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Everything You Need to Know About Reputation Score

Everything You Need to Know About Reputation Score

Olivia Gribben

Did you know that businesses have a reputation score? The reputation score is a standard that determines how much customers trust your brand. Read on to find out more information about the reputation score and its impact on your brand image. In this article we shall discuss the following topics.

·         What is a reputation score?

  • The impact of your online reputation score
  • Who is searching your personal information online?
  • Who develops your reputation score?
  • What forms a personal reputation score?
  • Understanding a good reputation score?
  • Understanding a bad reputation score?
  • About MyLife.com
  • Understanding a MyLife reputation score
  • How MyLife Reputation Score Works
  • What details do you get from MyLife.com?
  • What is the impact of your digital footprint on your MyLife reputation score?
  • What happens when MyLife.com has my information?
  • What is the importance of online reputation management regarding the MyLife.com reputation score?
  • Adopt effective online reputation management systems to protect your brand image

What is a Reputation Score?

Your personal data reputation score illustrates the overall value of your online public records. This value depends on various factors. These include the number of; negative reviews, positive image, and neutral online reviews that appear in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Further, the value depends on how the factors mentioned before rank when potential customers search for your personal data. Your reputation demonstrates the overall feeling people get after searching your brand name online.

What is the Impact of Your Online Reputation Score?

Why should you be concerned about your brand’s online reputation? People are consistently searching for your brand and judging your credentials and character depending on what appears in Google search results. In this case, your brand image could either make or break your business.

When you have a high reputation score, internet users are likely to find online items that demonstrate; a positive image, develop trust, and carve a path to personal growth. What if you have a poor reputation? In this case, people searching your brand online are likely to encounter items that spoil your brand’s reputation.

A poor reputation score hurts your ability to inspire, connect, and develop the relationships you require to succeed.

Who is Searching Your Personal Information Online?

If you are an entrepreneur, it is worth mentioning that millions of people from various sectors search your digital footprint every day. Read on to find out who these people are.

·         Hiring Managers

Over 75% of hiring managers study your presence on social media during the appointing process.

·         Job Seekers

Approximately 60% of job-seeking individuals research about your business on the internet before agreeing to the first interview.

·         Employers

At some point, 4 out of 10 potential employers will observe your social media behavior during your employment term.

·         Customers

Up to 85% of potential customers evaluate local business reviews before visiting your office.

·         First Dates

Nearly 40% of individuals will find out about your personal life before a first meeting.

·         College Admissions

Many colleges will either deny or revoke student admission as a result of unsuitable digital content.

·         Relatives and Friends

A recently completed study revealed that over 40% of people changed their perception of a colleague, relative, or friend as a result of poor public records.

Who Develops Your Reputation Score?

Various online companies give you a chance to determine your background report depending on the quality and magnitude of your online presence. Each company uses a different benchmark and reputation score rate to evaluate your online reputation. They then offer a number that illustrates your general online appearance.

Mylife.com is one of the popular online reputation management review sites you can use to gauge your reputation. Mylife combines different components of your online presence and classifies your MyLife reputation score on a scale of 1 to 5. In this case, 1 represents poor, while 5 represents good.

What Forms a Personal Reputation Score?

Websites such as MyLife build your reputation score depending on a wide range of online factors. These factors include: all your brand mentions, how people are connecting with your brand, where each of your items rank, and the value of each mention.

A general online evaluation of your life experiences strives to establish all your mentions and where each ranks in Google search. It then analyzes the listings carefully to determine the effect of each result on your digital footprint. An overall online reputation analysis determines where, and the frequency with which every individual is connecting with each URL.

Once every digital item has been vetted and evaluated thoroughly, your personalized online reputation management system generates a real-time reputation score. The score you get represents your online image. Your reputation score offers a short but efficient overview of your online presence.

Understanding a Good Reputation Score?

