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Christmas Holiday Salon Marketing Ideas

Christmas Holiday Salon Marketing Ideas

Olivia Gribben


Christmas is fast approaching. If you are a salon owner, it’s time to rethink your Christmas holiday salon marketing ideas. To scale your business and stay ahead of your competitors, your salon marketing goals for the Christmas holidays should be designed to:

  • Attract more customers
  • Increase sales during the Christmas holiday season
  • Increasing customer bookings for the slow months in the new year
  • Rewarding loyal customers and increasing retention
  • Increasing the average amount each customer spends during the holiday season
  • Boosting the reputation of your brand locally

Here are some easy to implement ideas to help you accomplish the aforementioned goals.

1.     Rethink Your Salon Marketing Process

You may not need a salon marketing refresher course to restructure your marketing process. However, you should take time to rethink the entire system. Have a projection for the Christmas holiday season. For instance, you could outline the number of clients you expect to serve within the 12 Days of Christmas period.

Research your competitors to establish what they are doing. Use your findings to devise a robust strategy that will convince clients to walk in your salon rather than head to your competitor.

·         Modern-day customers are Smart

Remember, customers today research first before choosing their preferred salon. Learn to think like your customers and find out what they are searching for. Use your findings to curate an irresistible package that will keep them coming back and referring their friends and family.

2.     12 Days of Christmas


One of the popular Christmas songs to date has to be the 12 Days of Christmas. Integrate the song with your marketing strategy in a creative manner. This can be an easy way of giving your customers a comprehensive list of all the services you offer.

Run a 12 Days of Christmas promotion with different offers for different services every day. Exercise caution with this concept, however. Remember, many people go on a Christmas break during this period.

You want to avoid a situation where you have many bookings and a limited workforce to handle the customers. This will not only result in poor customer experience, but you may end up damaging your reputation.

3.     Integrate Your Salon Decoration with Salon Offers for the Christmas Holiday

Christmas is synonymous with alluring decorations. Convert these into promotional offers. This is the ideal time to place an “early Christmas booking discount” offer.

Other promotional ideas include; book two manicure sessions and get the next one free, bring a friend and get 20% off your bill, or spend a specific amount of money and get a gift. Be creative with your offers and customize them depending on your customers’ needs.

4.     Encourage Your Customers to Sign up to Receive Your Newsletter

Email remains an effective medium of communication between businesses and customers. Encourage your customers to sign up and register to receive your newsletter from time to time.

Some customers avoid registering for fear of receiving spam messages. Convince them that you’ll only send them mail whenever necessary. Use this medium to send your customers interesting offers customized according to their needs.

This strategy is likely to earn you more bookings from your existing customers. What’s more, they will spread the word to their friends and family. In the end, you could end up tripling your bookings within the 12 days of Christmas period.

5.     Mail Your Customers


How often do you mail your customers? Email marketing is still an effective tool amid the rise of more user-friendly salon marketing methods. Try emailing your customers regularly; once every week can be a good starting point.

Apart from selling and giving special offers, you can give them salon related tips such as; “how to grow your hair long” or “how to prevent nail breakage” Where do you start if you don’t have a customer database yet? There are various methods you can use to develop your salon database.

6.     Offer to Wrap Christmas Gifts Free of Charge

Christmas brings with it excitement among many people. What with the opportunity to travel, meet family and friends, and even travel and engage in new activities. One thing, however, can dampen this excitement; gift wrapping.

Many people shun wrapping of Christmas gifts and this is where you should come in. Offer to wrap client gifts free of charge when they purchase products from you. This is an easy and low-cost service that maximizes customer experience. When your customers are happy, they will refer you to their friends and family with ease.

7.     Track and Quantify

Tracking and quantifying your marketing concept is critical. This is the only way you can determine which among your promotions is the most effective.

To quantify, you can include a specialized promotional code in your marketing medium. This could be text or flyer marketing. This will help you establish your best performing strategies and the non-performing ones which you; either need to modify or trash altogether. This helps you save money, time, and increases your profits.

8.     Throw a Christmas Party at the Salon


Are you struggling to find the perfect way to reward your customers this Christmas? Throw an evening Christmas party at the salon and invite all your loyal customers. You can ask them to come with a friend.

This is an ideal way of appreciating your customers, strengthening your bond, and increasing referrals. The event doesn’t have to be expensive. You can organize some drinks and snacks and convert the salon into a party environment.

9.     Set up a Christmas Tree in the Salon

Christmas is never complete without a Christmas tree. Customize your Christmas tree at the salon complete with lucky labels. Allow your customers to pick a label and get a chance to win a prize.

The prizes don’t have to be exorbitant and you can ensure that at least every customer wins something. Prizes can include; free hair-do, 20% discount off the next appointment, and free products for every specific amount of money spent in one sitting. These will encourage many customers to visit during the first months of the year which are often low season.

10.        Run Promotions in Your Salon


Have you got your salon marketing brochures and flyers ready for the 12 Days of Christmas season? While we are living in the digital world, flyers and brochures are still widely used as salon marketing strategies.

These could be effective; however, you need a robust and modern promotional strategy to attract more customers in the salon. Studies suggest that images and videos are effective marketing strategies as opposed to theory.

Leverage social media platforms to incorporate photos, short demonstration clips of your work, and promotional offers. This way, you will reach a wider audience. Further, it’s a more convincing strategy as opposed to theory.

11.        Offer Christmas Gift Packs

Identify some of your popular products and place them in a nicely packaged box to form a gift pack. You could also bundle different products together and sell them off at subsidized prices.

12.        Encourage Customers to Book Appointments in January and February

The months of January and February can be dry not only in the salon industry but in other industries as well. Leverage on the Christmas peak season to encourage customers to place bookings in January and February. Offering discounts at the start of the year may not be viable. However, you could offer discounts and some free services in March.

13.        Send Your Customers a Christmas Card


Emailing a simple Christmas card to your customers can go a long way. Include a thank-you note appreciating them for using your services. Take a Christmas themed photograph of your staff and use it to create a customized card for your clients. Prepare personalized emails for each of your customers. This way, your customers will be happy that you identify them and understand their individual needs.

14.        Extend Your Opening Hour during the Christmas Season

The period between the 12 days of Christmas tends to be quite busy with some customers walking in at odd hours. Tap into this opportunity to attend to new random customers. This will help you maximize your profits as well as increase your productivity. Your staff will also earn more from working extra hours.

15.        Prepare for a Busy New Year’s Eve

New Year preparations go hand in hand with the Christmas holiday celebrations. You can remind your customers that you’ll remain open waiting to serve them on new year’s eve until late.

Remember, many people take the new year celebrations seriously and will want to look their best then. This means many customers will flock in your salon and you should be well prepared with sufficient competent staff.

16.            Text Your Customers

While many customers may not ready your emails, text messages hardly go unread. Incorporate texting in your salon marketing concept. Text marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies you can use to; follow up with your customers, remind them of their appointments, and give them offers.

17.            Free Head Massages


Christmas is all about giving back to society. How do you plan on doing so at the salon? In today’s overly busy world, numerous things stress people. You can help your customers relax and de-stress by offering free head massages in between the 12 days of Christmas. Alert all your customers in your database about this free offer.


As you prepare for the Christmas holiday, businesses should strive to; attract more customers, retain existing clientele, and capture low season sales in advance. These tips will help you increase productivity and profitability in your salon.

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