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8 Benefits of Music Education Statistics for School Children


Many schools often scrap music from their curriculum as a result of budget cuts.

Still, continued scientific studies have established that music is good for the brain. As a result, students should be introduced to music studies from an early age.

This trend should continue throughout their schooling days. Is your school planning to slash out funding for its music program?

Parents can consider holding discussions with the decision-makers in the school’s management.

In the process, they can attempt to highlight the importance of music in regards to creating an all-rounded development.

Almost everyone enjoys listening to music with some people saying that some beats bring back nostalgic memories.

Learning how to play an instrument or the art of making good music can help develop a student’s future career goals.

Why is Music Education Critical?

We are living in a fast-paced world where children of all ages are taken through thorough career preparation in school.

Many school systems are focused on enforcing stipulated standards to ensure students shine in standardized tests and acquire essential skills.

These are aimed at helping them obtain job opportunities in the future.

It’s in the midst of this quest that numerous creative school programs such as music and arts are considered irrelevant and scraped away from the curriculum.

There is, however, one critical matter that schools seem to forget. Art related programs such as music study can have a big positive impact on child development.

Let’s discuss the benefits of music education statistics for school children, and its impact on their preparedness for future career aspirations.

Music Promotes Brain Development in Children

Different studies have established that music education can enhance brain development in young learners.

One study conducted at Northwestern University discovered that students who played had better neural processing compared to those who only listened to music.

This study demonstrates the importance of studying music in school and learning how to play different musical instruments.

Other studies suggested that students who studied music had a higher IQ compared to those who didn’t.

Students who engaged in music education were found to have improved index scores, better IQ subtests, and a consistent degree of academic accomplishment.

Today, many parents are realizing the importance of music education. This is why they are enrolling their children for private music lessons especially if their school doesn’t offer music education.

While this arrangement can be costly, the long term benefits of music education statistics outweigh the price you have to pay.

Music education is an excellent way of promoting reading awareness capabilities in children.

An additional study conducted at Northwestern University established that students who were active during music classes displayed enhanced speech processing skills.

Further, they had higher reading scores as opposed to children who did not engage in music studies.

Reading is a critical skill that all children should develop since it comes in handy in all subjects.

It’s important to realize that even subjects that have no relation to English literature involve reading.

For instance, you’ll need proper reading abilities to solve math word problems with ease.

 Music helps Connect People


Music education creates a way for students to connect with fellow students and other people.

Remember, children are usually very social. Parents or teachers, you can encourage them to develop relationships by exposing them to experiences they can share.

You can do this by organizing a small school music group or band. You can also encourage them to participate in a chorus. This way, you allow them to work together in a bid to deliver the final product. In this case, this can be an end of year performance.

Such acts promote bonding and leave the students with robust memories that they can look back on in the future.

When people of different ages come together to play musical instruments and listen to music, it helps them create strong bonds.

Organizing an impromptu drumming escapade of simply listening to recorded music helps connect people through dance, singing, movement, and sound.

Such musical experiences help students and adults alike reminisce or create new fond memories.

Music Teaches Discipline


Music comes in handy to instill discipline in children and help them develop their time management skills.

For instance, are your students obligated to learn and practice how to play instruments out of the school?

If yes, they will have no option but to create and adhere to a practice schedule. Further, they will be expected to balance their practice, studies, and their personal lives.

Learning time management and discipline skills from a tender age comes with numerous benefits in a student’s life.

For instance, children who learn how to be disciplined in elementary school will have an easy time balancing workload in high school.

They will also be better placed to excel in their studies.

Shining in high school enables students to pick esteemed post-secondary learning institutions which mold them for a better career in the future.

Music can Relieve Stress

Music is a great stress reliever. Stress is common among students who often get overwhelmed by trying to juggle between their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Students have realized that music can help relieve burnout and enhance moods.

As students graduate to higher grades in school, they start thinking about making applications for post-secondary placement.

In the process, they are likely to feel overwhelmed by the need to maintain high grades.

Students of all ages can be stressed especially with having to complete high amounts of homework.

Some students can be stressed in their homes and this is where music comes in handy. It helps students escape from such stressful situations.

To help relieve anxiety and stress for your students, you may want to soundtrack your classroom. Doing so helps you create an ample learning environment.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Music education helps students to promote spatial intelligence according to an article written by Laura Lewis Brown.

