overly competitive for different types of businesses, having a robust online reputation and presence can play a big role in propelling your business ahead of your competitors and attracting new customers. It’s no doubt that today, a big percentage of customers count on online reviews resources to compare different products and services before transacting business.

Studies suggest that many potential customers read online reviews before choosing a product or service. Indeed, online reviews are essential when it comes to promoting businesses. In this post, we shall discuss how to increase your music schools Online reviews.

Understanding Online Reviews

Technology has evolved over the years and more businesses are embracing digital platforms and allowing their existing customers to leave their honest personal feedback about products and services. These come in handy to help potential customers make informed decisions.

Customers are more inclined to online reviews because they can access them with ease from various gadgets such as their mobile phones. What’s more, many customers are certain that online reviews are genuine and a true representation of a specific service or product. Online reviews are among the most trusted source of information at the moment.

What do Customers Consider when Searching for Online Reviews?

Customers pay attention to; the number of reviews, the content of the reviews, and the overall rating. If for instance, your music school has a high percentage of positive reviews and a high rating, potential students will be more confident that they’ll get exemplary services.

More reviews on your music school online platforms give your establishment more validity. If you have minimal or no reviews at all, you can be sure potential students will have a difficult time trusting your services.

How Will Online Reviews be Beneficial to Your Music School?

There are numerous reasons why you should increase online reviews for your music school as seen below.

 Online Reviews will Enhance Your Visibility

Whether you are just starting or you are already established, potential students will research various search engines and social media platforms before choosing your school. While search engines have different policies when it comes to indexing content, one thing that remains certain is that they give special preference to the original content.

Customer reviews can play a huge role in pushing your content on search machines and getting recognition by algorithms. Online reviews can give you consistent positive content which search engines consider critical when analyzing the results to display. Getting a high ranking is beneficial to your music school as it exposes you and enhances your authority in the industry.

Online Reviews make You Appear Trustworthy

Having consistent positive feedback can help your business build trust among potential students and teachers wishing to join your school. Studies suggest that online reviews can be all different establishments need to carve an online reputation and identity. Potential students and music teachers will be reluctant to trust an establishment that has less than a four-star rating. If your music school has a higher rating, you’re likely to see an increase in student enrolment and teacher applications.

Online Reviews will Ignite a Conversation About Your Music School

Both positive and negative reviews about your establishment tend to spread fast and this can be the fastest way of letting the masses know that your business exists. When your existing students and teachers have good things to say about your establishments, they will be more than willing to talk about it on their platforms and share the same with their friends and family.

Such recognition is important for your music school’s online presence. It’s worth noting that search engines such as Google gathers data from different websites when developing rankings. This stands to show just how critical positive feedback can encourage more online reviews.

Increasing Music Schools Online Reviews

To date, some establishments still believe in getting reviews naturally without having to request their customers to do so. However, the marketplace is evolving and it’s becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to consider other tactics to increase their online reviews. Here are some tactics you can adopt to improve music school reviews.

Initiate Email Promotion


Email promotion is an ideal way of stimulating customers to review your music school services. Many successful companies have adopted this strategy. Leveraging email to have people review your services is not only cost-effective, but it’s also easy to automatize. Whatever you do, you need to customize each email accordingly. Today’s potential customer is less interested in non-personalized emails that are not tailored to meet their needs.

Request Satisfied Students to Review Your Music School

If you are sure that your existing and former students are happy with your services, you can ask them to leave their feedback on your various platforms. often, when you ask your clients for reviews you are likely to get positive feedback. You can go a step higher and adopt a management tool that gauges your client’s loyalty towards your establishment. You can tailor the tool to encourage clients to review the music school.

 Initiate a Re-targeting Promotion

Ads are fast becoming critical strategies for promoting your business. Consider sponsoring an ad on various platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram requesting reviews. Customize the ad to target people on your email list only. This process involves transferring client email addresses on these platforms to ensure that the ads reach your target audience only.

As ads become a popular way of reaching a large audience, many people are used to the idea of seeing ads from organizations they are not familiar with. A customized message from businesses they have interacted with before will encourage them to leave their reviews. However, using paid strategies to improve music school reviews can be more costly compared to other promotion tactics. Still, re-targeting can be cheaper as opposed to other online marketing strategies.

