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Top 8 Most Popular Types of Music Instruments to Learn

Top 8 Most Popular Types of Music Instruments to Learn

Olivia Gribben

Music is an art that is expressed by combining instrumental or vocal sounds. It’s robust and capable of stimulating a wide range of emotions. Music and types of music instruments have been in existence since time immemorial with enthusiasts making an effort to learn at least one instrument. In this post, we shall discuss:

  • The benefits of learning a musical instrument and
  • The topmost popular musical instruments you can learn

Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

There are numerous benefits of learning a musical instrument ranging from interaction and social skills, people and money management skills, and enhanced empathy. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider learning some types of music instrument.

·         Creativity

Music promotes your creativity skills, and by playing a musical instrument you can produce your music out of artistry.

·         Memory Skills

Experts suggest that playing a musical instrument can help exercise your brain. Playing regularly improves your concentration and memory skills.

·         Boosts Your Confidence

Learning music involves practice. Sometimes you will need to perform in front of your fellow students, teachers, or family and friends. To execute this effectively, you should be confident enough. Regular practice comes in handy to help you master the courage you need to perform in front of huge crowds.

·         Coordination Skills

Playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and body to communicate with your mind, hands, and eyes. The more you learn a musical instrument, the more your coordination skills improve.

·         Math

Many people may not understand the relationship between musical instruments, music, and math. However, playing a musical instrument enhances the sense of rhythm, beat, and scale. These are critical factors that stimulate your problem-solving skills.

·         Improved Academic Achievements

According to studies students who were experienced in playing a musical instrument scored higher marks on math and verbal tests than those who didn’t.

Popular Types of Music Instruments to Learn

There are numerous reasons why you may want to learn a musical instrument. While some people do it as a hobby, for fun, and entertainment, for some, it’s a career. Regardless of your reasons, music can be therapeutic and many people across the world use it to express themselves. With so many musical instruments in the world, here are the most popular instruments you can learn?

1.      Keyboard


The electronic piano and the keyboard are low maintenance and adaptable instruments. Electronic keyboards are specially designed to recreate a wide variety of harmonizer tones and instrument sounds with minimal intricate sound synthesis.

These instruments are ideal for documenting and developing performance. Electronic keyboards are specially designed for home use, non-professional users, and beginners. Learning to the keyboard comes with many benefits. Apart from enhancing your memory, concentration, and focus ability, it improves your fine motor skills.

Playing the piano, on the other hand, is a workout that offers both physiological and physical benefits to players of different ages. The skills you gain will help develop your emotional and perseverance capabilities.

2.      Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is stringed and comes with similar features as the electric guitar. However, it has an elongated neck, features between four and six strings, and a wider scale diameter. This is a transposing instrument that’s usually played with the thumb or fingers by slapping, plucking, popping, tapping, strumming, picking, or thumping using a plectrum.

Often, it’s a solitary instrument used in jazz fusion, jazz, funk, progressive rock, Latin, band various metal styles. Learning to play the bass guitar is not as difficult as is the case with the other six-string instruments. If you are a beginner, this is the best instrument to start with.

Unlike the regular guitar where players need to master long chords, you can play multiple songs on a bass guitar with only one note, making it easier for novice players. The role of a bass player is to provide a balanced impulse by working closely with the drummer. Playing bass guitar gives you a unique pleasure that impacts your life positively.

3.      Saxophone

The saxophone is a woodwind musical instrument that’s similar to the clarinet. It’s specially designed with brass and is played with a mouthpiece. Adolphe Sax invented this machine in 1840. The Saxophone is often used in classical music, military and marching bands, and jazz.

It comes with a cool image which is the reason why many people opt for it when choosing an instrument to learn. The saxophone features a wide variety of versatile sound and dynamics which allows players to express their creativity and well display different styles and emotions. While there are up to 9 different types of saxophones only 4 are popular.

These are Tenor, Alto, Soprano, and Baritone saxophones. Regardless of your needs, you will find a saxophone that meets your needs. Playing this instrument enhances your auditory skills, enabling you to differentiate between different sounds. This is ideal when it comes to enhancing language proficiency.

4.      Flute


The flute is a woodwind instrument that generates sound from the flow of air through an opening. The sound pitch changes as you open and close the different holes in the instrument’s body. If you are a novice learner, you can start by learning beginner flutes which are usually made from silver-plated brass or nickel.

Silver flutes are designed to generate a brighter sound while wooden flutes produce a dim sound. Learning woodwind instruments is easier compared to the keyboard or string instruments. Pupils will be able to master three notes within the inaugural lesson.

The flute is versatile and used in jazz, classical, and modern band orchestras. Playing this woodwind instrument is not only relaxing, but it also enhances concentration, coordination, and self-discipline.

5.      Electric Guitar

The electric guitar was invented in 1931. It’s a string instrument that utilizes a pick-up to change the oscillation of its strings. The strings are made of metal and the oscillation takes place when a guitarist plucks, strums, or finger-picks them. This instrument comes with 6 strings but can also have 12.

Playing the electric guitar is easier than playing the acoustic guitar. It features lighter strings and a thin neck which makes it convenient for novice players. When it comes to choosing an instrument to learn, beginners struggle with determining what they are passionate about and what they love. An electric guitar allows novice players the freedom to explore a range of choices. Whether you love country music, metal music, or jazz, you can use the electric guitar

6.      Drum set


Drums are some of the oldest percussion instruments that are available in different sizes and shapes. They are played by striking using beaters made of wire or wood. Players can also use bare hands.

Drums produce sound through the vibration of an elongated membrane also referred to as the head. The head masks one or both ends of a hollow structure referred to as the shell. Playing drums helps relieve stress and calm the body.

Learning to play this musical instrument makes complex tasks more manageable. Drumming is not only interactive, but it involves coordination and timing which enables the drummer to embrace the present moment. Some drums are tunable while others are not.

7.      Violin

The violin is the smallest albeit highest pitched string instrument in its family. It comes with four strings and is often played by outlining a bow over its strings. Violins are critical musical instruments that can be used in a vast range of musical categories such as country, jazz, folk, and metal music.

Are you considering becoming a musician? If you are, you may want to enroll in violin learning classes. There are numerous benefits that come with learning this instrument. They include; enhanced concentration, coordination, and discipline. You need a precise posture, balance, and strength to be able to properly hold the violin for prolonged periods.

Further, you will need strong muscles and sufficient upper arm strength to play this instrument effectively. Playing the violin is likened to the upper body workouts you would do engage in at the gym. The benefits of playing this instrument include improving hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and agility. People who play the violin can also multi-task with ease.

8.      Cello


The cello is an ensemble bow stringed instrument that is not only flexible, but it also has a rich sound. It belongs to the violin family and is affiliated to the European classical music. This instrument is made of wood and can be used in the same way as any musical string instrument in a band.

Often, recognizing the cello can be an arduous task especially because its sound changes easily. Learning this instrument is easy. However, you’ll need an experienced trainer who can direct you throughout the learning process and regular practice to master it.

You will have an easy time learning the cello if you have previous experience in reading rhythms and notes. Learners with basic music education regarding a string instrument are able to learn this instrument with minimal struggle. The benefits of playing cello include enhanced leadership and teamwork skills.


There are numerous benefits of learning to play musical instruments. However, finding an experienced music trainer can be an arduous task. Are you or your child considering learning a musical instrument? If you are, conduct research extensively, and interview different candidates before choosing the best teacher who meets your needs.

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