Spatial intelligence is the ability to envision elements that complement each other. Students leverage this to solve art, math, computer, and engineering problems.

Further, music can influence the way the brain works. Eric Rasmussen, Early Childhood Music Department chair at Peabody Preparatory in Johns Hopkins University’s says:

“There’s some good neuroscience research that children involved in music have larger growth of neural activity than people not in music training. When you’re a musician and you’re playing an instrument, you have to be using more of your brain.”

Studies suggest that students who engage in music education demonstrated signs of enhanced fine motor tasks and sound distinction.

Brain imaging displayed changes in the brain networks affiliated to those abilities.

 Enhanced Psychological and Societal Outcomes

Research shows that the benefits of music extend to different outcomes.

These studies have shown that students who take art-related subjects are more cooperative with their peers and teachers. They can express themselves better, and are more self-confident.

Various other studies indicate that school dropout rates are lower in institutions that offer art subjects.

Students who are vulnerable to dropping out of school point out arts as the reason for their stay.

According to the US House of Representatives, students who took part in the school orchestra or band hardly use alcohol.

Further, they never indulge in the use of illicit drugs, tobacco, or associate themselves with bad groups.

Enhanced Test Scores

According to SpreadMusicNow, a group that strives to support school-based nonprofit music education programs:

“Study after study proves that regardless of socioeconomic background, music-making students do better in school than those who have no music involvement.”

After multiple studies, the organization discovered an improvement in the academic performance of students engaging in music studies at different educational levels as seen below.

Skill tests carried out on 5,154 fifth graders established that children who enrolled in musical instrument playing lessons scored higher marks than those who were not.

Students who had joined music programs scored 44 points higher in math and 63 points higher on verbal sections than those who didn’t.

A ten-year study conducted on over 25,000 students established that:

Music-making students scored more marks on standardized tests regardless of their socioeconomic background, compared to those who didn’t participate in music education.


Learning music is beneficial to people of different ages. Schools should do all it takes to continue advocating for music education.

This will nurture the children in preparation for their future careers.

2020 Beauty Salon Industry Trends you should know


Are you thinking about venturing into the salon industry? Do you already own one? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, knowing beauty salon industry trends helps you adopt robust strategies.

These not only help your business stand out ahead of competitors, but they also facilitate overall success.


Studies indicate that roughly 4,000 barbershops and 82,000 beauty salons raked in approximately $20 billion yearlong sales in the year 2012.

This growth was estimated to hit approximately $58 billion by the year 2019.

It’s worth noting that small salons make the highest contributions in the industry while large companies deliver only a small percentage of the general revenue.

It’s evident that the industry has continued evolving by a wide margin and the trend is expected to continue in 2020 and beyond.

In this post, we shall discuss some of the hottest beauty salon industry trends to watch out for.

2020 Salon Trends to be on the lookout for

Beauty salon industry trends are always evolving fast. Entrepreneurs should be abreast with the greatest and the latest trends in the industry.

This is the only way they’ll manage to maintain the lead in the overly competitive industry. Keeping up with the trends can be an arduous task.

Read through the following hot salon trends that experts say will dominate the industry in 2020.

Incorporating these trends will help your salon grow and maintain a lead among your competitors.

·         Adopt Booking and Pre-Booking

We are living in an evolving digital era where you can make a big percentage of your bookings online.

The number of people accessing the internet from their smartphones is increasing by the day. By creating an online booking platform you can tap into these numbers to promote your business on various online platforms.

Further, you allow your potential customers to access your services from the comfort of their homes.

Having an online presence is fast becoming essential for businesses that are committed to reach a wider audience and scale the heights.

Modern salons both small and medium-sized rely on online platforms to promote their brand and attract more customers.

This trend is set to continue in the future. Not only will it ease your job but it will also maximize customer experience.

·         Phone Calls

Remember, some of your potential customers will need to place their bookings by directly calling your salon.

Integrate your contact phone numbers within the online booking system. This way, you will encourage more potential customers to adopt the online booking process on your site.

·         Booking through Text Messaging

Give your customers a chance to book appointments through text messaging.

Do so by implementing a text messaging service that’s capable of enabling incoming and outgoing texts through the salon’s landline.

Your salon will benefit from this service and so will your potential and existing customers.

·         Maintain Connections and Encourage Client Retention


One of the biggest beauty salon industry trends is being able to connect with your clients in a secure and fast manner.

