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What if I told you could magically start gaining so much new business that you’d be begging me to slow it down?

Drive Google & Facebook Reviews

Drive Google & Facebook Reviews

Our cloud-based platform will gently push your music school students to leave product reviews on their purchases. Email content and delivery can even be configured on a per-location basis, leading to a truly customized message. It’s no secret that more and better reviews lead to increased sales.

Boost Positive Feedback

Boost Positive Feedback

Automatically solicit feedback from your music school students and turn positive experiences into great reviews for your music academy or school, further distinguishing yourself from your competition. Review negative feedback through your dashboard and respond directly and personally before it ends up online ruining your hard won reputation.

Point & Click Simplicity

Point & Click Simplicity

Customize the timing of your timing and emails, based on lessons to interact with your clients at just the right time. Reach out immediately, in days or even weeks after the lesson, the decision is yours. The notification that you get upon a negative review will come instantly via email of SMS, so you can reach out right away and stop those bad experiences from getting online.

What would you rather do, teach music or beg for reviews?



Would you rather be trying to grow your music business the hard way, slogging it out hoping and praying that your customers will leave you a good review on Google, Facebook, or your website, or be streamlining the review process so your eager, hardworking students reward you with a front page listing, leaving your competitors in the dust?  

What about if you could quietly and conveniently handle any customer related problems directly before they leave an unwanted comment on your review page, left there to linger for months like foul smelling trash drippings in a backside alley ruining your prospects from wanting to take classes with you?

Most music teachers and private music academies struggle getting reviews from their customers. You have worked hard to build up a respectful, friendly relationship with your students and yet, when you ask for that oh-so important business changing good review, they rarely seem to follow through and post it. It seems the only people to remember to review are those that may have had a less than perfect teaching session.

We leveraged the power of friendly and personal email to gently remind the student of their lesson with you. If that session was great, and 9 times out of 10 it was, your student will be gently reminded to post a review on your favorite social review site so as to encourage other students to hire you. If there was a problem, you’ll get directly notified, and you can work out the problem BEFORE it hits the review sites to stagnate your new business leads for the next 6 months.

Our app is designed for the busy, sophisticated music school teacher that doesn’t want to beg their clients to leave reviews. We all use reviews to choose restaurants, and products on Amazon everyday, we know they’re important, we just want them to magically appear for us. Well, now they can.

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mindbody approved

This is an amazing piece of software! The best marketing investment you can ever do! Since we have started using it, our facebook reviews have 3xd!!! And of course we only get 5 star reviews. We are using it in connection with MindBody and it works perfectly! Very well done to the team!
(And by the way, I came to write a review by myself because I am just so blown away!


Viktor Marasz

Founder, Zumba Studios

The founder of this highly acclaimed review application, Geordie Wardman, has spent years listening to small to medium sized business owners like you complain about how 1 single bad review is dragging their business down. Or worse, the competitor they know isn’t as good as they are, is rising to the top of the rankings because they somehow seem to get more and better reviews than they do.

“I love to see frustrated business owners solve the mystery of getting online reviews with the single push of a button,” says Geordie Wardman. “I’ve now been in the review business for over 6 years, I’ve sold the problem to all types of businesses; spas, doctor’s offices, hotels, and even Amazon ecommerce brand owners, but I’m thrilled to devote my energies for a revised edition designed specifically with music school teachers in mind.”


In Beverly HIlls, where one of WaveReview’s longest and oldest standing customers runs a cosmetic surgery facility that caters to A list celebrity clients, one bad review can KILL their business. The thrilled business cosmetic surgery owner recently had this to say about WaveReview.

In my line of business, 1 bad experience can quickly spiral out of control and turn us from being THE place to go for your cosmetic surgery, to being out of business. We take our reviews, very, very seriously and I wouldn’t trust my online reputation to any one other than WaveReview.

Imagine being able to get this mission critical service for an A List Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery center for the SAME low monthly price as your equally or more important music teaching services business (who needs plastic surgery anyway)?

It is our mission to rocket your music teaching to the top of your local business community. And why not? You studied and practiced hard to get where you are and your time is valuable. Wouldn’t you rather be teaching music to your fellow music lovers than trying to drum up new business?

We try and limit the number of businesses in a certain area that use our app and so it’s best to act now. Don’t get left behind and start rocketing your listing to the top of the searches before your competitors get a leg up on you.

After years of working with all types of businesses to help them get reviews, we’re bringing our review generating service to musicians that spread the love of music by teaching what they love most — music! 

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If you’d like to learn more about how you can start a 30 day free trial, click on the link below. You can get started right away. WaveReview works retroactively for all of your previous students, and the reviews you gain will permanently benefit your business listing. That’s right, no matter what you decide after the free trial, you keep your reviews. Either way, you win. 

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** Any reviews you get during your 30 day free trial are yours to keep. Good luck!

Bulk Emails

Bulk Emails

Send updates, special deals and more to all your past, current or potential students using our easily configurable bulk email tool.   Use the wizard to create a new email from scratch or to copy and edit an existing template.

100% Compliant

100% Compliant

Put your mind at ease knowing that we comply fully with all guidelines of today’s acceptable Internet and governmental policies and terms of service.

International Markets

International Markets

We support support music schools, music academies and drama clubs from all over the world. Rest easy knowing that you are in good hands and with good company. Some of the best music schools in the world trust their reputations with us.

I appreciate the commitment and style of the people at WaveReview. Personally, I think they have a really winning service. They have a really AWESOME offering that I find to be in great demand for my market. Kudos to your team, and thanks for excellent personal service. We really do appreciate it.

Mark Lohman

Founder, Planet Music

WaveReview is a critical part of our business for a few reasons. It has saved us time by completely automating the process of requesting reviews from customers. It also allows us to foster a stronger relationship with our clients which leads to greater customer loyalty, more word of mouth referrals and more positive reviews on social review sites like Google+ and Facebook, which are the biggest drivers of new customers for us. I have tried several other review/reputation companies and had really bad experiences with them all. I was nervous to try yet another one – but very glad I did! WaveReview is the best!

Mary Jo

Founder, Healing Touch