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How to use Spa Digital Marketing to Boost Your Business

How to use Spa Digital Marketing to Boost Your Business

Olivia Gribben

The main objective of any digital marketing strategy is to; attract potential customers and develop significant engagement with existing customers. Today, the spa industry is overly competitive and businesses can only ignore spa digital marketing at their peril.


Numerous Options Available

Customers have many spa options to choose from and without proper strategies, businesses could easily lose them. To enhance valuable time, money, and energy, your marketing system should complement your business goals and strategy.

You should lay down an annual plan and analyze the outcome every quarterly. When planning your monthly spa social media marketing content, consider all your social media platforms. This is time-consuming and exhausting but worth it.

If you are a spa entrepreneur, chances are; you know the impact of digital marketing when it comes to reaching a wider audience. However, using the digital arena to promote your business and attract more customers can be a daunting task, especially for startups. Let’s learn how to utilize digital marketing to promote your spa business.

Allow Customers to place their Bookings Online

To increase bookings to your spa, you need to start thinking like your potential customers. Further, you should strive to understand the procedure that customers go through before placing a booking. Only then will you be able to come up with a viable spa social media marketing strategy.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are five stages involved in the buying phase. These are; prepare, attract, engage, convert, and close. Businesses that are keen to follow the aforementioned stages with their prospective customers report positive results within a few months. Let’s discuss these stages comprehensively.

Preparing for Digital Marketing


The foundation of a powerful digital marketing strategy is a robust website and competent branding. These factors will prepare your strategy to take off while helping you achieve your preferred results.

·         Website Design

Many of your potential customers will navigate through your website to know about your spa and the services you offer. It’s through this platform that Google will learn about your business and decide how high you should rank on the search engine. This explains why you need a solid and well-designed website complete with keyword-optimized content.

The keywords should fall naturally between 5 to 10 times throughout the page to ensure Google understands what you’re focusing on. Before you can launch your spa social media marketing strategy, you want to rewrite your services and reconfigure your website accordingly.

·         Branding

The colors, logo, and fonts you choose for your spa give potential customers the first impression of your business. These come in handy to facilitate communication among your customers. Use these elements to tell potential customers about your services. Without a strong brand, you end up confusing prospective customers.

Chances are that they will either confuse you for another company, or they may not recognize your brand. To have a robust brand, you want to develop a style guide to let your employees know the ideal colors, fonts, and logo they can use in your spa social media marketing campaign.

Attract Prospective Spa Customers

Attract is the stage that marks the onset of digital marketing. It involves identifying prospective customers. Chances are, many of your customers in the spa industry will be women of varying ages. Strive to diversify your niche to accommodate the needs of different age groups. Potential customers in the digital era will first research search engines. You can increase your visibility with these digital marketing tricks.

·         Social Media

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool. According to statistics, nearly half of the population in the US has a Facebook profile. This is a clear indication that if you want to attract many potential customers, social media is a viable medium. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer remarkable targeting capabilities.

They allow businesses to reach potential customers depending on their demographics, locations, groups they follow, and their interests. Your Ads on these platforms will appear in the news feeds of your target audience. All you need is to set up a business account and start marketing your spa.

One of the best spa social media marketing strategies you can use is incorporating images in your posts. Studies suggest that potential customers will be more attracted to imagery and exciting content. Always conclude your posts with a compelling call to action.

·         Blogging


Blogging is an excellent way of acquiring potential customers who conduct their research on Google. You can use modern digital tools to establish what people are searching for whenever they research your services. The questions you identify can guide you come up with a comprehensive blog to answer their questions. Post relevant content consistently to attract more traffic to your website.

·         Google Ads

To reach potential customers researching on Google, you should be on Google. Google Ads come in handy to rank your medical spa on the first page of prospective customer’s search. The ads will appear in the ad category of the results page; when prospective customers utilize your key phrases or keywords.

Successful Google ads are those that incorporate compelling titles and intriguing content to attract clicks. An SEO website is critical for Google Ads. Ensure that your ad contains similar keywords as the website or page you’re pointing to potential customers to. This convinces Google that you’re offering appropriate content as opposed to spam.

Engaging Digital Marketing Strategies

Once you’ve attracted potential spa customers, you need to convince them to stick around. This is where you should offer high quality and engaging content to maintain traffic flow. Address questions as they arise, build credibility and establish a relationship with your followers. Here are some spa social media marketing tools that can help you do so.

·         Social Media Quizzes

Social media quizzes are not only fun and interesting, but they are great when it comes to increasing clicks. Create a social media quiz that’s relevant to the services you offer at your spa. Include fun and exciting questions while at it but remember to stick to your niche. Don’t forget to incorporate a call to action at the end of your clip to encourage your followers to; either call or visit your website for more information.

·         Video Marketing

Video remains one of the most engaging tools on social media. Good videos simplify content which means that customers don’t have to struggle to know who you are and the services you offer. Create short albeit compelling clips demonstrating your services.

You can use the clips to answer many frequently asked questions whenever they arise. Share the clips across your social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Always ask your followers to share your clips on their platforms. This is how you attract more potential customers.

Using Lead Generation to Convert Potential Customers

Once you’ve attracted and engaged your potential customers, chances are they are prepared to place a booking. Don’t hesitate to ask them whether they are interested in your services. Frame your request compellingly that your potential customers will find irresistible.

Ask them to provide their email addresses, their preferred appointment time, and their preferred services. You can easily obtain this information with the following lead generation marketing tools.

·         Ebooks

If you’ve been blogging consistently in the attract stage, you should have the comprehensive data you need to develop an eBook. Compile all the blogs about questions you’ve answered and use the information to create one eBook. You can use the eBook as an incentive in exchange for potential customer’s contact details. Give your eBook an engaging and irresistible title that potential customers will want to read.

·         Landing Pages

A landing page is defined as any page within your website where potential customers are directed after clicking one of your advertisements. Many people develop isolated website landing pages for conversion.

Often, these pages offer value in exchange for the requested data. Potential customers who agree to surrender their information could be rewarded with; free consultation, an eBook, or their favorite service at the spa.

Successful landing pages are those that feature a compelling headline, relevant and precise content and service-related images. The main objective of each landing page should be to encourage potential customers to surrender their contact details.

Other Lead Generation Methods

There are numerous methods you can use to obtain your potential customer’s contact information. For instance, incorporate a spontaneous contact for your website under the Contact Us section. You could incorporate a chatbot on your site as well.

However, ensure that one of your staff at the spa is designated for managing the chatbot. Consider offering a free subscription to email updates when there’s a new post on your blog or a newsletter.

Close New Spa Customers

Close is the final stage in the buying cycle. This is where potential customers make up their minds to place a booking at the spa. Ensure this stage is as seamless as possible. Here is a tool that can ease this process.

·         Free Consultations

Future clients don’t require formal commitment when it comes to free consultations. The best of this is that they allow customers to visit your establishment. Still, this stage can be more binding for the potential customer and beneficial for the business.

Clients are more likely to consider sampling your services at this stage. Incorporate a free consultation on your landing page and rest of your website to convince more potential customers into visiting your physical location.


Spa owners can leverage the power of spa social media marketing to reach a wider audience. This strategy can also come in handy to attract more potential customers, engage them, and finally convert them into existing customers. Digital marketing strategies will help spas enhance visibility, productivity, and profitability.

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