Today, clients hardly place bookings before researching their preferred service provider’s social media platforms and websites.

Maintaining a professional albeit user-friendly site is important to ensure potential customers extend their stay on the site.

Include tangible images of clients getting services in your salon in all your social media channels.

Make it easy for your customers to book appointments through your website, text messages, phone calls, social media channels, and the salon’s app.

Scale the technology heights by launching an app for the salon.

Potential and existing customers can leverage them to place bookings, check-in, leave your messages, and purchase their preferred products.

As technology evolves, so are customers are elevating their expectations. Upgrading your services is one way of enhancing your customer retention rates.

Don’t just overlook late customers and no-shows. Contact them or send them reminders via text or email. This will make them feel valued.

·         Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a trend that’s expected to explode in 2020. If you are yet to launch an application for your business you may want to start now.

Apps can help you transform your salon’s productivity. Ensure the apps comprise of inbuilt tasks for managers, directors, and staff, as well as real-time updates.

You will need exclusive access to data transmitted on your app. By monitoring it you will be able to make modifications and enhance it accordingly.

Ensure your staff receives push notifications through the app. This way, they will be able to monitor business performance annually, monthly, weekly, or daily.

With this information, your staff will be motivated to enhance their services to enhance productivity.

·         Leverage Social Media Platforms


Social media is becoming the inevitable trend that’s been evolving tremendously over the years.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore this wave. Ensure your facility has a social media account across different popular platforms.

The management of your social media platforms should be collaboration from the entire workforce to enhance its effectiveness and success.

Make your employees understand your concept of promoting the salon by creating and augmenting your social media presence. One of the trends in social media is the use of hashtags.

Create them for your salon and utilize them consistently. Make sure they are visible on each of your stylist’s work stations, the salon’s website, and printouts. This will encourage your customers to utilize them.

Encourage your stylists to make use of the hashtags and include them on your official social media platforms.

Customize your social media practices depending on your client’s interests. For instance, to cater to customers between the ages of 45 and 55, post before and after photos.

Remember, success on social media is highly dependent on consistency. Interact with your customers and address their concerns.

Handle every negative review professionally and find out from the complainants what you can do to make them feel better.

Make follow-ups and always remember to thank the reviewers for raising issues and bringing them to your attention.

·         Video Marketing

Video marketing is already a popular trend across the business world. It’s expected that this will continue in 2020 and beyond.

According to experts, 80% of customer internet traffic will be emanating from video content. Leverage video marketing to demonstrate what you offer.

Produce short videos to show potential and existing customers the products you offer. You can also organize interviews with your existing customers and stylists.

Conduct a study to establish what your customers want to learn from you. Use the information you gather to make customized video content that meets their needs.

According to studies, more people today are drawn to videos as opposed to images and text-based content.

Invest in high-quality video production gear to help you make high-quality videos.

Implementing this trend in your business will help you spread awareness to a wider audience and attract more customers.

·         Leverage Instagram Influencers

Recently, Instagram announced that it had hit 800 million users. This was a tremendous hike that they managed to achieve within about 5 months.

Instagram is set to become a big trend in 2020 with estimations showing that the number of users will escalate to a billion users.

To achieve success on Instagram, business owners will need to collaborate with bloggers in the beauty industry and influencers.

Identify people who share your business’ values and invite them to your salon for discounted or free services.

Encourage them to share their experience and broadcast your business to numerous followers on their platforms.

Influencing is already one of the biggest beauty salon industry trends and it’s expected to evolve further into 2020 and beyond.

Influencers have a huge following and having them discuss your services will market your brand to the right people.

·         Go Live

What started as a way of having fun is today becoming a big trend in the business realm. Live videos are among the most robust beauty salon industry trends.

Some of the most popular social media platforms today enable you to go live and interact with your followers.

You can stream your staff live as they perform various services in the salon.

Give comprehensive details on the services and encourage your viewers to ask questions or leave their sentiments about the service.

Live videos allow you to interact with potential customers directly, display before and after photos, and address concerns instantly.

·          Blogging


While some trends will come and vanish into thin air, you can’t overlook the value of a well-researched, written, and interesting blog article.

If your salon doesn’t yet have a blog, start planning for one immediately. This should be your archive where customers can refer and learn about beauty trends, announcements, and product reviews.

