Success stories from our Customers

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Success stories from our Customers

“After several frustrating experiences trying to set up glitchy, inconsistent email follow up services for my Amazon business, I thought I’d never find a reliable service that I could trust. Jaded and dismayed I happened to stumble across WaveReview and, amazingly, it actually works! It’s so refreshing to find something that lives up to its promise. WaveReview has every feature I was looking for and they’ve even added some new features that I requested. It works silently in the background with 100% reliability – as a service like this SHOULD. Nothing comes close to WaveReview. A must have for any Amazon business owner.”

“When I first learned about WaveReview and how it could help us in the very difficult and time consuming task of receiving testimonials and reviews, I estimated the value to be $1,000 per month, IF it worked. Not only did it work, it smashed our expectations and we’ve tripled our reviews in one month’s time with organic, real reviews! We’re thrilled.”

“No one sells your products better than your customers, so it’s always been our top priority to get 5 star reviews. For years we used the other leading Amazon review system, but switching to WaveReview literarily doubled the rate of 5 star reviews we were getting. I love hearing about all the happy customers but, more importantly, having the exponential social proof has pushed our sales through the roof!”

“The missing element in our marketing over the last 2 years has been the ability to generate reviews for our client’s websites. We’ve tried to give them postcards, handouts, emails to send out. You name it. The results were a joke. My partner and I have literally looked everywhere for a system like Wavereview. If you own a local business this is where marketing is heading… reviews and social proof, and this is actually affordable!”

“WaveReview is an excellent email tool that helps my business tremendously by automating and keeping track of emails sent to my customers. It’s only been a month since I joined, and there has already been improvement made to the functionality of an already well made service. I’m completely satisfied and happy that I’m using WaveReview as my go-to email service for my business.

The support is also top notch. I’ve received help for any questions or issues that were time sensitive and I couldn’t ask for more.

A very happy customer here who will continue and eventually upgrade my service plan! WaveReview rocks!”

“Great way to get reviews! My Web support people have been telling me for years to get reviews and I have never taken the time, this made it so easy!”

“WaveReview is a critical part of our business for a few reasons. It has saved us time by completely automating the process of requesting reviews from customers. The WaveReview dashboard also allows me to easily and proactively follow up with customers who had a neutral or negative experience and address their concerns before they go on to post a review on social review sites. Ultimately, WaveReview allows us to foster a stronger relationship with our clients which leads to greater customer loyalty, more word of mouth referrals and more positive reviews on social review sites like Google+ and Yelp, which are the biggest drivers of new customers for us. I have tried several other review/reputation companies and had really bad experiences with them all. I was nervous to try yet another one – but very glad I did! WaveReview is the best!”

“Earning positive customer reviews is one of the most important pieces of an online marketing campaign for every business, but it’s very time-consuming.  Wave Review simplifies the process and is a huge time saver. I highly recommend Wave Review, particularly for businesses that sell products on Amazon!”

“I appreciate the commitment and style of the people at WaveReview. Personally, I think they have a really winning service. They have a really AWESOME offering that I find to be in great demand for my market. Kudos to your team, and thanks for excellent personal service. We really do appreciate it.”

This is an amazing piece of software! The best marketing investment you can ever do! Since we have started using it, our facebook reviews have 3xd!!! And of course we only get 5 star reviews… emoji🙂 We are using it in connection with MindBody and it works perfectly! Very well done to the team!
(And by the way, I came to write a review by myself because I am just so blown away! emoji🙂