Post on Your Social Media Platforms


Social media is an ideal place where you can ask your followers to review your establishment. If you have already developed a connection with your clients, they will be more than willing to leave their feedback.

Reward the People who are ready to Review Your Establishment

Encourage people to review your establishment by rewarding them depending on their preferences. Do they prefer cupcakes than vouchers or vice versa? You may want to conduct a poll to find out what they prefer. Rewarding your clients will go a long way to help you improve music school reviews. You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to rewarding your customers. Further, you can opt to partner with non-charitable organizations to make donations every time someone leaves a review regarding the music school.

Request Your Website Visitors to Leave their Reviews

Customize your website to accommodate every service the music school offers. What’s more, you will need great content that not only attracts visitors but convinces them to leave their feedback.

Display In-App Messages

If your music school has an application, try displaying messages on your platform requesting your visitors to review your services. Choose the right moment to show the review requests. For instance, if a new student places an application, you can request them to give their feedback regarding their experience.

Collect Feedback During Events

One of the things that make music school exciting is the numerous events organized each year. Leverage on these events to get feedback from the attendant on what they feel about your services. Encourage them to leave their reviews on your online platforms from their gadgets. Ensure that your website is user-friendly regardless of the gadgets they use to access it and you can be sure to get sufficient feedback to improve music school reviews.

 Leverage on Your Customer Support Forums

Every successful establishment should have a responsive customer support forum. Take advantage of your support forum to request your clients to review your services. Remember, the support forum is where customers gather to get assistance from other customers. You may want to offer rewards to your clients who review the music school.

Make Use of Third-Party Online Review Platforms

Organizations often use a survey to collect reviews instead of asking people to review their services on third-party platforms. You can adopt the same strategy by having your clients leave their feedback about your services on third-party platforms. This way, you can improve music school reviews and still understand how much your clients are appreciating your services.

If you are confident about the quality of your services, this tactic comes in handy. Some review platforms are push clients to review your services by rewarding your customers who are willing to review your services. Other platforms go a step further to forward review acquisition emails on your behalf, a strategy that comes in handy for small businesses with restricted budgets.


Online reviews come with various advantages for small, medium-sized, and already established businesses. In today’s competitive world, businesses should change their approach when it comes to acquiring online reviews to get more of their existing and potential customers to review their products and services. In this case, form a bond with both your existing and old students, as well as teachers. This way, you will get numerous genuine feedback which will go a long way in increasing online reviews for the music school.


Using affiliate marketing to craft a lifestyle w/ John Cawrse

John Cawrse is the co-owner of Salt Revolution, an online company selling high quality salt that started with about 95% of their sales using affiliate marketing. The reason that number is so high is because John Cawrse knows his business; affiliate marketing, building relationships, and how to bring in the best types of partner traffic. The traffic comes at a revenue share, but it’s essentially free traffic.  This is a great way to start an online business at a time when that entity is likely cash starved for expenses like media buying, and advertising.

We dive into John’s story of how he got started with affiliate marketing. Working for Yanik Silvers and making his way up the organization until he felt comfortable enough to launch his own ventures. John lays out an easy blue print anyone can use. He was a school teacher, stay at home father, found a mentor, learned the ropes until he knew enough to successfully launch his own business. He tells us how he did it, and it’s a way that could really be repeated by anyone that wanted to take the same route.

John talks about the basics of the software needed (later in the interview we run through different systems and even a quick rant on click bank) and the ongoing communication that’s needed for effective affiliate deals.

If you’ve ever wondered how to interact with potential affiliates or large joint ventures, John goes through what he does and on the flip side what affiliates are looking for. Really the core of what you need to focus on. Fantastic products and great relationships.

John also discusses what he sees as some of the biggest opportunities for the affiliate market right now.

Here’s the process that I see that John uses – find mentor, chase mentor, get job, learn what you need, get intros and make connections, then start your own business. In my opinion it’s pretty damn good blue print to follow…

Direct Response Mail Marketing w/ Carl Mattiola

Carl’s doing what he loves.