Remember, you can use your blog to give beauty tips and produce customized content that meets customer demands.

Guest blogging remains one of the leading beauty salon industry trends to watch in 2020.

Provide guest blogging services to other blogs in the beauty industry in exchange for spreading awareness about your blog.

Be consistent in content production to keep your followers around for longer.


As the year progresses, leverage on these 2020 beauty salon industry trends to promote your brand and reach a wider following. Remember, the salon industry is becoming overly competitive by the day. One of the best ways to remain afloat is to keep up with the trends and offer exclusive services.

Music Teacher Qualities that Students Look for


Studies suggest that students who study music have excellent processing skills, higher IQs, and perform well in math tests. To learn music, and how to play a musical instrument, students need a qualified, professional, and experienced music teacher. Here are seven critical music teacher qualities that students should look out for.

1.      They Possess a Legitimate Love for Music

The best music teacher should not only be passionate about the genres of music they specialize in. They should express love towards music in general as a form of art. Having expertise in music only is not enough to inspire students. Rather, learners will identify better with teachers who are genuinely enthusiastic about the subject.

This passion should be spread across all subjects that the music teacher handles, as opposed to the exciting lessons only. This will encourage the students to practice and be more committed to their lessons.

2.      They Possess Good Communication Skills

Music comprises of intricate ideas and explaining them clearly can be an arduous task. Good music teachers are conversant with simplifying complex subjects to make them easy to understand.

They also give students sufficient time to practice with musical instruments during practical lessons. As a music teacher, you should be a skilled and approachable listener that students can contact with difficult questions easily.

3.     They Understand the Importance of Fundamental Elements


Great music teachers know the importance of fundamental elements in terms of theory and technique.

A qualified music instructor knows that training in, and implementation of fundamental aspects such as; posture, hand position, and breathing should be upheld as the students get more conversant with their instrument.

Great music teachers also understand the importance of fundamental music theory ideas in helping children to; personalize, understand, and relate to music as they enhance their skills.

Qualified music teachers always remember the role there principal lessons play. Further, they are always ready to refer to them when the need arises regardless of the amount of progress accomplished.

4.      They Understand Student Capabilities

Different students respond differently to grasping music lessons and mastering how to play an instrument. The best music teacher understands the importance of accommodating each student depending on his individual needs.

A good teacher invests in the students fully and lets them understand that he is focused on helping them succeed. He or she discusses the struggles and achievements that come with learning a new musical instrument with the students.

A music teacher also develops practical goals for each student. The student can achieve them at a pace that meets their needs and musical capability.

5.      They are Patient

An effective music teacher should be emotionally intelligent, people-oriented, and sufficiently patient. It’s worth mentioning that different students develop their musical skills at different rates.

Some students will take longer to understand critical concepts. The best music teacher takes time to listen to students as they play their instruments. They then identify the areas the students need to improve on, and work together to achieve success.

Further, music teachers should be in a position to offer positive criticism to help students conquer challenges. The best music teacher understands the importance of repetition when it comes to mastering a musical instrument. He will be more than willing to support all students regardless of their ability levels.

6.      ​They Learn Constantly

A good music teacher understands that learning and practicing how to play musical instruments is a continuous pursuit. Not only does he teach his students, but he also identifies and seizes opportunities to enhance his own skills.

In today’s evolving music industry, new music styles are coming up every so often. The best music teacher is keen to establish new styles and seeks to learn more about it from his peers.

A great music instructor will be willing to share any new developments with his students. He also guides students towards identifying different ways to enhance their performance regardless of their proficiency level.​

7.      They Prepare Students to be Independent

The best music teacher is aware of the fact that one day they will become irrelevant in the student’s musical journey. They also understand that this is important if the student is to become self-reliant.

They work relentlessly to help the student gain the skills they need to improve their creativity and gain independence. Qualified music teachers know when students are ready to advance to the next step. They play a big role in helping them develop a robust foundation of skills that help them scale their music.

8.     They Make Lessons Fun


While learning music can be a daunting task, the experience should not be depressing. The best music teacher knows how to make music lessons exciting and fun amidst the hard work involved.

When students enjoy their music lessons, they will be more inspired to do their best to achieve success. There are various ways of making a music lesson exciting. For instance, some teachers are enthusiastic about music and this alone can make the lessons fun. A great teacher offers to collaborate with his students in playing musical instruments.

