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Upgrade your Amazon Listings with These Copywriting Tips

Upgrade your Amazon Listings with These Copywriting Tips

Olivia Gribben

Make Your Listings 10x Better with These Tips


If you’re not spending at least an hour developing and refining your Amazon listing, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not thinking about your customers when writing your listing, you’re doing it wrong.


Not coming up with a title that would hook your grandma into buying your product? Sorry, you’re probably doing it wrong.


So, the question of the day is… Are you doing it right or wrong?


And by “it”, I mean copywriting. It’s a magical word that has an even more enchanting definition: Making your Amazon listings great.


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If you’re like many Amazon sellers out there, then you probably didn’t spend a whole day writing your product listing. You likely wrote an alright title, put up a few bullet points of some features people might like, and got on with your day…


Well again, you’re doing it wrong. Your Amazon listing could be so much better with a bigger focus on your copywriting. And when Amazon marketplace is full of products that are pretty much the same as yours (sorry to break it to you), then you’ve got to differentiate yourself.


Without setting yourself apart from the competition, you will not sell.


In this article, you’re going to learn the Amazon copywriting tips that will make you an FBA copywriting master. Read on to discover how you can make your product listings the best they can be.


#1. Know your customers by heart


How do you think you’re going to write the perfect Amazon listing for your customers…if you don’t know who your customers are?


The answer: You’re not.


Here’s what you need to look into to figure out who your customers are and therefore, know how to pivot your Amazon listing towards them:


  • Through whatever method you want, gather as much information as you can about your customers (gender, age, interests, favorite dog breed, etc.).
  • Read what people are saying about your potential competitors (in your competition’s reviews).
  • Search online for products similar to yours and see what kinds of copywriting those companies are putting forth.


Of course, if you already know who your customers are, then give yourself a pat on the back and move on to the next tip. If you don’t have a crystal clear idea of who they are, that needs to be figured out way before you even think about writing your listing’s title.




#2. First impressions matter and so does your title.

Yes, we all know that first impressions matter. Think back to the best date you’ve ever had and you’ll understand how important they are. Well, that same logic applies to your Amazon listing title.

A successful title is the "key" to bringing customers onto your actual listing page. If your title’s not a real hooker, you risk not having any customers land on your page.

The first thing you should think about is your keywords. What words (only a few of them!) will you add to your title that’ll index your product higher on Amazon when customers search for it?

More importantly, however, is making sure the keywords make sense in your title. Keyword stuffing barely helps search algorithms and hurts your chances of making the sale.

You probably already know your backend keywords by heart. Now you need to put together the best ones that will make a coherent product title.

Example of a bad title:



Example of a great title:



Some other tips to keep in mind:

- Across platforms, Amazon will show anything from 35 to 115 characters of your title, so make sure the important stuff is at the front.

- Keep the keywords to the essentials – less is more here

- And finally, look through your category’s Style Guide to get an idea of character count.

BOOM! You now have a title that’ll bag customers hook, line, and sinker. Congrats!

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#3. Use bullet points like a master

Moving down a bit from the title, we arrive at the bullet points. And this is where your mind usually goes blank, right?

It’s hard to figure out the best parts of your product to emphasize in the bullet points or how long/short to make them.

You’re going to want to make your bullet points not too short, not too long, but just right. You basically want to be like Goldilocks here.

Keep things simple, but use your bullets to start conversations. But don’t make them too long as to lose your customer’s attention.

A recommended length of all bullet points is 150-200 characters.

Still stuck on what to write? Think about what is most important about your product. What features are the most important? Is it important to know the dimensions? Or something about your company?

Here are some examples to give you an idea of how this should work for a "stool" found on Amazon:

  • Instead of saying “Sturdy wood design”, say “Sturdy wood design, so there aren’t any chances of accidents when friends come over”.
  • Instead of saying “Foam padding for a comfortable seat”, say “Foam padding for a comfortable seat because what else are you going to do with a stool but sit on it?”.

Take some time to think about this. These bullet points are where most customers who land on your page get lost and uninterested—that’s potential profit flying out the window. Make sure they’re well written!