He’s passionate about helping physical therapist better manage and market their businesses. He’s on the forefront of management with his software, clinic metrics, helping physical therapists to know their business vitals and crush their goals. He’s also running direct response marketing campaigns that can church out 20% increases in a month. Proven by the research and results they’ve been doing.

Carl dives into the tactics and specific numbers they’re achieving to see calculated growth.

What Carl Recommends to do starting today

  • Get your patient list together
  • Got to free newsletter course
  • Get your newsletter written and sent out
  • Split test and start to experiment with different letters.

4 key metrics For Physical Therapists

  1. Cost per patient
  2. Revenue per patient / broken down by payer / insurance type
  3. Total new patients broken down by campaign and referral source
  4. Lifetime Value of Patient

Carl worked at quite a few software startups in the San Francisco area. Most recently he worked at Tesla designing the way that they sold cars online… which he recently quit to work with physical therapists full time. He’s discovered his passion and making sure his life is completely in line with that.

Links Mentioned


Smart marketing for Amazon products with leading podcaster Ezra Firestone

Ezra is a fantastic online marketer and really a master in a variety of topics. From Amazon to podcasting he has great stories and examples to share.

We talk about some of the projects he’s working on and the specific strategies and tactics that are working for him.

Some of what is covered:

  • Great strategies for selling on Amazon.
  • How to run advertising to Amazon the smart way
  • Getting reviews for podcasts.
  • Expectations for podcasts.
  • How he treats different types of direct response marketing.

People buy stuff to get away from pain or get pleasure

If you’re interested in podcasting, physical products, traffic, advertising Ezra really covers it all and brings it all together in an understandable way.

Link Mentioned:


Building a Unique Brand on Amazon w/ Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan Moran is one of the best guys around on Amazon.
He has a unique formula for getting reviews and crushing the competition.

Ryan was an entrepreneur from the womb. Drawing pictures and going door to door to sell them. He started doing SEO and affiliate marketing while in college. Paying for college and graduating with $100,000 in the bank.

He became one of the guys that had internet marketing products. Didn’t enjoy so he shut it down and started “real businesses”.

Ryan defines that as something of unique value to the marketplace and a channel. Amazon has been the primary channel he’s focused on.

What are the differences between ranking #1 vs #5000?!?
Treating amazon truly like a channel and managing reviews like they mean everything. Solve everything before it goes to Amazon. Refund it or ship them bottles for free. Give them an incredible customer experience. Completely peer driven and from reviews.
Happy customers and high quality products.

Ryan looks for high volume and high profit margins (at least 40%)

“Amazon is not a pricing game. It’s a review game.”

You can have a higher priced product and have success.
The longer term vision you have the more successful you will be. And with this mindset you can go into something that has high competition. Go into a market first and create a brand. So you don’t just rely on 1 product.

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NYC Spa Reviews

In terms of NYC spa reviews, it is safe to say that there are lots of options to choose from. The local scenery is filled with everything from regular spas to high-class hotel spas that can satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes. Since there is a wide variety of spas to choose from, prices also vary quite a lot depending on the reputation of the place, the benefits and features of each location, the staff’s experience, etc. Whether you need a medical or a day spa, know that prices normally start at about $89 for a 55 minute massage at a decent place, but they can skyrocket up to $225 in a more luxurious place. The hundreds of options available make it difficult to make a choice, so we have decided to tell you about the top 3 places that provide the perfect balance between price and the quality of the services provided.

Anasa Day Spa

It’s an excellent choice for those looking to combine soft music and the right light to set up the mood for relaxation. Refreshing the skin on your face has never been this pleasant. With some exfoliating, applying delicious-smelling essential oils and then using some repairing serum, every woman can feel the refreshing skin which not only looks, but also feels cleaner and healthier.