Students will be excited to participate in playing competitions in the company of their instructors. When it comes to music theory, teachers can allow students to connect with popular musicians. This will help the students learn more from the experts, and strive to be as successful as their mentors.

Organizing music lessons in a different setting can also help students have fun as well as enhance their skills.

9.      They Integrate Targets and Assignments

A great music teacher knows how to integrate student lessons with their objectives, targets, and assignments. They always ensure that students have assignments for specific practice sessions.

The best music teacher should help students prepare a record-keeping strategy such as a music lesson journal. This helps them maintain organization and comes in handy to help evaluate student progress.

A good teacher is one who helps students to practice and understand how to retain information. A good way of doing so is by having the students take comprehensive notes or record their lessons. This way, they will have something to refer to during their free time.

How to Find the Ideal Music Teacher

Finding the best music teacher is a critical step towards perfecting your music and instrument playing skills.

A music teacher shouldn’t just be a theoretical instructor. Rather, they should be able to connect with students on a personal level. This way, they help develop a trustworthy and safe environment for students to thrive. Here is how to find the best music teacher.

·         Ask Friends and Family Members

We are living in a digital world where you can find anything online with a single click. However, word of mouth remains one of the most effective methods of finding information. You seek recommendations from friends, neighbors, family members, coaches, or teachers. Getting personal recommendations from people you trust is more effective than reading online reviews from strangers.

It’s good to get at least five candidates who you can interview, evaluate their credentials, and establish their skills. This way, you can choose the best who’s best qualified to teach your child.

·         Attend Local Concerts


Many music instructors host concerts in their schools. Attend these concerts together with your child, watch, and listen to the instructors and gauge their skills.

Watch the students they teach and get a first-hand feel and experience of their school culture. Once the concert is over, establish your child’s feelings, and thoughts about the entire experience. Consider their sentiments when the time comes to interview the teachers.

·         Are they Proficient in Teaching more than one Instrument?

Many beginners don’t know the musical instrument they are interested in playing. For instance, your child may have started playing his older brother’s guitar because it was accessible. As they keep on discovering music, they could abandon the guitar for a viola.

This is a common occurrence with some of the most popular musicians today. Some of them began playing more than one instrument before finally identifying their favorite one. If your child shows interest in a specific instrument, you could begin by renting the instrument.

Next, you may want to hire a qualified music teacher capable of helping your child perfect his skills.

·         Leverage on Free Introductory Lessons

Many of the best music teachers offer free introductory music lessons to interested students. This provides an opportunity for both the student and the instructor to learn one another better. Remember, the best music teacher will also want to know their potential students before they can enroll them.

Leveraging these lessons helps students narrow down their search for the ideal instructors. Many times, these opportunities could be all the students needs to identify the right music teachers.

·         Choose a Teacher who Practices at Your Level

Different music teachers specialize in different student proficiency levels. While some work best with beginners, others work with experienced instrument players. Find the right teacher for your child.

For instance, if your child is a beginner, you want to find a music teacher who specializes in teaching beginners. As you interview potential teachers, don’t hesitate to find out what their proficiency level is.

Get a teacher who loves working with your child’s current level and increase their chances of succeeding.


Finding the best music teacher for your child helps create a supportive environment for the launch of his or her musical journey. A qualified, experienced, supportive, and knowledgeable music teacher creates the ideal foundation for the future of a student’s musical journey.

How to Increase Salon Clientele by Finding a Niche Market

Today consumers can easily access information, find service providers, and connect with experts from the comfort of their homes. As the digital world evolves, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to establish themselves on the online realm. In this post, we shall discuss strategies on how to increase salon clientele and establish a niche market for your salon.

Excelling in the Salon Industry

The beauty industry has gone through major transformations over the years. Outlining and developing your beauty niche plays a huge role in helping you create a reputation on various online platforms. Remember, search engine systems have a definition of your business, and potential customers will believe it fully.

As modern salon entrepreneurs adopt advanced and modern methods of marketing their businesses, it’s worth noting that the salon niche is overly competitive. Entrepreneurs therefore should adopt robust strategies to stand out from their competitors. The best way to do so is to define your niche market. Still, this strategy can only work best if you first figure out who your target market is. It’s important to note that your target market should help you develop your salon business strategy.

