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Google My Business Post Image Size- Optimization Guide (2020)

Google My Business Post Image Size- Optimization Guide (2020)

Olivia Gribben

Google My Business can send loads of high-value traffic and customers your way if you take time to optimize all the elements. From the descriptions to the offers, operating hours to reviews, these are all important details that business owners can optimize to make their profile stand out and, more importantly, rank on top Google recommendations.  Above all, Google My business post image sizes must be set just right and properly optimized for your posts to be attractive and appear as desired.

In this post, you will not only learn how to edit and set your Google My Business images but how to select the best performing images, how to optimize them for the page, and so much more. Here is a breakdown of the tricks and bits of knowledge about Google My Business post images, and Google My Business in General in this guide:

  1. A brief introduction to Google My Business
  2. A guide to Gmb listing posts
  3. What you gain from adding rich posts to GMB pages
  4. Why you need high-quality images on Google My Business posts
  5. Selecting Google My business post images and a cover photo
  6. Editing and optimizing Google My Business post images
  7. Sizing, compressing, color correction, cropping
  8. Optimizing Your Google My Business page for success
  9. Google My Business reviews
  10. Tracking your Reputation score

A Very Brief Google My Business Introduction

Google My Business is a great business listing product you can use to boost your online visibility and local SEO. It’s free and quite easy to set up and manage.  As a business owner, you can put everything on your Google My Business page that can promote your brand and local presence, such as your physical location, offers, etc. Customers will also get a place to review your services, thus building your credibility and brand image.

Having a well-optimized Gmb listing means your business will be listed on Google search, google maps, and local business recommendations for your category. For instance, say you were a local dance club, any local searches for dance clubs will have your Google My Business page listed in the recommendations for free- it’s not a paid ad or PPC campaign. From there, people can call you, send a text or book an appointment directly on the page.

Google My Business Posts

A new post feature in Google My Business allows businesses to add rich posts to their profile for promotional or informational purposes. You can create a new post regarding an offering or business update (what’s new), an upcoming or past event (Event post), an offer, or a new product you want to promote.

Posts are like a mini-display ad that you don’t have to pay for and can improve your business account click-through rate. Gmb post are now being featured on Google search’s knowledge panel for searches relevant to your business!

In addition to the text, Google allows businesses to add high-quality to enhance their post’s aesthetic appearance and performance (images attract attention) as well as a call to action, sign up, get offer, call now, book among others.

Google My Image Post Image Size- All You Need to Know

The recommended size for Google My Business listing post images is 540 by 405 (minimum resolution), with an aspect ratio of 4:3. This the standard image size that will appear correctly on the post thumbnail and the post itself, as seen in the example post below.

The above example uses an image without text. However, you may find yourself using a lot of pictures with embedded text in your post. Product posts, offers, and events may require images that have a bit of text on the image itself. How do you ensure that the text on the pictures is legible and sharp enough for Google My Business?

It is important to size your image correctly, so it appears as you expected on the post and post thumbnail. Upload a very wide image, and Google My Business will probably crop some of the details of the image to fit it into the post frame and thumbnail. While this might be acceptable for generic post images, it might be problematic if the image contains useful text or information that you want to be seen on the thumbnail and the post itself.

See below an example of an image that has been cropped and appearing incorrectly:

The image above is a mild example of an incorrectly sized Google My Business listing post image. Here the image size is slightly off, and probably the aspect ratio is not the same as on the original image. This could explain why the text on the image appears a bit bunched up than usual.  The critical lesson is to always adhere to the image size and aspect ratio requirements when uploading images that have text in them.

If your image does not have text in it, you might ignore the whole image size altogether but do pay attention to the aspect ratio. For instance, the Google My Business post below use a 1920 by 1280 px image. As you can see, Google My Business’s image processing software did a good job fitting the large-sized image into the post thumbnail without hiding any details.

Here is the original image in large format: 1929 by 1280 px

As you can see from the original image, not much detail was lost in the Google My Business Post thumbnail.

Google My Business Post Image Size- Avoid Wide Images

Large image sizes that are bigger than the recommended sizes can be a hit and miss affair as some details might be lost in the compression. Also, it’s not advisable to use very wide or tall images as the image will look too compressed or some details cut off. Below is an example of Google My Business post image that was too wide.

The image above has lost much of the detail and original quality. This is because the original image was wide- 5969 by 1686. Here is the original image below- see the difference in quality and level of detail that was lost when used in the Google My Business Post above. Imagine if the picture had some text written across it for the post. Much of the text would be invisible or too compressed to read.

Original image

Google My Business Post Image Size- Avoid Tall Images

Unless you don’t mind having some of the details cut off, you should avoid tall images that are beyond the recommended aspect ratio for Google My Business post photos. Below is a Google My Business post where a tall portrait was used. As you will observe from the original image below it, a lot of details were hived off when it was added to the post.

And here is the original portrait- see the difference in detail on the bottom half.

Google My Business Post Image Compression Size

Image compression is also important when it comes to Google My Business post image optimization.  A maximum of a 10MB png or jpg file size (compression) is recommended for the images you upload to Google My Business posts. However, it’s even better if you can compress the images further without losing their quality for minimum resolution requirements. You can upload your png or jpg images to https://tinypng.com/ and compress them before you upload them to your post.

Google My Business Post Image Quality

Images are the centerpiece of your business post on Google My Business as they will attract attention and sell your business or idea to your audience. This is why you must select the best images that can stand out and encourage readers to interact with your post. Here are some guidelines for choosing or creating the best images for Google My Business posts:

  • Choose bright images with clearly lit characters
  • Use bright colors that pop- these will attract attention to your post
  • Select photos that are relevant to your post
  • For product images, use professionally done clear background images if possible
  • For text images, use light text on dark backgrounds (mostly white) or dark text on light backgrounds for visibility. Choose a font size that can be read on the post thumbnail.
  • Add a caption to your images if you can. However, ensure that the title does not overshadow your post image.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page for Success

Your Google My Business profile won’t be of much help to your business if you don’t optimize it for ranking and success. Adding posts is one way to optimize, but there are a couple more things you can do, such as adding business images, writing a good description, adding all the information about your business, and managing your online reputation using reviews. All this is done as part of your overall digital marketing strategy on Google My Business.

Of all the things mentioned above, managing your reputation using Google My Business reviews is perhaps, the most important and most rewarding activity. GMB reviews are critical as they can make or break your reputation and the performance of your page. Therefore, you must try and manage your reviews by replying to comments, encouraging your loyal customers to post a review, and tracking your reputation score.

There are several ways you can track your online reputation score. One of the methods you can use is by measuring your reviews vs. other competitors in your city using automated tools or manually. There are tools you can use to measure your online reputation and create detailed reports based on your Google My business reviews and other online activity connected to your business. Only by tracking your online reputation score, can you know if your online presence is hurting or helping your business.

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