#4. Don’t forget about the meat – AKA your description

Your description is where customers should be able to imagine what it’s going to be like using your product. But the thing is…

Most FBA sellers only use 200 characters, when Amazon offers you 2,000

That’s insane. People, what are you waiting for? 1,800 characters are dying to be used!

Here’s a basic guide for how to structure your all-important description:

  • Start off with a sentence or two that makes sure you have the right customer like “Have you ever had _____ happen to you?”
  • Tell them about what you’re selling.
  • Give a bit more information on the coolest features of the product.
  • Wrap it up with some info about how and your company got here.
  • And end it with a call-to-action.

Use this space to really spark the imagination of your hopefully soon-to-be customer. Help them imagine what it’s going to be like using your product. But first, make sure your product will actually give them that!

Here’s a quick sample of an awesome description for the Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch:

“Get fit in style with Fitbit Blaze—a smart fitness watch that helps you maximize every workout and every day. With advanced technology in a versatile design, this revolutionary device is built to track your workouts, monitor your performance stats, and gauge your progress. PurePulse continuous heart rate and multi-sport modes enhance every exercise, while next-generation features like Connected GPS and FitStar workouts on your wrist help you take your fitness to the next level. All-day activity and sleep tracking and call, text & calendar notifications help you track your day with ease.”

That’s only part of the whole compelling, copywriting infused description they have!

BONUS TIP - Use TagCrowd to find your market’s “Buzzwords”

Tagcrowd.com is a word usage visualization tool that shows you a visual representation of how often words are used in a block of text.

You can create images like this using it:

doctors review

Guide to social proof:
Go to your current 4 and 5-star reviews, as well as your competitors, and copy all of that content into a word document. Then just copy and paste all that into TagCrowd and see what the most commonly used words are.

This is an easy way to find the “buzzwords” that happy customers are using to review the product. This is pure gold for your sales copy!

You can do the same with the the 1 and 2-star reviews to find common objections. Address those in your sales copy and your listing will be MUCH more persuasive.

Now you are ready to get out there and make the best product listings. 

But wait! What happens afterward? How do you keep your impressed customers coming back for more and more? You can’t just leave them after they buy your product.

That’s where WaveReview comes in.

Email is the best way to make sure you get 5-star reviews on your Amazon account. WaveReview gives you the automated email system and templates to build your Amazon email sequence. Organic high star reviews will come flooding in with the help of WaveReview.


With WaveReview and these tips on your side, there’s no way you won’t be able to succeed. Your product listings will be the best of the best and your wallet is going to thank you for it.

Content Upgrade

Copywriting Infused Amazon Emails

You can make it 3x more likely that someone will review your products on Amazon by asking for it the right way.

Copywriting is that right way…

Dale Carnegie says that the best way to get people to like you is to be genuinely interested in them. Same thing goes for getting Amazon reviews.

To get that 5-star feedback you need to do two things:

  1. Show that you are dedicated to making sure they are happy with your products
  2. Make them feel special for buying

When you do those two things, asking for the review becomes a smooth, suave copywriting masterpiece.

Here’s how I did it:

“Hi [name],


We’ve been crossing our fingers, and legs hoping that everything arrived safely and you are feeling great about your decision to buy from us.

I’m confidently optimistic it did and I want you to know we are eternally grateful for you taking the time to leave a positive review.

>>> Please click here if you still need to leave a great review.<<<

To show my appreciation, I have added your name to the running contest for the name of the turtle you just saved by buying biodegradable water bottles and not plastic ones.

Also, we'll be sending a personal cheque to the OceanCleanUpProject with a portion of the proceeds from your purchase.

If you have not been 100% satisfied please respond to this email before you leave a review and we won’t sleep till we’ve made it right.

Thanks again!

Geordie Wardman

Earth Friendly Products”

First and foremost, I’m proactively asking for feedback on the product, so if there are any problems I can handle them before they turn into a 1-star review.

Secondly, I’m not just selling water bottles anymore, I’m selling the dream of a clean ocean.

You don’t need to be donating to a cause, but you should have a bigger picture dream that customers can be a part of.

Then, wrap this feel good message together with humor and wit. That is the secret copywriting sauce to getting people to write you incredible Amazon reviews.

At WaveReview we are dedicated to getting you the positive reviews you deserve. We give you the help and software you need to set up your own automated Amazon email system.

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