How to Know Your Target Audience


Begin by compiling a list of your dominant clients. You can identify regular clients who end up spending lots of money in the salon. Follow that with a list of their referrals that also frequent your establishment. Now analyze their similarities. What services do they prefer? What’s their preferred service execution method? How old are they and what’s their gender?

When do they prefer getting their hair done for instance? Do they have unique preferences? Try to know your target clients more and better. Only then can you communicate with them and tailor your services to fulfill their needs. After figuring out your target audience, you want to establish: what they want, devise the best strategies on delivering the services, and making the services a regular practice at your salon.

Talk to your employees as well and ensure they understand that every client is unique and has unique preference. This would go along way in serving your customers better and giving them exactly what they want. Here are tips to guide towards defining a niche for your salon.

Think about Your Interests and Passions

What do you enjoy doing during your free time? What’s that activity that comes out naturally when you set your hands into doing it? Do you have a special skill? Do your colleagues, family, and friends come back to you for guidance on particular topics? Which topics do you lean towards?

What’s your take when it comes to problem solving? Think about things you’re interested in doing and outline them as potential concepts for your niche market. You may want to have a notebook and a pen where you can scribble down your answers to the aforementioned questions. These will guide you into creating a list of strategies to factor in when establishing your niche market.

Determine Customer’s Needs and Problems

Once you have figured some of your business ideas, analyze the problems that your target audiences face. Think about how your interests and passion can play a role in providing ideal solutions to fulfill their needs. What salon services are they looking for? How do they like the services delivered?

What problems are they experiencing with their current service providers that they wish could be done better? You may want to establish their research tendencies. Leverage on the available tools to figure out the personalities of your target audience. This will help you understand how your niche market can be valuable to the target audience.

Conduct Research on Your Competition

Avoid dedicating prolonged hours of your time before conducting a market research. Finds out what your competitors are offering, and how they’re doing it. Where do you plan to set your physical salon? Are there other salon service providers within the same area? Who is your biggest competitor in the industry? By conducting research extensively, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to do differently to stand out.

Figure out what Distinguishes Your Niche Market

Your client niche can be distinguished in multiple ways such as; income, age, geography, age, your services, and their preferred television show. There are varying age niches, all of whom prefer different services.

For instance, if one of your popular services revolves around treating acne, there are minimal chances that you’ll attract customers aged 60 years and above. Often, this niche will be targeting clients between the teen age and twenty eight years. If you still want to cater for clients aged between thirty years and above, you can diversify your niche to include anti-ageing treatments. Today, many people are leaning towards using organic or natural services and products.

You can also include these in your salon to attract clients aged between 25 and 45 years of age. It’s important to understand that you can’t excel in every niche. However, you can tailor your services to fulfill the needs of multiple clients. Along the way, and as your business evolves, you want to note down your research findings. These will come in handy to help you define and enhance your business strategy.

Determine Your Niche and Evaluate its Profitability


One of the main reasons why you may want to start a business is to make profits. There are some factors you may want to consider in the process of defining your niche. They include;

  • Customer interests and values
  • Quality of products
  • Location of the customers
  • Customer demographics


During your research, you want to be keen enough to establish the availability of products. Are there enough products in the existing market? Are your target customers satisfied with what’s already in the market? If not, chances are high that your niche will bear profits. Assess the prices your competitors offer. This will help you establish competitive prices for your services and products.

Establish a Secondary Niche and Customize it to Meet Your Customer Needs

You can establish a secondary niche from a main niche. A secondary niche can come in handy to help you understand what your clients want. For instance, how many services do you offer in your salon? What is your target client age? Do you have a slot for young mums with young daughters? If you do, you can think about customizing a specific service to cater for both mums and their daughters.

The main feature about this niche is that you should train your staff to exercise patience with young mums. What’s more, young girls can be jittery while having their hair done for instance. If you can, enrich your staff with strategies to help them handle young girls. You could incorporate play toys to help the girls relax.

The customers you target with this niche will enjoy the excellent services and won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends and family. To make the experience more enjoyable, you can organize niche specific networking events where you can hold beneficial conversations with your clients. You never know the difference this can make both for your business and the clients.

Ask Questions

The best way of understanding both your existing and target audience is by asking the right questions. Do you want specific makeup and hair products? Are you interested in getting makeup lessons? Do you want to find out your skin tone? Do you already know which products are good for your skin type?