A good reputation score can vary based on who you trust to evaluate your online reputation. For instance, on MyLife.com, a 4.3 could be a good reputation score, while a 600 may represent an efficient brand image on a different online reputation management website. A good reputation score indicates a clear and consistent online presence on the first 2 to 3 pages on Google. Positive and authentic SERP rankings and consistent information show your best features when people search your records online.

Understanding a Bad Reputation Score?

A bad reputation score varies depending on the reputation management system you are using. For example, a score of 1 or 2 could indicate a poor reputation on MyLife, while 0-30 or 0-100 scores could indicate a poor opinion on other sites.

Often, a bad reputation score shows that some negative items from your brand have popped on Google search. These could be a negative article associated with your brand or a bad comment lowering your score on search engine results pages. Remember, one negative review can hurt your online reputation score.

About MyLife.com

If you Google your name, chances are that you will notice a Mylife.com listing. This platform is a data accumulation website that eases the search for personal data on anybody across the internet.

Mylife leverages your online information to develop a reputation score. This process allows other internet users to view your personal information and gauge the image and reputation of your brand.

Read on to determine what a Mylife.com reputation score entails and its effect on your digital footprint. You will also establish how online reputation management can help you move in the ideal direction.

Understanding a MyLife.com Reputation Score

The MyLife reputation score offers potential clients, consumers, and competitors searching your brand a quick analytical valuation of your digital brand image. Other data accumulation websites provide court records, address histories, and phone numbers for a one-time small fee. MyLife, on the other hand, generates your reputation score using all details, reports, and reviews drawn from the web. To compute your score, MyLife gathers brand-related data from:

  • Criminal and court records
  • Contact records and address histories
  • Social media platforms
  • Work history records
  • Property records
  • Credit score records
  • Online review sites
  • Senior living records
  • Financial records, and
  • Academic records

How MyLife Reputation Score Works

MyLife navigates social media platforms and public record websites across the web searching for elements that form your digital footprint. After acquiring all public records such as your name, phone numbers, work history, business days, location, and age, MyLife.com uses the data to create a background report. Details obtained from this report are filled in the website’s proprietary algorithm. The algorithm helps compute your exact reputation score.

What Details do you get from MyLife.com?

MyLife has an easy to use dashboard that indicates your background report and reputation score back to back. The platform provides background data that consists of detailed records on the internet.

After browsing through your personalized report, you will notice a summary. It will comprise your bio, auto and home ownership records, permits and licenses, job history and social profiles, and contact information.

There will also be links to family and friend’s information. The summary includes any ratings or reviews people have published online about you or your brand. To access more specific data, you will need to sign up for an account with MyLife.

What is the Impact of Your Digital Footprint on Your MyLife Reputation Score?

Your digital impression has direct effects on the strength and quality of your MyLife Reputation score. Each score relies on information and records that create your online presence. In this case, anything that illustrates your brand in a favorable or unfavorable light can have significant effects on your score.

When such elements start advancing in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), their impact on your digital footprint also progresses. With increased visibility, those results affect your reputation score and brand image.

What Happens when MyLife.com has My Information?

Having your personal information such as; work history, business days, addresses, and phone numbers in public can be scary. What with the many hackers and competitors ready to use personal data against you?

MyLife.com highlights digital components that are a threat to your privacy online or any negativity that can pose a threat to your reputation. Today, negative online reviews and articles can slow down your business and spoil your reputation.

Adopting measures in advance to protect your business is critical and Mylife have robust strategies to guarantee consumer safety. Having a clear illustration of your online presence helps you to take steps to create a robust and positive reputation. These factors help you beat competitors and increase sales.

What is the Importance of an Online Reputation Management Regarding the MyLife.com Reputation Score?

A customized intense online reputation management drive enhances your MyLife.com reputation score by:

  • Minimizing the effects of negative articles, reviews, and public data on your brand
  • Designing an ideal brand reputation for online consumers and ensuring it is resistant to threats

Adopt Effective Online Reputation Management Systems to Protect Your Brand Image

Adequate online reputation management helps you manage your online brand image and avoid a bad reputation score. Are you looking to enhance your reputation score? If you are, talk to us today and we will be glad to assist.

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