Metamorphosis Spa

There is nothing to do but prepare to be spoiled in this relaxing spa located on 127 E 56th St between Park and Lexington Aves. The beauty of the place is that aside from being pampered, you can get lots of discounts and benefit from many monthly deals that will help you save money while enjoying a nice facial. Browsing through the NYC spa reviews available, we have come across the most impressive opinions. Past customers speak of the essential oils used in the treatment and how the body simply melts under the hands of the talented masseuses.  It is incredible how after one day at the spa, women have claimed feeling as if they had just returned from vacation.

Soho Sanctuary

One the third floor at 119 Mercer St., between Prince and Spring Sts, Soho Sanctuary awaits with all the possible facial spoiling treatments that a women could dare to dream of. Imagine facing a hard winter where the stiff wind dries the skin, making it crave for moisture. A combination of cleansing milk, cream, moisturizing oils and a natural product line applies on a woman’s gentle skin – these are all elements that a Soho treatment has in store for you. It is everything you need when you feel at battle with your own skin. Massage therapy, body treatments and even pre/post natal beauty services, all available in a single place.

What’s your experience in terms of NYC spas? Any NYC spa reviews are helpful to all those looking for a place to spoil themselves. Are there are places you’ve experimented and feel like there is something to share with the other? Drop us a line, whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly and tell us what other spas in NYC are worth visiting (or avoiding).

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Attraction Marketing:

The advent of Internet has provided a new dimension altogether in the way the network marketing business is conducted. Attraction marketing is one of the favorite marketing strategies amongst many network marketers. The attraction marketing technique allows network marketers to make optimum use of websites and blogs to attract prospects to them rather than chasing them.
Attraction marketing is a welcome change in the marketing business arena. It has completely changed the face of network marketing. It has shifted the paradigm from the old school of marketing where as a marketer you have to chase your prospects to grow your business.
Important tools for Attraction Marketing:

Auto responder:

Attraction Marketing involves sending lot of e-mail to your prospects on topic’s that can help them enhance their network marketing careers and following up with the people that contact you.

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Attraction Marketing – What’s the Attraction?

One of the staples of marketing is the sales pitch. This is where you have a chance to really sell your product to the masses. However, the sales pitch is as hated as it is well-known. People are tired of the seeming dishonesty that comes with sales pitches. These marketing tools are seen as cold and outdated. Guide To Attraction Marketing:

Attraction marketing- a very new and unfamiliar phrase isn’t it? Indeed it is, because attraction marketing is a new method of promoting and structuring the online marketing venture. Attraction marketing is a plan in which entrepreneurs need to focus their marketing efforts to target precise group of prospective clients. Attraction Marketing Tutorial Training

Times have changed in internet network marketing and the newest attraction marketing tutorial training concept has made it possible for anyone to have a successful work from home business. Attraction marketing has been used for quite some time by savvy marketers but not until recently has the concept and theory been introduced and shared. Attraction Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered how to get people to buy products or services using an attraction marketing strategy from your blog or website? E-goods marketing strategy is what people are seeking out.However, replying to each and every query could become a tedious task. An auto responder would greatly help you in this regards. Auto responder allows network marketer to deliver their marketing campaign (e-mail) to the targeted prospects automatically. Auto responder also allows you to send a quick follow up to the customers replies. The quick reply promotes the business goodwill for customer services and helps increase sales. Besides, using auto responder for attraction marketing helps you build strong relationship with your prospects as well as your customers.

Attractive Lead Page:

Attraction marketing as the name suggests is all about attracting prospective clients to your business. Having a good lucrative lead page on your business website can become a major attraction to your prospective clients.
The lead page should have a compelling offer you are providing to your customers. To make your lead page more attractive you can post useful information about the product/service you are offering, a video related to your product, and exchange the information with the prospective clients for their personal details including name, email address and phone number.

Bio Page:

Bio page is referred to as a place on the Internet where your prospective client can meet you, talk to you and know more about you. Bio page supports your attraction marketing scheme and allows you to chat and connect with your prospective clients and build a good relationship with them. You can communicate your story to the people and lead them to subscribe to your products/services.
Benefits of Attraction Marketing:

Increased conversion rate:

One of the biggest benefits of attraction marketing is that unlike conventional marketing methods, attraction marketing leads to higher conversion rates of the leads. This is because attraction marketing doesn’t involve pushing your products on to your prospective clients. In attraction in marketing you don’t sell anything but rather you provide them information about topic’s that can help them enhance their life.  You build their trust and once you have built their trust the prospect or the customer will automatically subscribe as well as connect with you.