Ask questions, listen to your client’s answers, and note down their responses. You may want to conduct surveys from time to time to understand what your clients want. Social media is a great strategy which you can use to conduct research and find answers. Customize your questions depending on your target audience.

How to Increase Salon Clientele

Are you looking forward to having more customers frequent your salon? Marketing is an effective way of doing this depending on the strategies you use. Sometimes, you may need to change your marketing strategies to target more customers. Here are some ideas you may consider adopting.

Initiate a robust loyalty program. A well structured loyalty program can convince your potential clients to visit the salon for a personal experience. Do you have a loyalty program already? If you do, spice it up and customize it to target a wider audience.

The loyalty program you choose doesn’t have to be complex. Incorporate a point system or give customers a free service in their subsequent visit depending on the amount they spend. This will encourage them to come back to your salon for more.

Seize leads


Does your website have a contact form? If you don’t, you may want to get one with immediate effect. You don’t want to be missing on the numerous visitors on your website who want to enjoy your services and yet can’t find a way of contacting you. Some customers prefer leaving their details on the contact form rather than calling you directly. Without a contact form, you’re likely to lose lots of customers.

Other methods of increasing clientele in your salon include;

  • Launching a blog
  • Collaborating with various agencies
  • Leveraging social media
  • Networking more


Identifying a niche market for your salon is a critical step towards increasing your salon clientele. Discuss your plans with your staff and work together to actuate it for the benefit of the company, the customers, and the workforce too.

How To Get Walk-In Emails

The question of how to get walk-in emails is something that puzzles all those looking to market to their potential customers. Knowing a  little bit about the promotion techniques used in marketing  could shed some light on the situation, but what are the ones who are not marketing-savvy to do? There are a couple of methods that could answer the how to get walk-in emails questions.

  1. Sampling campaigns – when you are selling a product or a service, you can use sampling campaigns to get people in your target market to try them out for free. Of course, with products, the process is whole lot easier. As you were shopping, you must have been invited at least one to have a glass of the newest wine on the market. Or maybe you were given a free chocolate bar or a bag of chips. Giving out these new products for testing is not only an excellent way to let people test your product, but it’s also useful when looking to collect some information on the customer. You can give out free products in exchange for that person’s contact info, like the phone number or email address. With services, things are a bit more complicated. While it’s simple to offer a free makeup as a marketing campaign for a new saloon and then gather the emails you need, it’s more difficult when you’re an internet service provider or a cleaning company. In such a case, giving out coupon codes is advised.
  2. Prize drawings – as clients walk into a convenience store, buying your product could give them a participation coupon that they could fill in with their personal information in order to allow them to participate at a raffle. Raffles are a common way for marketers to gather contact information of the people they later want to market. The advantage of a raffle is that a participation coupon could require more information than just the email address. This way, you gain several other channels to future market your products and services.
  3. Contests – unlike a raffle, the people who take part in a contest need to actually prove a certain skill before they can win a prize. For example, if the promotion is for the Gillette brand that is known for sustaining sports, the participant could be asked to mark a goal in a special setup in the hypermarket or the parking lot or whatever store the promotion takes place in.

The important thing is to remember that all the methods presented above can get you access to the email address of people belonging to your target market.

These marketing techniques are not the only ones that could help you build a solid and consistent database with emails of clients you can later advertise to. If you know other techniques that could help everyone figure out how to get walk-in emails, the comments section below is eager to be filled with your ideas and feedback. Remember that the worst idea is the one you never share with the others.

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0m3.jpgWeb designing relates to the design of web pages, websites and web applications. It is a medium used by companies to promote their business and corporate agencies to market several products to the customers.Web Designing is the process by which web designer make visitors able to access the web pages at one platform with several images,Placement papers texts, links, graphics etc. Web designing is a career in which a professional simply sell his high creative skills.
A Web Designer Placement papers is a person that creates and arranges the pages that make up a website.

