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Music Teacher Helper Software: Things to watch out for and Characteristics of an Excellent Music Teacher

Music Teacher Helper Software: Things to watch out for and Characteristics of an Excellent Music Teacher

Olivia Gribben

As your music teaching school evolves, balancing teaching and administrative activities becomes a difficult task. Music teacher helper is user-friendly software that can be essential in managing your teachers, students, and lesson schedules. With everything under control, you will have sufficient time to focus on growing your business. In this article, we shall discuss:

  • The characteristics of effective music teacher’s helper software
  • A review of music teacher helper
  • The attributes of a competent music teacher

What to Consider in a Music Teacher Software

Here are some of the core factors to consider.

·       Ability to Access Data Anywhere

If you own a music business, chances are high that you are always on the go. You want to be able to access your data any time across all your devices. Some of the information you may wish to access include; student profiles, music lessons, lesson reminders, and lesson notes anytime. Excellent music teacher helper software should be web-based with a robust mobile platform. These will allow you access to your data from anywhere as long as you have adequate internet access.

·       Integrated Google Calendar

Planning is one of the most critical facets of any music teaching business. Not only does it help reduce glitches, but it also ensures a smooth flow of new student lessons and teacher hours. With a useful and accurate plan, you will be able to monitor your business revenue as well.

Software can simplify this process and save you from hassles that come with the lack of a proper plan. Further, an outstanding program helps you give your students an enhanced learning experience.

By making your students happy, you will be creating a way for repeat business and encouraging them to recommend you to their peers. Great music teaching studio software allows you to receive automatic reminders and schedule practice time.

You can also leverage your music teacher helper software to plan lessons, find open music lesson spots, and identify lesson conflicts automatically.

·       Adequate Payroll and Billing

Manual invoicing can be time-consuming. However, with the current technological advancements, music teachers can easily automate the process. Excellent music school software allows you to generate invoices automatically, depending on your billing needs. It also helps you monitor your business expenses with minimal struggle, and facilitates online payments.

You can use my music staff software to customize invoice email templates and personalize messages for your customers. Automation helps you save time, and this is why you should choose software that features a wide range of automation features.

The manual preparation of a payroll can also be a difficult task. Make sure the software you want allows you to calculate teacher working hours and earnings automatically.

·       Analytics and Records

Evaluating your business performance through comprehensive reports helps you establish opportunities to scale your business. Consider software you can use to handle detailed and up to date transactions and reports. This way, you will be able to establish opportunities and take care of any problems before they escalate.

Music Teacher’s Helper Review

MTH (Music Teacher’s Helper) is an exhaustive online studio management system that enables you to coordinate your music teaching studio. Once you sign up, you get a thirty-day trial free. The music teacher’s helper allows you to:

  • Access robust tools to track your past, current and the waiting list of students
  • Receive online payments through PayPal
  • Generate and send invoices to your students
  • View uploaded documents
  • Maintain a collective online calendar and connect with your students through email
  • Track down business expenses like library equipment you lend to your students, supplies, and mileage

Once you sign up, you will also get a wholly functional website that offers your music studio online presence. Your students also get a technical control panel to connect with you and the website. MTH allows students to monitor their repository and practice. You can even write down notes about things that students can see and utilize them as assignments, and for motivation.

Pros of the Music Teacher Helper’s Software

The developers of MTH have incorporated almost everything that private music teachers in the United States may need to be efficient. It comes with a user-friendly control panel and invaluable record-keeping features.

This program sends invoices to students automatically and also directs them to make payments online. However, you will need to be running a merchant account to do so. With the music teacher helper’s software, you can check who has completed payment and who owes you.

You can watch and download PDF reports for all the lessons your students have covered within a specific period. This data facilitates the timely and secure submission of tax reports.

·       Interactive Calendar

MTH features an effective interactive calendar that allows you to differentiate between open and filled time slots. In this case, when a student checks in the timeline, they can view your availability and book a lesson within the specific position. Students can place their bookings from the comfort and convenience of their computers.

A student can even request to either cancel or reschedule their lessons right from your interactive calendar. The MTH calendar highlights your cancellation policy for students to see. Leverage MTH software to schedule music make up and studio events, as well as automatic reminder emails. Students can receive the emails before activities and lessons begin.

·       Students can Register on Your Website

MTH allows students to register through your website and even gain access to their control panel. This approach enables you to create accountability tasks for them. You can also give students notes based on their responsibilities for the week or order them to log their rehearsal time.

You can leverage MTH to grant your students access to manuals, worksheets, and other files or documents you would like them to view. All these activities take place online. If you are teaching young students who have no access to online services, you can allow their parents access. Let the parents know how to identify the assignments, pay using a credit card, and contact you.

·       Resourceful

The developers of Music Teacher’s Helper have built a community within their site. They have a great blog where numerous contributors post relevant topics about music teaching. There is also a framework where teachers can connect and excellent video tutorials to help users understand how to utilize the MTH system.

·       Access it from a Wide Range of Devices

The music teacher’s helper is web and smartphone mobile-based. Students can access it from Android, iPhone, or iPad devices. Piano teachers and their students can connect through zoom for practical lessons.

Cons of Music Teacher’s Helper

MTH offers free websites and up to 18 different backgrounds you can choose. You can even include pages to the already existing pages. However, you can hardly customize the layout. Further, MTH allows you to select a part of your domain name, but your entire URL’s site will appear like mynewstudiowebsite.musicteachershelper.com. Such a long domain name can be clumsy. Still, non-techno-savvy students will enjoy the perks that come with using the free website.

Attributes of a Competent Music Teacher

Studies show that students who study music demonstrate better language processing skills and have higher IQs than students who do not. To learn music appropriately, students need a skilled music teacher to guide them during their lessons. If you are looking for a music teacher for your students, here are some of the attributes you should consider.

·       They Love Music Genuinely

Many music teachers tend to be passionate about the specific music genre they teach. However, a great music teacher should love and enjoy music as a form of art. Being proficient in music is not enough to inspire students.

Young students only respond well to music teachers who express genuine devotion to music. A teacher’s love for music should stretch across all the lessons that he teaches instead of those that are more fun. This attribute can help motivate young students to rehearse and become more committed to their experiences.

·       They are Patient

To be a competent music teacher, you need to be emotionally intelligent, people-oriented, and have tremendous patience. Understand that students are differently talented. As a result, they will develop their musical abilities at different rates. Some of them will have difficulties understanding critical ideas right away.

A great music teacher listens to students as they play their musical instrument, and establishes significant problems that delay their progress. They then offer appropriate criticism that helps the student to overcome challenges.

A good music teacher is also aware that repetition is crucial to mastering musical theory or instruments. He will be glad to believe in and support students across all levels of their abilities.

·       They are Good Communicators

Music comprises complex topics that can be difficult to explain. A competent teacher understands how to instruct hard subjects in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. He also allows students plenty of time to practice playing an instrument during their lessons. ​

Music Teacher Helper’s Software is what you need for Your Lessons

With MTH, music school business owners can organize all facets of operating a studio. Students can also benefit from using MTH, as we have seen in this article. This software promotes accountability, productivity, and enhances record keeping. Further, MTH comes with a thirty-day free trial option, which you can leverage to enjoy the benefits. Using this software will transform the way you operate your music institution.

Join us today and gather more information on music teaching software and how to succeed in the field as a teacher.

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