Business always flourishes:

Inarguably the best thing about attraction marketing is that irrespective of the existing marketing condition (recession, tough competitors) your business continues to flourish. Since attraction marketing technique doesn’t involve selling any product rather you are selling yourself. Once you build credibility in the market people will continue to trust you and buy from you.  Attraction marketing is here to stay and surely is the future of network marketing.  For more information on attraction marketing, please visit my blog athttp://www.annettapowellonline.com. See you there!

Yours Sincerely,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

How Social Media Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Marketing Program – Internet

f_1mp53.jpgThe advent of social media portals such as MySpace, Facebook, and the myriad of blogs out there has made affiliate marketing even more promising as an online marketing strategy. In fact, affiliates can be considered to be very active in the social media scene; bloggers review and recommend the latest products and services, ordinary people making and uploading videos and “marketing- a product or company without them even realizing it… there is undoubtedly some form of marketing going on amongst users of social media sites, whether directly or indirectly. So if you’re interested in knowing how social media can boost your affiliate marketing marketing program, then read on.

Social media can help in your affiliate marketing efforts because it makes the presence of your company or product known across various social media channels. This is a strategic method for effective promotion, because if done right, you can attract potential prospects into becoming both your customers and affiliates simultaneously. Once you’ve earned customers’ loyalty they would more than likely promote and endorse your company or product via the same channels you had reached them; that being social media.

Depending on which side of the fence you’re on, whether as the merchant dependant on affiliates to get your name out there or if you’re the affiliate trying to market a merchant’s products, there can be many ways to utilize social media for affiliate marketing. For either the merchant or the affiliate, you can consider using video content and create traffic via platforms such as YouTube or iTunes or even your own website. In the case of an affiliate, this can be done by procuring content from merchants and creating your own viral video or having regular specific podcasts. You can also adapt contents to include affiliate links or combining videos that ends with an ad for the merchant or their products. The most important thing here is to spread the content on a platform that would have the widest reach of audience in the social media landscape.

You can also create constantly fresh content with low maintenance using RSS feeds. RSS is good because its content is updated automatically, and the content can be provided by the merchant or the affiliate network. Again, it’s important to note that the content should spread throughout the various social media platforms, so be sure to include links to such feeds in profiles of whatever social networks you involve yourself in.

Now that we’re on the topic of social networks, you need to be social and market to friends in social networking platforms such as MySpace and Facebook. Whether you’re the merchant or the affiliate, marketing through such platforms can be lucrative because of the number of people you’re able to reach. These platforms have the potential to grab people’s attention, and you can collect friends (or prospects) and build relationships with them to encourage their loyalty to you as a merchant. Consider having multiple profiles for specific purposes, those that potential prospects might be interested in so it can lead up to you marketing your products to them. Write blogs and include the occasional affiliate links if you’re an affiliate. Add pictures or post in guidebooks and include affiliate links here and there.

Whether you’re a merchant or an affiliate, using social media to boost your affiliate marketing marketing program is quite possible. The avenues are there; you just need to choose the right one to embark on.

Why affiliate marketer Marketing? – Your solution to as a last point Kill Your day time location – day time location Killer Review – Shopping – Electronics

f_01322253512_business-meeting.jpgWhat is affiliate marketer Marketing? online marketing literally signifies you can be the affiliate marketer or promoter for other people’s product and make bucks through earning a commission for just about every sale. It could possibly be the simplest business design to begin away for just about any newbie in internet marketing. as opposed to cracking your mind attempting to mind storm on developing a producer new topic product, acquiring the appropriate duplicate writer and internet designer, and communicating to them your demand through emails, you leave the time consuming work for the product owners. developing your individual product is not merely extremely time consuming but on the frequent schedule extremely hard method for just about any complete newbie in online marketing business.