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Yes, there is such a factor as career value and it varies from person to person. Your career price is the mix of several factors. The higher you rank on each issue, the upper your career value. Career Satisfaction

Haley, a self-assured real estate broker, should have been happy with everything she has achieved in life. Yet despite all her career and material success, there is still one thing that eluded her grasp: contentment. Even if people saw her as being very beautiful, in her mind, she was so far from being Career Fair

Many schools are starting programs that help kids understand what being a financially responsible adult really entails. Career fairs put students in real-life scenarios with jobs, families, bills, taxes and other financial obligations. It is like a more advanced version of the board game LIFE. Career Development

Career development helps you open to various hot career options. Nothing can be achieved without planning and setting goals. The future is in your hands, it’s up to you how you shape it.Web Designers often have to balance how a page looks versus how a web page functions.Web services are applied in industries, business, education and public sector. Web design services include Need analysis, Solution designing, Web content writing, web content planning, Product photography, Graphic designing, Designing Flash, HTML coding and Java scripting.
A web designer should be visually artistic  Placement papers and has to learn color theory and work of art and should have a degree in visual arts and visual design.
A web designer should have a flair for creating a design flow. If one chooses a career in web designing, a degree in computer science would be an added advantage. Various private Technical institutes in India provide a certificate program in Web Designing. Web Designers may or may not have advanced degrees. A degree in Computer Science or a marketing related degree (Business Administration or E-Commerce) is most common. Many Website Designers are self-taught, starting on their own and learning design skills and design languages as they develop pages.
The career of a website designer demands for Placement papers constant innovation that challenges his creative talent at its best. It is important that every designer maintains a constant endeavor to improve and excel to stay in sync with the latest developments.

Top 10 list of marketing careers

Top 10 list of marketing careers

2m6.jpgMarketing career can be a real promising and well defined path for a person. In marketing the challenges are different and the methods adopted to treat them and handle them are also widely different. If you are looking for a career in marketing then this article has something really useful and good to offer you. We have listed the top 10 marketing jobs, and you can choose to have a look at it and decide for yourself.

Work of a marketing manager- Conde Naste New York

The work of brand advertising, ROI marketing, subscription marketing, and search marketing work has to be executed by the marketing manager. This work demands a professional who has good analytical skills. The person must have an experience of 3 years in the field of research marketing.

Director marketing professional required for spectrum brands Inc.

A very good level of organizational skill is demanded for this job.

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With today’s changing economic climate, there is a real need to keep your job-hunting skills fresh and up to date. Ways of finding employment today have changed from the way that they were ten years ago.The communication and presentation skill should be excellent. A bachelor degree is a must but an MBA degree would be highly appreciated. 7 to 9 years of experience in brand marketing is desired for this job. Location is Bridgetown MO.

For whole food markets marketing specialist is required

Expected to adopt marketing strategies and oversee the food products for the customers. Regional marketing work is expected to be done by them. The person must have an eye for detail and should be flexible if duties are modified to some extent.

Internet marketing specialist required

Canon USA is looking for the above. The person must have some knowledge about product specific marketing in this case. He is required to coordinate with CIG groups.
A bachelor’s degree or an experience of 3 to 5 years is demanded for this work.

Marketing coordinator required

For CB Richard Ellis organization a marketing coordinator is required. The person must be proficient with the use of PowerPoint and should have great interactive skills. It is expected that the person should be able to analyze all kinds of business documents.

For university of southern California a marketing coordinator is desired

The salary has been decided as 23 to 26 dollars per hour. The professional is expected to work with the marketing counsel and USC clinical enterprise since it has got to do with the health industry. A minimum bachelor’s degree has been demanded for this job.

For UC San Diego a director marketing and comm. Personnel required.

The Rady School of management is ready to pay an amount of $82,800 to $105,000 for the above post. A minimum graduate degree is required for this job.

Marketing/ communications spec

A salary of $42,000 to $58,671 annually is being offered for this post by the top ranked university of California, San Diego. A bachelor’s degree in communications is demanded with good exposure in public relations for this job.

Consumer marketing manager

Conde Nast’s department of consumer marketing demands the above and a full time job is being offered to candidates who have experience in relevant field for 3 years.

Senior integrated marketing manager at Conde Nast

The candidate must have great project management skill for the above full time post.

Marketing – Career Study Paths

11322254303_business.jpgThe identification, retention, and satisfaction of a consumer are the main focal points of marketing professionals. Incorporating strategy to gain consumer satisfaction can be learned through an education in marketing. Students can follow a marketing career study path based on what area of they want to enter.
A career study path can be broken down into a schooling process. This means that the study path taken is what ultimately decides on the career students can enter. The three main paths that can be taken include:


… degree training. Students can enter a wide breadth of career opportunities after studying how to create product value. Take for example a soda; many consumers only buy one brand of soda continuously making the marketing efforts to create a relationship with the consumer successful.

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