The affiliate’s commission can broad variety from 30% to as very much as 75% and even 80% for just about every sale. There are quite a few sorts of affiliate marketer apps or structures. just one tier affiliate marketer plan is you as an affiliate marketer concerning the product only create commission from instant sale. 2nd tier or two tiers plan signifies that not merely you will create commission from instant purchase but if your purchaser (say “A”) also joined as an affiliate marketer for the very same product, “A” gets your instant “downline.” You will also create commission when “A” founded his major sale.

It is recommended that the newbie starts away as an affiliate marketer as opposed to produces your individual product. This way, you will right away find out the means of online marketing as opposed to wasting an awesome offer of your time developing your major product.

Which gadgets Or programs to discover affiliate marketer Marketing? There are handful of a tremendous selection of method or programs using the internet for beginners. But to begin off, a newbies needs an instant verified apps that will sell. So I would propose between the method getting a start. It is not merely affordable but you’ll not hesitate to begin on this plan since it is dirt affordable with near to 200 apps with exclusive brand resell rights give-away. Other apps are possibly just as well high priced for most newbies to even contemplate buying or they cost you month-to-month costs which when additional up will advertising price quite substantial.

“Bill Killer” method is most suited for somebody that does not possess a product of his individual i.e. an affiliate. You market others’ product. The “Bill Killer” offers an awesome offer of resell rights apps for most newbies to begin marketing these apps appropriate apart and sustain 100% sales.

Marketing, marketing and marketing! product era and placing up a internet web site is only 10% concerning the game. Your most essential element within your internet business and infact any business must develop to be “marketing.”

Without anybody displaying you the paths and pointed out for you a verified system, a complete newbie and even entrepreneurs who have been completely using the business for some time will experience an awesome offer of obstacles. Along the way in which of trying, he could possibly even stop trying completely and so overlook the chance to some lucrative business and wealth. affiliate marketer online marketing is most possibly the simplest decrease advertising price work from home business that any householder can perform not possessing very much bigger danger as in conventional bricks and mortar business models.

I would say, out concerning the countless gadgets available, the brand new expenses Killer method is just one method all affiliate marketer entrepreneurs would desire to invest in, even for information internet marketers. quickly after all, 90% concerning the internet entrepreneurs are possibly not developing adequate to replace their complete time location and even dropping bucks on Pay-Per-Click campaigns. It will saves you an awesome offer of headache. “Bill Killer” since the recognize recommended could possibly be the day time location nemisis! working from home has certainly not so effortlessly accessible to home makers and so effortlessly applied.

My individual look at On “Bill Killer” Chris Jackson’s internet web site for “Bill Killer” online marketing method appears like a scam! But because concerning the affordable advertising price and large choice of resell rights bonus apps which i can in fact right away resell them to other people and sustain 100% money, I went forward to purchase the program. i experienced been right away brought to tons of product downloads and assets for me to begin away my home on-line business. for the up coming handful of days, I digested the assets like a college boy digesting his wanted comic books. right listed here are tons of assets I would have spend quite a few thousand bucks if I have regarded what it could earns. So right away I place three concerning the resell apps for the markets. My Clickbank account started to create money inside the up coming 24 hours! I recouped my purchase within three income and also this was within a few of days! just one calendar month experienced passed and I am now producing handful of hundred bucks every day.

“Bill Killer” is just one of method that arrives with large bonus Resell Rights apps which could be not merely extremely beneficial and applicable but verified methods for newbie to practically right away start-off.

This write-up only touches the basic information and details about affiliate marketer marketing. The writer recommends a newbie to not invest a whole great offer to start-off any business. Hence, he extremely recommends newbie to acquire a complete and verified method that do not advertising price as well much. It should certainly be simpler for newbie to hold on their training of affiliate marketer marketing.

About The Author:

Jerry Yap have been in online marketing business for extra than a few of years. quickly after his accomplishment using the business, he strongly recommends enthusiastic people these times who desire to begin a home centered business to stick to online marketing as their major business model. It advertising price the minimum and could possibly be the minimum risky of all business models. The business design could possibly be examined with genuine statistic and he will shares how in his sequence of articles. In other words, you can right away hold corrective actions to further improve your business. No other business design can perform that with genuine statistical reviews instantly.